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  • K Visa FAQ - K1 Fiance Visa, K3 Spousal Visa and other Marriage Based Immigration Questions
    A Complete guide for obtaining a K1 and K3 (plus derivitive) Visa, immigrating, and becoming a US Citizen.

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    In June 2003, Mike the "FAQ Guy" passed the original version of these FAQ's to the VisaJourney.com, then known as the BCIS Forums. The content of this site is updated as time passes to keep up with current information. With the help of the community we will continue to grow. You can visit the Forums to discuss your situation and any questions you may have. There are always friendly people around to share with, and usually someone can help you out!

    The original alt.visa.us.marriage-based newsgroup which formed this page was founded in early 1998. Originally, the group focused on the K1/K2 fiance(e) visa, but has evolved to include many marriage-based immigration issues involving US Citizens. Due to rapid changes in U.S. policy and immigration related law since September 11, 2001, the newsgroup has become more valuable to its members who can post experiences within hours of the event, keeping other readers informed of late breaking developments.

    About the K Visa FAQ and its contents:
    --o The FAQ is not legal information, nor is it a "how-to" guide.. The FAQ is intended to be used in conjunction with reading and posting to either this site or the alt.visa.us.marriage-based newsgroup, and cannot be used as a stand-alone source of information. It is the result of experience and research, but the FAQ is mainly derived from actual experiences posted by participants in this and the alt.visa.us.marriage-based newsgroup. FAQ content is not derived from other newsgroups, message boards, or other discussion forums. Anything you learn here should be verified with other sources.
    --o You will find answers to general questions about the K1/K2 and K3/K4 visa processes, and subsequent adjustment of status procedures.
    --o You will find links to other resources for further research on your own.
    --o Although the FAQ is directed towards the K1/K2 and K3/K4 visas, others may find useful info regarding Adjustment of Status, Lifting of Conditional Residency, and Naturalization to U.S. Citizenship in the appropriate sections.
    --o If you have suggestions for what should be included in the FAQ (or find an error) please post them here: FAQ Discussion and Upkeep.
    --o The original FAQ is located at https://www.visajourney.com/faq/k1faq.htm.

    Note: On March 1, 2003, the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) was split up and integrated into the Department of Homeland Security. In late 2003 the INS/BCIS was renamed the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

    This FAQ is located at https://www.visajourney.com/faq/k1faq.htm

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