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  2. Interesting point. Maybe it is worthwhile making contact? Do you have a link to the online form you used?
  3. Yeah I keep getting the same issue too. There is more than enough money in my bank account so I dont know whats causing this error. I paid again last night since no money wasn't deducted from my account.
  4. Same here although weirdly despite two letters they are both for the same date/time. I'm planning on taking both letters tomorrow. I'm sure it's just a result of clerical errors during the ASC reopening/process restarting.
  5. @Greenbaum hello, do you think you could help me with my questions?(see previous post above) also, I filled in the DS-160 online. Will review it before submitting. However, I had 2 major problems: 1/ I had to generate 3 times an application ID (couldn’t retrieve the 1st 2 ones). I haven’t filled in any data at all in the first 2 ones. Do you think this is going to be an issue? 2/ I cannot save my DS-160 on my computer. A message says there was a technical error/problem and the Administrator was informed. Have you ever encountered such problem? What do you suggest I should do as an alternative? I don’t feel comfortable not having a copy of my DS-160 available for future reference... your help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. beneficiary's passport photos (you only need one).
  7. You did a fantastic job creating your timeline. I will suggest the following changes: Service Center : Texas Service Center California Service Center Transferred? The reason for the change is that California is a service center and Texas is a "lockbox" location for processing the input of your application into the system. California adjudicates the case. If you were to have an issue that needs to be resolved by another service center, then "Transferred?" would be used with the new location. Some go onto Vermont for further adjudication but those are by far not the norm. So, leave transferred blank. Now add your I-129f, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) "SENT DATE". And once you have the hardcopy you can enter in the NOA1 date. The NOA1 date is the "notice date" printed on the hardcopy. Located from this example:
  8. I'm referring to the recent court ruling concerning the public charge rules https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/public-charge/injunction-of-the-inadmissibility-on-public-charge-grounds-final-rule
  9. Congrats! My i-797 is the same. My name is both in the petitioner and beneficiary fields and priority date is blank.
  10. german visas cr1/ir1 at nvc stage all got their case expedited with or without expedite. mines currently in transit. k1 is under the proclamation ban i believe but as i see things are moving forward, they may get excempt too. hopefully soon
  11. Congratulations. Now the wait begins. We see a window of about 4-6 months so be patience but still connected here for updates. I see you are relocating to Boise Idaho. Beautiful area of the US. Climate is like Herz. Best of luck on your journey.
  12. This would be a valuable time to move over to the sub-forum for the Philippines here on VJ that where you can be a part of the conversation. It's a good place to read what others are experiencing which will better prepare you for your interview. You'll be able to share meaningful information with others from your embassy as most information now is embassy specific. http://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/129-philippines/
  13. dear where your interview was taken?? at isb embassy or karachi conslate? my case was sent from nvc to isb embassy now they say they are trnasfering my case to isb embassy and they will schedule an interview, but from 9 july till now i dint receve any mail.. its spouse visa .
  14. High chance a joint sponsor will be needed. Get one prepared.
  15. Thank you po sa lahat ng nga replies. Ingat!
  16. As far as finding work in America, the military, if qualified, is a good place to try. Both in the Guard, part time, and active duty, full time. It worked out great for my Filipino wife and our whole family. She did both. First the Air National Guard as a permanent resident, then as an officer in the U.S. Air Force on active duty as a naturalized U.S. citizen. Currently we live in Germany, near an air base, where she is an Air Force nurse. The Guard was a good part time job, and she also worked in health care at an assisted living, while going to nursing school. After working a couple of years as a civilian nurse then, she applied to be an Air Force nurse on active duty. I dont know about the other branches of service, but in the Air Force, if you are a nurse, they waive the age restriction and allow you to still enter up to 47 years old. And the pay is pretty good. We rent out our house in Tennessee for $700 a month, and the military pays for our rent and utilities in Germany. With all the benefits factored in, she earns about $95,000 (including rent, utilities, cost of living allowance, and base pay) per year. And promotions come nicely, with no limit to what you can achieve and become. There is travel and excitement. My son who is 10 enjoys it too. He wants to go to the Air Force Academy and become a pilot.
  17. Congratulations. A little patience paid off in your case. USCIS is notorious about not sending an email notification even with a G-1145. Most don't receive an email but it's not typical not to receive a NOA1 by mail. Yours came so you are good to go for the wait for the next NOA.
  18. I called NVC at 7 AM. From start to finish the call lasted 8 minutes. I received my NOA2 on June 19th. I was able to get my case number and Invoice ID. She said they received it on July 17th, so they may still be putting it in the system. 🙂
  19. In the grand scheme of things, it's not important whether you use notice date or received date as it is normally a few days off and that is not going to swing the pendulum either way for timeline accuracy. @Cheburashka34 We are splitting hairs here. Not a big deal if you use one or the other.
  20. Thank you so much. This was a very informative and thorough answer. Lots of us K1ers are in so much mental pain for being in suspense so much. I wish the officials would give us some clarity. That would give us some hope or it will let us know if we need to make changes and switch to spousal visas in order to be together sooner. Thank you again. We'd definitely appreciate any signatures we get 💖
  21. Just got my biometrics appt in the mail Aug 13th. No update on the site though. Elizabeth NJ is where my appt is.
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