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  2. Sure I didn't say approval I just said NOA-2. There are many people still receiving NOA-2 from Philippines and getting stuck at NVC. Now getting an interview at the embassy is another thing. Either way if he gets married and files CR visa he will be at the back of the line.
  3. Thank you! 😊 no, my husband is adjusting from a K-1 visa. Good luck with your case too! Hope you get some good news and movement soon!
  4. I mean.....you quoted it. I get that you need to take the weapons at your disposal, so.....
  5. Ha ha. Now I am a political operative using pre-set talking points. Am I a white supremacist as well? What other broad brush labels would you like to apply? Btw, it is not unsettling at all, but if it makes you happy, feel what you want.
  6. I was born in Seattle. We natives get a little down if we have too many consecutive sunny days.
  7. Boy, you love to read into everything. Sometimes, it is simple, but bless your heart.
  8. and we said that......where exactly? I know it's confusing not to work with the preset talking points you've been given, I don't mean to unsettle you....
  9. My son lives in Portland. He's had enough of the weather and all the other "stuff" going on there. He just took a job in Florida and is coming back home.
  10. The only way I know is to take a look at timelines for his country. That might give you an idea of how long the wait is.
  11. We can talk in the round about such a situation but they are very fact specific and we do not know what those facts are.
  12. Thank you lucky cat; would you please also educate me about estimated wait time from DQ approval till our designated consulate informs NVC that they have upcoming space for interview?!is it weeks, months, or years? Again the case is about my dad and I understand there is back log from COVID! AG
  13. oh my dude - the babylon bee gives you special feelings...
  14. I want to know if i can apply for motion to reopen now? I am that kind of guy who will not give up u know
  15. I have an aunt and her father just passed. Her priority date isn’t current yet and she didn’t live in the US when her father died. Did your sister live in the US when her father died? He’s been dead for two weeks should we inform NVC since that’s where the papers are now?
  16. You don’t need to spam everyone individually to say the same thing but seeing as you quoted me - quite honestly, I am more surprised at the two approved than the one denied. The language of the denial was what i had expected for all of them. (Not sure if I missed it, but was there any difference between the cases on the timing of when the dna results came back, or anything else?) As the letter says, the petition can be filed again.
  17. Thanks @HRQX for pulling out the clause and taking me through it. @Paul & Mary Thanks for your info: as well. Any idea for the process of advanced Parole and what Timeframe will it take , if we apply for an expedited Advanced Parole request ? I am planning to apply for my AP , which I believe is file I-131 petition right. Thanks in advance!
  18. Update: Today marks day 90 and still no case status updates or green card issuance. I contacted USCIS live support, who submitted a referral and issued a reference number. I hope it will not be much longer as we are traveling soon, and I’d hate for the card to arrive and no one be home for a couple weeks. I’ve noticed a fairly consistent pattern in this thread that people who pay the fee before POE get their SSN relatively soon, but wait longer for their green card. And vice versa. I surely thought it would be the other way around. Is there any reason for this?
  19. Hi All! We just mailed off an AOS application for my husband today. The June 2021 filer forum is pretty dead, so I hope you don't mind if I share my status here. Wishing us all a speedy process!
  20. After sending all requested documents, I keep checking on the status of the case and up on checking this is what I saw. Should I be worried or just wait
  21. Yes, those are valid points. We'd previously contacted our congressman for assistance with our case that has been at NVC since December 16th. The staffer who contacted me was empathetic to the situation but also said in Manila they have something like 10 folks staffing the consular section. What's a bit perplexing to me is now that there are (presumably) quite a few staff who are vaccinated why they are not ramping up operations (perhaps even moving to expanded hours as one option) to start to make a dent in the backlog. I don't know if they sent folks back to the US during initial phase of this or not. I'd encourage everyone in this situation to contact your representative to share your concern. Though it may seem like a small thing, if enough of us (politely) share our concern, the issue will get some attention. Notably, State Department is not the only agency facing backlogs. I saw some congressional testimony/discussion regarding a backlog of over 500,000 requests for VA records and no plan to address.
  22. According to Snopes. I thought we could use a little humor, I guess not.
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