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  2. Check. I didn't want to risk the credit card being declined. Maybe that's what happened to your application? Check the forums for what language others received and complete the Fee Calculator.
  3. And for adding extra information does he have to sign in each page? could it be added in a normal word document?
  4. Hello, I recently completed the IR2 visa interviews for my 2 children in Philippines. The officer held on to their passports and explained that everything is good. However, they need a certified copy of our marriage certificate. My county tax office offers an electronic certified copy. Can I go that route and just upload it in CEAC? Or do I need to get a physical certified copy too and have it shipped to Philippines and dropped off at LBC? The post-interview document checks off both options, but I’m not sure if it’s just an either-or thing. Has anyone else had experience with this situation?
  5. Not at all, all I’ve used was paper clips and larger binder clips so far in all of my immigration steps
  6. I am sorry, this is a hard situation. Not about the future trip to the USA, but about your trip back to Germany - I want to say that the Consulate General (or the Embassy, depending on where you live), can usually assist you when you are in a difficult situation, and are willing, but unable to go back. Should you need their assistance, please reach out. https://www.germany.info/us-en Wishing you peace, and better moments, in the near future. Take care.
  7. Thanks, your a life savior. One more question do we need to use and ship a folder?
  8. ~~ Topic moved from General Immigration forum to IR1/CR1 spousal visa forum as the question is about the spousal visa process ~~
  9. That won’t be accepted. Go with hand signed, scanned and then printed Just explain to the point and succinctly
  10. Yea, we used a program called e-sign. Or should we use copies or scanned documents? They are minor issues that happened 20 years ago. Does he have to explain too much?
  11. I hope it’s true too but what is “not long”? 3 months? 6 months? I’m afraid if we wait too long to file WOM, next year it’s going to be more difficult because the Biden administration doesn’t fight these lawsuits now, so who knows what new laws the new president will make…also the medical exam that will expire….
  12. hypothetical scenarios. Say USC has anxiety and/or depression and is involved in an out patient program would that hurt NON USC applications because I saw if non usc ever had anything to.do.with drugs they will be denied on the spot but I have NOT seen anything if it was the other way around. So just wanted to know
  13. Let's avoid judging. The OP might have composed the message elsewhere and copied/pasted it here. ----- No Family Left, sincere sympathies. Rely on friends and friendly acquaintances for support. Don't go to CBP. Leave the U.S., recover, and in a few years approach the consulate in Germany for a tourist visa.
  14. Folks, good discussion, but we're straying from the topic. Thanks for recalibrating.
  15. What do you mean by this exactly? Like use docusign? No Not needed at all Depends on what they’re about
  16. Hey! My partner and I are trying to fill the I129-F but we have some questions... We made a letter of intent to marry and e-signed, is it valid? We e-signed some other letters, but we are not 100% sure about it How long would it take to get some court documents from California and Denver, how can he get those? Does he need to explain them in detail? We don't have any pics from the proporsal, do we need them? Also do we need letters from out families? We are not very close to any of them, besides I still live at home but with super strict parents.
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  18. ~~Thread locked to further replies. The OP has created a new thread please follow the link below to continue to offer guidance.~~
  19. ~~As this thread is lacking background information please see the link below. As one needs all the important information to be able to office guidance. Please also refrain from creating additional threads. It's hard for member's to give the best possible advice when all the information is not together.~~
  20. VWP I think you mean, but getting ESTA with your history is somewhat unlikely. The people you would explain this to is the Consulate in Germany when you apply for a B.
  21. I have tried about 5 ish times to do the inquiry they always say this " The correspondence submitted is currently under review. An appropriate action will be taken once this review is completed." I don't know what else I can do. I have contacted the embassy as well and I asked them to contact the NVC so they could schedule me since they are telling me they have availability but they later said just wait until the NVC schedules you.
  22. Hi! We received our I-751 application package back from USCIS. The letter said we sent the wrong payment amount. Isn’t the payment $680? $595 application fee + $85 for biometrics. What am I missing? Also, we paid with credit card, should we have sent a check instead? Lastly the application and all other documents, now have some codes and markings at the bottom of the forms, can we resend those same documents back or do we need to print new copies of everything?
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