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  2. So sorry to hear. I'm sure it will be something simple. Did you send separate letter of intent? Ive been hearing a lot of RFE's for those.
  3. Thank you for all your helpful answers. God bless you😊
  4. Commenting on dumb opinions is not taking away your freedumbs......I get that this is emotional for you
  5. 1. No, you don’t need a police certificate if you were not residing there. If necessary you can explain in the interview, but obviously your home address for that period will not be in the country you got the degree from so it shouldn’t cause confusion 2. Yes you can estimate.
  6. Time for you to explore the forum and start looking for answers yourself. I managed to find a thread for Bogota, it looks like people who whose petitions were approved in April-May 2020 are now having their interviews scheduled. I’d say you have another year to wait, hopefully a bit less.
  7. Wow! Lots of great comments and suggestions! Thanks All! Re: Philippines interview vs UAE interview... By having her move back to Philippines, we were thinking we would be removing one potential complicating factor (i.e., work contract). But, if there is a substantial difference in overall time to complete K-1 process... we might have to reconsider. Re: UAE police report... thanks for the tips/comments! Thanks again all!
  8. awesome so now this has been moved, i cant find it and still no answer... awesome thanks I dont use this site much so i dont know how to navigate well
  9. Thank you, we will do that. You are right in that it can't hurt anything. We will basically bring a copy of our application package to the interview, including updated bills, statements, etc. Looking at the list below, is there anything else that anyone could think of?
  10. It is Juneuary here in Seattle. Cool and rainy. I LOVE it!
  11. I am on an F1 visa currently. Evidence we submitted with the I-130 included: — Joint bank account statements — Lease agreement for joint home — Personal checks showing rent paid to landlord since 08/2020 — utility bills showing petitioner’s and beneficiary’s names — electric company application for joint membership — joint renter’s insurance policy — Beneficiary’s and petitioner’s driver’s licenses — Joint car titles fro both car and truck — Petitioner’s retirement plan listing beneficiary as beneficiary — Emergency contact info from both employers HR systems — Internet service provider screen grab showing both as users — ISP sample bill — Joint Costco membership — Photos of beneficiary and petitioner together form 2019 — 2021 — Wedding photos — Wedding cards from friends and family sent to petitioner and beneficiary — Instagram story screenshots
  12. *** I have moved this thread to the Mexico, Latin & South America regional discussion area***** OP is asking SPECIFIC country/consulate question******
  13. I can attest to the knee-weakening power of a man in a kilt! Unfortunately I cannot get my model to wear one frequently enough. I put it down to him living in England for half his life (but I will never say this to him). Back to topic, I'm not sure what the fall out of the sunglasses will be. Who is Melanie Phillips and why should I care what she has to say?
  14. got an RFE, go figure. no clue what additional evidence is needed i sent a massive amount of evidence. so sad.
  15. Hi, my case is currently being processed by the NVC. I live in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. I submitted all the relevant documents including the UK ACRO police certificate, which have all been accepted. However they have asked for a police certificate for Northern Ireland. On the Northern Ireland police website it says they do not issue police certificates but instead people should apply for the ACRO UK certificate. I have responded to NVC with this explanation but I have heard nothing back in over a month. Does anyone have any experience of this issue?
  16. How America is now threatening its allies Israel isn’t the only country that’s having to cope with a US administration threatening to undermine its security. President Joe Biden last week ordered a senior American diplomat to issue a severe formal rebuke to Britain for the way it is dealing with the European Union over Northern Ireland. Accordingly, Yael Lempert, the acting head of the US mission to the United Kingdom, issued a diplomatic reprimand to Britain’s Brexit minister, Lord Frost, and delivered a veiled threat that America’s proposed trade deal with Britain depended upon Boris Johnson’s government acceding to Biden’s demands. The noxiousness of this rebuke — more commonly issued to adversaries than to an ally— doesn’t just derive from America interfering in the policies of a sovereign country. It’s also because, just as with Israel, this interference is based on an ignorant and dangerously partisan view that, under the guise of advancing peace, is in fact a powerful incentive to further violence and aggression. Lempert told Frost that Biden wanted the United Kingdom to settle its dispute with the EU even if that meant making “unpopular compromises.” https://melaniephillips.substack.com/p/how-america-is-now-threatening-its Great non-answer, bless your heart! Who is complaining. Like I said, I like gridlock. Doesn't mean I cannot comment, last I heard this was still a free country to some extent.
  17. I would expect the person complaining to have a solution...not got one? Unsurprising...
  18. Probably like the "National Weather Service". Those idiots set the thermostat to 118 outside today.
  19. Ay i get that i forgot to put in approved by USCIS ... but i see the only responses i ever get are thread Nazis just correcting other people... but thanks i needed 3 people to tell me the same thing but offer nothing to my actual question... yes I realize the visa is not approved but it was approved by the uscis and passed to the NVC... I get it. Back to my original question is asking if anyone has received and actual date yet for the Embassy in Bogota... Thanks for anyone that can answer this.
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