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Resubmission-June 16 PINK PINK PINK -updated-

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Filed: F-3 Visa Country: Vietnam

Sorry it took me a while to get y’all updated on our case. Turned in my final on Tuesday and received it back today with 98%...wahooooooooo.

I will begin with my wife’s first interview. You can read our timeline to know more about the establishment of our relationship prior to the first interview.

May 19, 2011:

6am my wife called while on my way home from work. I wished her luck and told her we will fight together no matter the outcome.

6:45: Wife got to the consulate office

7:45: In line to enter 1st security checkpoint

8:30: Preliminary interview and submit documents

10:00: Interview occurred. The CO is a young white female in her late 20s with a Vietnamese female translator. wife English is limited so the interview conducted in Vietnamese. Wife said they both were friendly and professional. wife saw the pink sheet in her file before the interview started. Interview last about 20 minutes and questions are below.

CO/translator: Show your pictures prior to your wedding. Wife provided about 100 pictures of us together during my 3 trips to Vietnam. Wife tried to show our wedding pictures but they didn’t want to see it.

1. CO/Translator: How did you meet your husband?

Wife: We met through Yahoo 360’s blog

2: CO/Translator: When did you meet him through Yahoo 360 blog?

Wife: October 2007

3. CO/Translator: When did you first met in person?

Wife: December 23, 2008

4. CO/Translator: How many times did your husband visited you in Vietnam, month and year?

Wife: 3 times: 1st time (December 2008); 2nd time (April 2010); 3rd time (Jan 2011)

5. CO/Translator: What is your husband occupation?

Wife: Fund Management

6: CO/Translator: Give details of your husband job?

Wife: Manage contract & grant funding for research scientists, doctors and professors and assist them prepare contract & grant proposals.

7. CO/Translator: How long has he been on this job?

Wife: Since Feb 2009

8: CO/Translator: What did he do before?

Wife: He worked for UCXX as well but with a different department.

9: CO/Translator: When did began?

Wife: 2007

10: CO/Translator: What is your husband education level?

Wife: Bachelor

11: CO/Translator: What is your education level?

Wife: Bachelor

12. CO/Translator: What university did he attend and major?

Wife: UCXX, Math & Economic

13. CO/Translator: Who does he live with right now?

Wife: His younger brother

14. CO/Translator: Does he live in a house or an apartment?

Wife: House

15. CO/Translator: what does your husband younger brother do?

Wife: Health and Environmental safety Manager for XXXXX

16: CO/Translator: Have you met your husband’s parents

Wife: Yes. I met them when they came back to Vietnam for our wedding.

17: CO/Translator: When was your wedding?

Wife: Traditional wedding ceremony (le gia tien) on Jan 19, 2011. Wedding reception on Jan 21, 2011

18: CO/Translator: Did you have an engagement party?

Wife: No, we only have our traditional wedding ceremony.

19: CO/Translator: Between your husband’s father and mother, who do you like more? Why?

Wife: I like his mother more because as women we understand each other more. (The CO smiled after wife responded)

20: CO/Translator: Your husband’s parents do not live with your husband? (Trick question hoping my wife would messed up as she said I live with my brother in question 13)

Wife: No, his parents live at their own house.

21. CO/Translator: Where do they live?

Wife: XXXXXX City

22. CO/Translator: How long does it take from your husband’s house to his parents’ house?

Wife: 5-10 minutes driving. CO looked surprise probably because why it only takes 5 minutes to get from one city to another. Wife explained right away that both cities are next to each other.

23. CO/Translator: Through blog and chat, did you talk to other “boyfriend”?

Wife: Boyfriend as friends that are boy?

CO/Translator: Any friends.

Wife: Yes, I talked to my good friends back in high school.

Don’t know what the motive is behind this question. Prob they wanted to know if wife used blog/chat to find boyfriend in America.

24: CO/Translator: When did your husband propose to you?

Wife: Feb 14, 2010 on Valentine’s Day

25: CO/Translator: How did he propose?

Wife: Through a phone conversation.

26: CO/Translator: Show me the phone bill.

After the CO looked at the phone bill, she shook her head. The translator told my wife that the CO thinks a proposal phone conversation cannot be done in 6 minutes.

