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Does someone know why texas service center is being so slow

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I do not know but it's highly annoying and it adds to this feeling of anger, despair and hopelessness people feel

CSC seems to be cranking it out like popcorn and TSC does not know what they doing

I'm TSC as well, at this point i am praying for a miracle that all these "Philippines" expedites happen to my case as well considering she's from the Philippines but is currently in KSA

March 20, 2018 = Biometrics Appt  (i797-C, Notice of Action .. noa1?)

January 30, 2018 = Received I-757 NOA for i-751 petition

January 26, 2018 = Mailed I-751 Removal of Conditions to Vermont Service Center

March 30, 2016 = AOS Approved on the same day!!! YES THANK YOU JESUS!!

March 30, 2016 = Adjustment of Status interview..

December 3, 2015 = Employment Auth & Travel Permit Approved

September 24, 2015 = Filed for Adjustment of Status, Employment Auth, Travel Permit

August 27, 2015 = Married !!!!!!!

July 16, 2015 = CEAC status ISSUED!!! :) OH YES BABY!!! Flight Book to NYC on August 8!!!

July 2, 2015 = Returned to Embassy for fingerprints and brought Passport and 221G documents -- PASSED!!

June 21, 2015 = K-1 Interview .. issued a 221G and was told to come back to do fingerprints

June 16, 2015 = Interview Date from Riyadh Embassy!!! :D Received Packet 4

March 22, 2015 = Readyness Documents Delivered!! yay!

March 18, 2015 = Readyness Documents mailed to Riyadh Embassy.

March 17, 2015 = Visa MRV Fee Shows up on ustraveldocs.com/sa/ (Last step for the K-1 Packet!!)

March 14, 2015 = Visa MRV Fee Paid (1,0007 sar)

March 05, 2015 = K-1 Required Documents (Affidavit of Support, etc) received by fiancee in Riyadh!!! (that quick?! WOW!)

March 02, 2015 = Mailed K-1 Required Documents (Affidavit of Support, etc) to Riyadh via FedEx

February 20, 2015 = NVC Approval Letter Received! (lol a week after Riyadh Embassy contacted us)

= Riyadh Embassy EMAILS the "Packet 3" notification :) game on! and yes, they reference your Case #

February 16, 2015 = Case # Received from RIYADH EMBASSY!! Yup! Didn't call NVC or hear anything but damn that FAST!

February 06, 2015 = NVC received I-129F package (called them, no case # yet)

January 30, 2015 = Hardcopy of NOA2 received

January 30, 2015 = USCIS Status Change! Application Mailed to Visa Center. (so it took a week for TSC to mail it to NVC)

January 23, 2015 = NOA 2 Case Approval by USCIS Website and Email!!!!!

December 24, 2014 = Hardcopy NOA1 received

December 22, 2014 = NOA 1 Receipt TSC (NO!! not the hellhole that is TSC) :(

December 18, 2014 = I-129F submitted

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Because they are a mess, unorganized and who knows what else. That is just my theory though. But seriously,I think they get most of the cases; which sucks for me and everyone else. I've been waiting since June and according to them that is still within processing times. I think not.

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It shouldn't be happened anymore since USCIS has started transferring from TSC to another service center last year which is I believe sent to CSC since only those who are processing I-129F.

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat

- Sun Tzu-

It doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop



-I am the beneficiary and my post is not reflecting my petitioner's point of views-


                                       Lifting Condition (I-751)


*Mailed I-751 package (06/21/2017) to CSC

*NOA-1 date (06/23/2017)

*NOA-1 received (06/28/2017)

*Check cashed (06/27/2017)

*Biometric Received (07/10/2017)

*Biometric Appointment (07/20/2017)







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If you call them up and ask how many people work there you'll get the answer...

"about half of them"


--- k1 visa ---
Texas Service Center (Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here)
I-129F sent: 12 Aug 2014
I-129F NOA1: 15 Aug 2014
I-129F NOA2: 2 Mar 2015 (199 days from NOA1) **No RFEs!**
NVC Received: 19 Mar 2015
Case#, IIN, BIN assigned: 19 Mar 2015
NVC Left: 20 Mar 2015
Consultate Received: 23 Mar 2015
Package 3 Received: 26 Mar 2015
Medical: 10 Apr 2015
Packet 3 Sent: 10 Apr 2015
Packet 4 Received: 23 Apr 2015
Interview Date: 8 May 2015 (Approved!!!)
Visa Issued: 14 May 2015
Visa in Hand: 19 May 2015
Entry to USA: 5 Jun 2015
Married: 21 Jun 2015

---Adjustment of Status---
Sent I-485, I-131 and I-765: 7 Jul 2015
NOA1 for I-485, I-131 and I-765: 14 Jul 2015
Email notification that I-765 was approved: 12 Sep 2015
Email notification that I-131 was approved: 15 Sep 2015
Email notification that EAD/AP combo card was mailed: 15 Sep 2015
EAP and AP combo card received: 18 Sep 2015
Green Card Received: 3 Dec 2015 [ :)] Previous letter stated interview requirement was likely to be waived


---Removal of Conditions---
Sent I-751: 13 Oct 2017
NOA1 for I-751: 23 Oct 2017

Biometrics: 20 Nov 2017

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TSC transferred a lot of files from last March/April to CSC and those were processed quickly. Not sure if they'll be doing that again this year.

