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  2. Hello my brother inlaw has an interview next week at Islamabad Pakistan embassy he’s thinking about taking his documents in a zipper binder file will he be able to take that inside the embassy? Or will he have to take the documents out of it and will have to throw the binder away? Is anyone familiar with this situation at Islamabad embassy thank you
  3. They may have in fact have actually adopted said policy, but unfortunately that is where it ends. It is a goal that they may not be accomplishing.
  4. Haha, thanks! I'll try, but I think I need a PC to use color.
  5. Congrats Promenad!! One question..your removal of conditions were approved on July 5, 2018 or 2019? Did they send you the actual Green Card? PS: Now you can go and visit Buenos Aires and try some steak on my behalf!! congrats again!
  6. So i've recived my NOA 1 hard copy today, super excited ,however my next question is that, what documents would my fiance need obtain now? I know that getting legal documents in the Philippines can be a hassle, should we after the NOA 2 or start now?
  7. **We did not get our first update online until Friday 9/18/2019 in the night, that said "We order your you new card"** THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT GUYS.....GREAT FORUM
  8. Do you mind adding me to the Canadian group? My CC - Sept 9, 2019. Thanks!
  9. Yes, I get that, but being that the law says "IT SHALL BE the policy..." it does not leave the agency any option, it cannot be ignored, correct?
  10. About a week. The envelope said it came from the National Benefits Center.
  11. Our goal is to avoid having to go to Manila to do this - hopefully, NBI in Iloilo will accommodate our request. Thanks again.
  12. Nope. You are precluded from deducting her expenses because you are filing separate.
  13. The doctor that does the medical for know which vaccinations are needed for the embassy to review.
  14. Oh I updated the timeline but the link dont work: Seattle based not transferred Applied on July 3, 2018 Removal of pending conditions approved on July 5, 2018 (i think was just coincidence) Interview October 16, 2019 Oath scheduled October 31, 2019
  15. Hello! Has anyone on K1 visa applied for an AB60 DL in California while waiting for EAD? How was the process and was it easy to convert after getting the EAD? Thank you!!
  16. True, she can't, but I bought the pens, paper, etc for her, and I'll write them off on my schedule C as a business expenses, along with the other office supplies I use.
  17. You lost Canadian health care the minute you had your visa endorsed at the border. Not only that but to regain Canadian health care there is a minimum amount of residency required to get it back. I think that is 3 months for most provinces. There is a small chance your US insurance will pay for your birth in Canada. Ours would pay as a out of network charge and that alone was a crazy price. I'm not sure how they come up with the pricing but it sure didn't match Canadian prices. If you can afford it I would do it. I'm not a fan childbirth in the US.
  18. My husband had his medical completed today. His visa interview is the 1st of November. I am so excited but the nerves are starting to set in. I hope everyone else's process is moving along. Good luck to all!
  19. We had our interview on Oct. 15, 2019 schedule for 12pm at 9th Floor room 901 (Queens Office), we live in the Bronx. Let me try to give a clear description as to what took place. The interview was schedule for 12PM and we got there 11:32AM. this is the time stamp on the que # we got. In the waiting area there was about 10 families so it was not crowded or seem busy. We sat patiently waiting to hear our number call. We heard numbers before and after ours called and NOT our number. At about 12:15 i went and ask the lady if they had pass our number, she told me no and the numbers are not in order as each case goes to a specific officer. We continue waiting and watch people come and come at about 1PM, my wife (USC) was concern as much as i am so she said she will go ask. She and the lady and was told the same thing. We continue to wait and to be honest i was getting annoy as i have been ready forums for months and never say anyone waited this long. The lady at the front desk took a break about 1:30PM so my wife said she will ask the man that replace her. The man ash her for my Alien number to check if i am still in que. I went and gave him the number and he check with a look on his face like"really". He told me i was still in que and the officer who has my case is backed up. At that point i did not feel good about the entire thing as i could sense its someone the guy was not fond of base on his expressions. We continue waiting and it now 2PM and no one called our number. At about 2:15PM our name was finally called. The officer hold the door and told us to follow him. When we got to the office he had us raise our right hand and swear to be honest, then told us to be seated. I was told to sit in front of him and my wife to the side. He as for all our original ID, Passport, SS and Marriage Cert. I placed them all on his desk and he look though the docs for a while, then he and my wife to state her full name, date of birth and country of birth. My wife did and then he asked me to state the same. He ask my wife how we meet, she was explaining while laughing at the story and i tried to correct her with a part of it. I was told by the officer he just want to her from my wife and i will get my turn to answer shortly. After my wife explanation he asked me the same question. He then ask my wife is she meet parents, with who did i live before us and who supported me and what kind of work they do. He then took up a copy of my I-485 and started to check off the information with a red ink pen. He asked my wife what do i do job wise. He then ask me the name of my company and wrote it on the application. Then he got to the "Yes and NO" questions and started to ask me the questions. He ask me about 10 questions in a row and i said not to all, he then pass half way in the 11th question and i say "NO'. He said, why did you say no i am not finish asking the question. I said i though you finish, he said what did i say. I then repeated the entire question and he said OK, let me ask again. I knew that was just his test to see if i was actually being attentive to the questions. He then took my picture, did my finger print and ask for all joined document. He then printed out a paper said the case will be review and they have 120 days to do that, so they will contact us by letter and we are free to do. He printed out a paper and told us they have 120 days to review and get back to us, then told us we are free to go.
  20. Arrived from Frankfurt to DC last night - no issues whatsoever.
  21. LIN case here - did my biometrics today as well. Let's see how long it takes now
  22. You seem extremely desperate to stay in the US. Marrying someone for the purposes of remaining in the US would be frau
  23. Reread the part that says, Section 233, states "It shall be the policy......."
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