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  2. Hi thanks everyone. Will let the group know the outcome of interview. I am more at ease after your posts. I was probably thinking too much into it.
  3. *** Moved from IR1/CR1 Process & Procedures to Working & Traveling During US Immigration -- topic is about travel after US entry with IR1 visa ***
  4. When my ex came over on a K1, we got married 4 days after he landed. We knew what the terms were, and we wanted to get AOS over and done with ASAP. We also knew we wanted to get married even before we sent off the I-129F! All of this looks like major fraudin', producer-led DRAMAAAA. Everyone this season sucks except Guillermo and Kobe. Poor Kobe, hasn't even had a night sleeping in a bed with his fiancee! Then again, that fiancee is Emily.......
  5. Hello, can anyone tell me how long their case take to be approved by USCIS Nebraska Center for the 1-601 form ?
  6. Do not wait for the new passport. Submit the DS-160 asap, pay the MRV fee, and schedule the interview and medical. Just pick an interview date after the expected delivery date of the new passport, if available. She must declare both her previous married name and her maiden name on the DS-160 anyway. She will also need to present an NBI clearance listing both names, and any other names used.
  7. Bought their flights to Moscow and got canceled and all following flights are full
  8. Eso ocurre más adelante en el proceso, cuando tú tengas tu entrevista. Si tu esposo habla inglés dile que se haga una cuenta aquí, va a ser más Vos no vas a poder venir hasta no tener la CR1. Tu hijo y tu esposo sí.
  9. Late mid day update: 71500: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 72000: 1 RFES (1 new / 0 in progress) 73000: 3 RFESs (3 new / 0 in progress) 73500: 2 RFESs (2 new / 0 in progress) 74000: 1 Approval, 1 RFES (2 new / 0 in progress) 74500: 1 Approval (0 new / 1 in progress) 76500: 1 Expedite(Denied: 1) (1 new / 0 in progress) 77500: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 78000: 1 Approval (1 new / 0 in progress) 06/27/22: 13 Total Updates: 5 Approvals, 7 RFESs, 1 Expedite(Denied: 1)
  10. Look into tickets with Emerates. They have rt $2300 moscow to Mexico City. Turkish airlines has gone crazy with their pricing. However it may be possible to get a much better price booking seperately Moscow to Istanbul on aeroflot or another, then to Mexico City on Turkish.
  11. Si hemos pensado vivir un tiempo allá y salir esporádicamente, será bueno establecernos allá. solamente que esos detalles tengo que saberlos bien para organizarme con mi esposo, mi esposo tiene propiedades allá y renta. entonces desde que yo inicie con mi solicitud de CR1 en que momento el debe volver a irse para Estados Unidos? No entiendo. No hay forma de que lleguemos a residir juntos con nuestro hijo? Ellos sonnciudadanos
  12. If it makes you feel any better, we sent our RFE response on 5/11/22...47 days later and still nothing... Also, small world, my fiancé is from Estonia as well!
  13. Hi, Our son was born this past week and we are looking into what it would take to get him a Ghanaian passport. My understanding is that he is already a Ghanaian citizen by virtue of having a Ghanaian mother (I’m a U.S. citizen). However, it looks like we are going to need to register him as a dual citizen to get him a Ghanaian passport. It looks like we send in a copy of my wife’s passport, $250 and a return envelope to get the application. Has anyone gone through this process?
  14. El tiene que regresar a Estados Unidos y demostrar que va a vivir allí. Parece que entonces no quieren vivir en Estados Unidos. De ser así, en mi opinión, la CR1 no tiene sentido.
  15. From your own topic , K1 visa fraud mislead, u knew this was wrong so u do need that lawyer to help and u kicked her out, so when she does the ROC , i would think all this will show as the address will not be yours let her take care of what she did wrong and just protect yourself with a good immigration lawyer
  16. Mi esposo es jubilado, entonces tiene que regresar a Estados Unidos? El va pero no muy seguido, nosotros viajamos por el mundo compartiendo la medicina natural.
  17. I noticed that, too. You never know when things can suddenly change, though! Surprises happen - don't they? 😄
  18. Aquí está la guía del CR-1. Ten en cuenta que tu marido tendrá que volver a los Estados Unidos antes que ti y establecer el intent de vivir aquí (con un contrato de alquiler, un trabajo, etc etc)
  19. De nada, suerte! Oye te voy a dejar una guía aquí. Si no tienes antecedentes criminales no vale la pena pagar por un abogado!!! No gastes tu dinero! Si tu marido habnla inglés el te puede ayudar. Mucha gente lo hace solo y no hay problema.
  20. The timelines on the USCIS web site are for the USCIS part of the process, which is only the first stage. After your petition is approved, it's then sent to the State Department's National Visa Center (NVC), and then goes on to the embassy or consulate that handles immigrant and immigrant-intent visas where your fiancée or spouse lives (in Canada, this is Montreal). For a K-1 the time at NVC is pretty short (or used to be, seems like it's nearly 3 months now; it was half that for us and we thought that was long) and they don't do much there; for CR-1s it's somewhat longer. See IR1/CR1 Visa Historical Processing Times - USCIS Immigration Processing Times - VisaJourney and K1 Fiance Visa Historical Processing Times - USCIS Immigration Processing Times - VisaJourney for how long every stage is currently taking according to VJ members' reports (note that these tend to be trailing indicators of changes in processing time for a lot of reasons, but only the USCIS stage has official estimates; NVC and the various embassies and consulates do not). You can also see consulate processing times broken down by country K1 and K3 Visa US Immigration Statistics (visajourney.com) and IR1 & CR1 Visa US Immigration Statistics (visajourney.com)
  21. How did the interview go? Did you gave a choice to be oath on same day vs later day or you requested it?
  22. Muchísimas gracias, iniciaré mi trámite de CR1, gracias por tu tiempo y aclaración
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