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  2. I noticed that, too. You never know when things can suddenly change, though! Surprises happen - don't they? 😄
  3. Aquí está la guía del CR-1. Ten en cuenta que tu marido tendrá que volver a los Estados Unidos antes que ti y establecer el intent de vivir aquí (con un contrato de alquiler, un trabajo, etc etc)
  4. De nada, suerte! Oye te voy a dejar una guía aquí. Si no tienes antecedentes criminales no vale la pena pagar por un abogado!!! No gastes tu dinero! Si tu marido habnla inglés el te puede ayudar. Mucha gente lo hace solo y no hay problema.
  5. How did the interview go? Did you gave a choice to be oath on same day vs later day or you requested it?
  6. The timelines on the USCIS web site are for the USCIS part of the process, which is only the first stage. After your petition is approved, it's then sent to the State Department's National Visa Center (NVC), and then goes on to the embassy or consulate that handles immigrant and immigrant-intent visas where your fiancée or spouse lives (in Canada, this is Montreal). For a K-1 the time at NVC is pretty short (or used to be, seems like it's nearly 3 months now; it was half that for us and we thought that was long) and they don't do much there; for CR-1s it's somewhat longer. See IR1/CR1 Visa Historical Processing Times - USCIS Immigration Processing Times - VisaJourney and K1 Fiance Visa Historical Processing Times - USCIS Immigration Processing Times - VisaJourney for how long every stage is currently taking according to VJ members' reports (note that these tend to be trailing indicators of changes in processing time for a lot of reasons, but only the USCIS stage has official estimates; NVC and the various embassies and consulates do not). You can also see consulate processing times broken down by country K1 and K3 Visa US Immigration Statistics (visajourney.com) and IR1 & CR1 Visa US Immigration Statistics (visajourney.com)
  7. Muchísimas gracias, iniciaré mi trámite de CR1, gracias por tu tiempo y aclaración
  8. Si, se puede, hasta un año. Luego ya si uno quiere la ciudadanía hay que cumplimentar con el requisito de tiempo, pero no recuerdo exactamente cuánto es.
  9. Looking at the spreadsheets it seems like everyone outside of the California Service Center is looking at a long wait. Who would have thunk it))))
  10. Tengo una pregunta : Una vez que eres residente puedes salir del país por temporadas? Es decir 4 o 6 meses ? Y regresar
  11. Not everyone’s biometrics are being reused. I think I saw on a post that they started doing that when the Covid thing started but I’m not sure about being a thing depending on the field offices.
  12. No es que te convenga, es la unica opción que tienes si ya te negaron la visa de turista. Pero ten en cuenta que la CR1 es para vivir aquí. No tiene sentido que la completes si no vas a vivir aqui. Mi visa fue distinta.
  13. La verdad es la 2 ves que uso esta plataforma, solo hice la visa de turista la cual me negaron hoy mismo 🙁, entonces me conviene la visa CR1? tu ya la tramitaste?
  14. Is anyone here from Pakistan who applied to Milwaukee field office? I see some people who applied online have already got their interviews scheduled. I applied N400 online March 16. Submitted an additional document (new job) in the month of April. Notice and Biometric came right after I applied on 3/16. Anyone else have a true picture of timing at Milwaukee office?
  15. Did u claim her on your returns? if not , amend your taxes and claim her 1040x Or file form 4506-T to show there are no returns in her name if u ever bought a house , you can see a copy of this form in your mortgage package as this is the form they do for income for a title search
  16. Ok. Una aclaración: una VISA es un permiso para entrar a los Estados Unidos para visitar o por diferentes propósitos, luego irse. Lo que vos necesitas es la residencia, que se llama green card. Como vos ya estás casada, tenés que aplicar por una CR-1. Está demorando entre 1 año y 2.
  17. So, just when we were talking and thinking about a K3 (&K4) option, we received our approval today. Lets see how long the next steps will be. My vision and affirmation was Halloween 2022 in the US. Lets hope. Crossing all of my fingers for all of you.
  18. no hay otra visa / su familia podría venir a México para conocerlo y visitarlo
  19. Thanks to N400, this will soon be over. I applied to I-751 on 2021-03. Last update was on 2021-04-30 saying biometrics were reused. After that, only other communication was the 24 months extension letter received on 2021-10. I then applied to N400 on 2022-03, and finally had my interview last Friday (2022-06-24). Even though there had been no communication or change on the I-751, nor any mention of a combo interview, I went prepared for it anyways. I brought my spouse, just in case, but the officer ended up not needing him to come in. We basically went over the forms, updating it when needed, along with some basic questions. Even though there has been an interview and I was approved, they didn't change the case status on the I-751, just on the N-400; but that's ok. My post on N-400 March 2022 Fillers has a bit more details https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/779951-n-400-march-2022-filers/page/9/
  20. Follow the instructions in this thread posted just above your comment. ~~Zombie thread locked to further replies~~
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