For what it's worth, my fiance and I were June 2014 filers at TSC and got our NOA2 approval in December. And you can see in other threads that they seem to still be processing late June and just moving to early July filers. If you filed recently, you can definitely expect at least a 5-6 month wait, unless by some miracle they transfer you to CSC :-\

K-1 Visa Journey:

Service Center: Texas Service Center

Transferred? No

Consulate: London, United Kingdom

Engaged in Greece: 2014-04-20

I-129F Sent: 2014-05-30

NOA1: 2014-06-05

RFE: 2014-11-12

RFE Reply Received: 2014-11-20

NOA2: 2014-12-09

Case Sent to NVC: 2014-12-12

NOA2 Hard Copy Received: 2014-12-16

NVC Received Case: 2014-12-19

NVC Case Number Assigned: 2014-12-19

Case Sent to Consulate: 2014-12-23

Case "Ready" at Consulate: 2015-01-05

Medical: 2015-01-12

Interview: 2015-02-11 APPROVED!!!!!

Visa Received: 2015-02-20 :)

US Entry Date: 2015-04-11

Married at NYC City Hall: 2015-04-17

AOS Journey:

I-485/I-131/I-765 Sent to Chicago Lockbox: 2015-04-23

NOA1: 2015-05-04

RFE: 2015-05-22

Biometrics: 2015-05-26

RFE Reply Received: 2015/07/10

EAD/AP Approved: 2015/08/28

AOS Approved: 2015/11/23 :dancing:

GC Recieved: 2015/12/3 - WRONG DATA!!! :cry:But I passed my NY State drivers test on the same day!

I-90 Filed: 2015/12/4
NOA 1: 2016/1/2
Biometrics: 2016/1/20
Expedite case request: 2016/4/4
Infopass appointment: 2016/4/15
Expedite case approved: 2016/4/20

NEW GC Recieved: 2016/4/27 :)Drivers license 'temp visitor' removed: 2016/5/11 (now a people again!!!)

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~Moved from K1 Process to USCIS Service Centers Forum~

~Inquiry about TSC~

Completed: K1/K2 (271 days) - AOS/EAD/AP (134 days) - ROC (279 days)

> Almost 2 years of our lives involved with the USCIS/DOS "shuffle" & worth every second of it ! <

"Si vis amari, ama" - Seneca


:idea: Read more, post less.... Google can be your friend ! :idea:

Prior apologies if I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

Keep your timeline current: http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/

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My husband tried calling yesterday and was told that Nebraska has been transferring files to Texas because of their backlog! UGH!!!!!

We're so close to our NOA2 and no one has ever accused me of being a terribly patient person :P lol

Met in the SCA - DRACO INVICTUS!  08-14-2014 Married in Ann Arbor, MI



USCIS.... DONE  in 150 day from NOA1 to NOA2 (TSC)

NVC... DONE  in 116 days from NOA2 to final CC

Final Steps... DONE in 350 days from NOA1 to POE
POE 08-11-2015 in Detroit, MI 





Removal of Conditions

07-11-2017 NOA1 date (rec'd on 14th)

08-03-2017 Daughter and I completed biometrics; May 2018 - I had to redo my biometrics (reason unknown)

WAC17283xxxxx....and we wait...400 days

07-13-2018 I-551 extension stamp (12 mths) obtained at USCIS office in Detroit

09-20-2018 Transferred to TSC

10-15-2018 Text notification "New Card Being Produced"   YAY!!

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It shouldn't be happened anymore since USCIS has started transferring from TSC to another service center last year which is I believe sent to CSC since only those who are processing I-129F.

You make it sound like transfers happen often. It happened once in 2014 (in August for April/May TSC filers).

Perhaps they should make it a more frequent thing though...

Removing Conditions Timeline

Aug. 10, '17: Mailed in I-751

Aug. 21, '17: NOA1

October 23, '18: NOA2- approval

October 30, 18: 10-year GC received

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I am a NOA1 from August 4 ....CSC.....going on 6 months of waiting ......I've heard nothing from them, no RFE, nothing!.........So not all CSC people are lucky.

If you are sure you are CSC, seems easy yo mix up, You should call the service center citing how long you waited compared to what you have seen and want to investigate if your case has been missed. Ask for Tier 2.

K1 Timeline

November 21st 2013 - First Met

November 18th 2014 - I-129f Submitted

November 24th 2014 - NOA 1

May 22nd 2015 - NOA 2 - no RFE!

June 4th 2015 - Case Sent to NVC

June 6th 2015 - NVC receives case

June 15th 2015 - Case Sent to Embassy

June 16th 2015 - Phoned NVC and finally got case number (tried 12th June and had not been assigned)

June 16th 2015 - Medical booked

June 21st 2015 - Sent Packet "3" - DS 160 and readiness

June 25th 2015 - Embassy sends letter in receipt of receiving case

June 30th 2015 - Medical

July 28th 2015 - Interview - Approved!

August 3rd 2015 - Email request to collect from courier office (Went straight from "Ready" to "Issued" did not see AP in CEAC)

August 4th 2015 - Collected packet from Chancery Lane Courier Office

August 7th 2015 - Arrived in Houston and end of K1 journey :)

Adjustment of Status Timeline

August 10th 2015 - Applied for SSN, obtained SSN number next day

August 15th 2015 - SSN card arrived

August 20th 2015 - Married! :)

August 24th 2015 - sent packet to USCIS via FedEx [AOS, AP & EAD]

August 26th 2015 - packet received at USCIS

August 28th 2015 - NOA 1 for all three applications

September 15th 2015 - RFE - request 1040A, W2's was not enough

September 24th 2015 - Biometrics completed

September 28th 2015 - RFE response received by USCIS

October 27th 2015 - EAD approved

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I am a NOA1 from August 4 ....CSC.....going on 6 months of waiting ......I've heard nothing from them, no RFE, nothing!.........So not all CSC people are lucky.

Are you certain? Does your case number start with WAC, I think that indicates it's a CSC case.

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