My wife explained that it was already late in night and my husband told me to go to sleep. We spoke on the phone again in the morning.

My wife thinks she received the bluesheet because the phone bill only shows 6 minutes when I proposed to her late in the night (12am) and another 6 minutes in the morning when she accepted my proposal. This rise a BIG RED FLAG and it was addressed in our timeline.

27: CO/Translator: Did you apply for a U.S visa before?

Wife: Yes

28. CO/Translator: What type of visa ?

Wife: Student visa

29: CO/Translator: How many times did you apply?

Wife: 3 times

31. CO/Translator: when?

Wife: The end of 2009

32: CO/Translator: Do you have relatives in the US?

Wife: No

They ask the same question again one more time to see my wife reaction.

33: CO/Translator: Do you have relatives in the US?

Wife: No, I dont have relatives in the US

After 33 questions, wife received a bluesheet to submit the timeline and our past 10 years residency on June 16.

11:00: My wife called me while I was in class. She brought the bad new and she cried and cried on the phone. She said she is scared of consulate office after 4 failed interviews and doesn’t want to go by herself again. I told her I will be with her to submit the timeline and 10 yrs residency. It was difficult for me to request 1 week off again right after I took a month off for our wedding back in Jan 2011. But I was ready to resign if my employer say no…bold but I know exactly what I was doing. I can easily find another job but if my wife is not here with me….then screw everything. Talked to my boss right away and explained my situation. He said JUST GO don’t worry about your job right now. She is more important. He asked if there anything he can do to help. I told him to write a letter acknowledging that he approved my vacation requests to VN for my marriage registration and wedding and that he is willing to provide testimony about our relationship.

We only have three weeks to prepare the timeline. Sent the crappy 10 pages first draft timeline to ScottyThuy for his suggestions and was told too long. We revised the timeline 8 more times and ended up with 11 pages. My wife said they didn’t even look at our wedding pictures during the interview. My thought is that they MUST see it but my wife said they might not take our wedding pictures in additional to docs that being asked on the bluesheet. To ensure they do look at our pictures, I inserted a total of 50+ pictures from the first day we met up to our wedding as parted of the timeline in word docs. Printed and notarized a total of 56 pages timeline in one package.

Documents brought to VN:

56 pages timeline notarized

Past 10 yrs residency-notarized

Letter with UCXX logo from my boss dated, signed with his direct on contact infor-boss willing to get it notarized but afraid it might rise flag as being way too prepared.

June 14: To LAX right after work. Prayed the whole time while on the airplane.

June 15: Arrived TSN airport…wife jumped on my back out nowhere. ahahaha

June 16:

Wrote a cover letter stating that I’m present with my wife to answer questions and address any issues they might have. The letter was printed in Vnese printing paper which is a little bite longer than the standard U.S 8.5x11. Dated and signed it

A full load of evidences in one packpack weighted about 30 lbs… don’t know how wife managed to carry to the first interview…she must be very strong.

Noon: Sat in front of the consulate office to have a drink with my wife

1:20: Pple were running across the street to get in line on the first gate

1:30: Guard checked one by one then entered a room with 1 line for immigrant visa and 1 line for non-immigrant visa. There was a protest in front of the China Embassy. CHINA GET OFF VIETNAM, #######! They didn’t let us in until 2:30 after the protest was over. Second checkpoint, showed my passport to another guard and stated the reason I’m here.

2:35: walked to the front window after we passed the 2nd security checkpoint to turn in the blue sheet. Received a number and proceed to the waiting area. About 30 minutes later our number was called. walked to window 13 with my wife. There was a Vietnamese lady on opposite side..she is rather friendly. Told her I’m present with my wife to turn in the timeline and our 10 yrs residency. Passed the document through window…she asked if I get the docs notarized in the US or at the consulate office. Told her in the U.S.and the notarized stamp is on page 11 of 56. Her eyes were trolling when she saw the thick packages of 56 pages timeline. She said she noted down that I’m present with my wife so the CO will know. My wife asked if we can turn in the postal letters & cards and gave her about 70 of them in total.

