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  • USCIS Receipt Number - What Does It Mean?

    USCIS case number has the following format ("-" hyphens omitted):


    Where the values above are as follows:

    AAA The USCIS service center or office that received your case
      SRC - Texas Service Center (TSC)
    LIN - Nebraska Service Center (NSC)
    WAC - California Service Center (CSC)
    EAC - Vermont Service Center (VSC)
    MSC - Missouri Service Center (MSC)
    NBC - National Benefits Center (NBC)
    BB USCIS fiscal year (October 1 to September 30).
    Cases filed from 10/01/2013 to 09/30/2014 will have BB=14
    CCC The working day of the fiscal year when your case is received.
    10/01/13 = 001
    D Internal USCIS use (typically 5)
    EEEE Starting at 0001, the order your case was recieved that day

    The USCIS I-797 Receipt Notice from USCIS
    (or automated email) Contains Your Receipt Notice:

    Checking Your USCIS Case Status With Your Receipt Number

    You can check your USCIS case via several methods:

    Online at the USCIS Case Status Page (preferred method)

    Via phone by calling 1 (800) 375-5283

    Via email the appropriate USCIS Service Center that is processing your case:

    Tracking Your Case Using the VisaJourney Timeline

    You can create an immigration timeline here at VisaJourney giving you the following benefits:

    • Estimated approval dates for each phase of your case
    • Updates (turn on the auto timeline subscription tool to enable) when other members with similar cases are approved (meaning you will be soon after)
    • Statistics on other cases, USCIS and consulate processing times
    • Tracking of how many people are ahead of you in the queue (so you can see when you are close to being approved)
    • Many other features as well!

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