While waiting to be called again, I observed many things. Those that received bluesheet mostly returned with their husband. 1 couple received 2nd blue sheet although the husband/fiancée was present and 4 other female by themselves as well. One girl was being interviewed again and received pink. My wife didn’t feel so well and got a headache. She was nervous as heck and kept telling me she is scared. Hell yeah…I was too but she didn’t know that.

About 4:15 we were called to the window again…this time a different Vnese female and not friendly whatsoever. Saw the PINK PINK PINK sheet on the file…We try not to react though we felt very relief. The lady detached the first 11 pages in texts of the timeline and returned page 12- 56 with letters & cards back to us.

Wife handed over the passport to her. Wife said she lost her passport and this is the newly issued passport. Lady asked how and where the old passport was lost and asked for the police report. Wife said she got robbed on her way to get the document notary and she turned in the police report to the passport issuer. Lady told us to sit down and took our file back inside.

Wife said: It’s my fault..i should have not lost it. Told her it will be fine.

20 minutes later called to the window again. Finally have PINK in our hand and the lady told us to come pick up our visa on June 23 at 3:00pm. I cannot describe in word how happy we were at this moment.

OK: my wife just called at 1:30 am as I wrote this to share it with you. She has the visa at hand. WE will REUNTIED ON JULY 15 BABY………………………THANK YOU THANK YOU LORD and ALL OF YOU ON VISAJOURNEY!!!!!

I hope what I wrote make sense…if not PM me please. Don’t concern with grammars and spelling as I am half sleepy and awake while writing this.

Note: I front loaded a 5 pages timeline for my first 2 trips in Vietnam with I30. It was a brief outline of how I met my wife, proposal, marriage ceremony at HCMC justice department and also our wedding plan. I also included about 10 pictures total on this timeline. I submitted the I30 myself on August 15, 2010 before I knew anything about Visajourney. Don’t waste your money hiring a lawyer or an agency. Save that money to help those in needs and God will answer your prayers. You can do it yourself with the supporters on Visa journey

More important, please pray and pray for each other. If you love is genuine, God will help you through..

I know a guy that worked inside HCMC Justice Department that can help you to get your marriage license signed while you in Vietnam within two weeks.—some of us might need his help due to our short limited vacation days approval..—cost you about $600US.

Here is my 11 pages timeline hope it help.

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Vietnam

Great! Congratulation!


Thanks for the interview details also.

Loi and I are starting a hanger business, do you want to buy some? :P

CR-1 Visa

I-130 Sent : 2006-08-30

I-130 NOA1 : 2006-09-12

I-130 Approved : 2007-01-17

NVC Received : 2007-02-05

Consulate Received : 2007-06-09

Interview Date : 2007-08-16 Case sent back to USCIS

NOA case received by CSC: 2007-12-19

Receive NOIR: 2009-05-04

Sent Rebuttal: 2009-05-19

NOA rebuttal entered: 2009-06-05

Case sent back to NVC for processing: 2009-08-27

Consulate sends DS-230: 2009-11-23

Interview: 2010-02-05 result Green sheet for updated I864 and photos submit 2010-03-05

APPROVED visa pick up 2010-03-12

POE: 2010-04-20 =)

GC received: 2010-05-05


Estimates/Stats : Your I-130 was approved in 140 days.

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Congratulations! You guys can be together now.

I feel like with many of the recent posts by members, being there for the interview helped turn the tide. And for you, that well thought out timeline with many photos embedded.

Wish you guys the very best.

K-1 Visa

I-129F application received at USCIS: November 30, 2010

I-129F approved: March 28, 2011

Packet 3 Received: April 11, 2011

Packet 3 forms submitted to Consulate: May 4, 2011

Packet 4 received: June 16th, 2011

Interview date: July 25, 2011 (Pink!)

Pick up Visa: August 1, 2011

POE: August 5th, 2001 (Woot!)

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Brazil

one post removed per op request.

* ~ * Charles * ~ *

I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.



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To quotes a movie, “So how does it happen, great love? Nobody knows... but what I can tell you is that it happens in the blink of an eye. One Moment you're enjoying your life, and the next you're wondering how you ever lived without them.” I felt I found something with Kieu that is rare in life... true love.

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Great! Congratulation!


Thanks for the interview details also.

Loi and I are starting a hanger business, do you want to buy some? :P

Congrats and great detail for other...

Order hangers today, and will be delivery within 24 hrs.

LKH incorporation. Loi Kevin Hanger INC.

I-130 Journey


06-15-2008 : Marriage

08-16-2008 : I-130 Sent

08-18-2008 : I-130 Received

08-22-2008 : I-130 NOA1

02-02-2009 : I-130 NOA2 Approved 164 days from NOA1


02-04-2009 : Visited my wife for 2 weeks. 02-22-2009 come back to US

02-11-2009 : Received package from NVC

02-23-2009 : AOS Paid $70 (Online)

02-23-2009 : DS-3032 sent (by email)

02-25-2009 : Payment Received from my bank (AOS)

03-04-2009 : NVC has received the Choice of Agent DS-3032 (Online)

03-04-2009 : IV Application Processing Fees $400 (Online)

03-05-2009 : Payment Received from my bank (IV APS)

03-07-2009 : DS-230, and I-864 Sent (by USPS)

03-12-2009 : USPS confirm arrived at NVC for DS-230, & I-864

03-13-2009 : NVC received DS-230, & I-864 (Case in progress)

03-20-2009 : NVC case completed in 1 week NVC completed 03-20-2009.

04-02-2009 : NVC Left to HCM city

04-22-2009 : Medical Passed

05-12-2009 : Received a package IV from HCM Consulate by email

05-18-2009 : My wife got Pink.. yeah..

05-26-2009 : Visa received

06-18-2009 : US Entry!!! Yeah, my wife finally here.

06-29-2009 : Received SSN from snail mail

07-20-2009 : Green card received by mail

09-15-2009 : Writting test from DVM.

11-03-2009 : Driving Test.

01-20-2010 : Working.

04-20-2011 : Submit I751

04-26-2011 : Received I-797 NOA with Receipt Number

05-11-2011 : Received ASC Appointment Notice

06-03-2011 : Biometrics Apts @ 11:00 AM

10-11-2011 : Submit more evidence.

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Philippines

:thumbs: COngratulations!! :thumbs:




K-1 Journey (I-129F)

09/10/2010 ----- Filing date of I-129 F

09/22/2010 ----- NOA 1

02/22/2011 ----- Case being adjudicated

02/28/2011 ----- RFE, Waiver to file 2nd K-1 petition

03/04/2011 ----- RFE reply sent

03/08/2011 ----- RFE received and being reviewed at USCIS

03/17/2011 ----- NOA2 (I-129F approved)

03/23/2011 ----- NOA2 hard copy received

03/29/2011 ----- NVC received our Case

04/04/2011 ----- NVC letter received and case forwarded to US embassy Manila

04/08/2011 ----- US Embassy Manila received our case (Consulate)

04/15/2011 ----- Paid VISA at BPI

04/16/2011 ----- Received Eligibility Letter from US Embassy Manila dated April 8, 2011

04/25/2011 ----- 1st day of Medical

04/26/2011 ----- 2nd day of Medical (I PASSED!! Thank you Lord!!)

05/13/2011 ----- Interview (221g - Case under Administrative Processing "AP")

08/12/2011 ----- Received an email from the embassy "Case is pending review by a consular officer"


My blog: All about my writings and essays

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Vietnam

take a moment and fill out the VJ timeline so that your stats are compiled with the others... all info gathered helps us to better help others... Had a timeline been updated I would have had you on the list of VN members being interviewed and the results..

The buying hangers thing is something that we say because it is something that many overlook until she gets here and takes all of your hangers and hangs her clothes... the needed hangers will be for your clothes if there are not enough..

"Every one of us bears within himself the possibilty of all passions, all destinies of life in all its forms. Nothing human is foreign to us" - Edward G. Robinson.

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Country: Vietnam

take a moment and fill out the VJ timeline so that your stats are compiled with the others... all info gathered helps us to better help others... Had a timeline been updated I would have had you on the list of VN members being interviewed and the results..

The buying hangers thing is something that we say because it is something that many overlook until she gets here and takes all of your hangers and hangs her clothes... the needed hangers will be for your clothes if there are not enough..

Yes filling in timelines is very important and needed to help compile stats that help everyone. Also reminded I need to update mine.whistling.gif

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