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Found 55 results

  1. Hi! NVC confirmed that received my case 28 days ago. My case wasn’t put into the system yet. Is that taking that long nowadays? 4 weeks and counting... How long does it usually take to get the case number? After that, how long should I expect to have my interview scheduled considering that I don’t get a checklist?
  2. Hi all, The NVC got our case on Feb 12th... We called over 3 weeks ago and nothing. We are 2 days short of 8 weeks of wait only to get our case number and preliminary instructions... Any input on what to do? Thank you!
  3. So we are 5 days out of the estimated processing time established on the USCIS website (which I know isn't as long as others may have been waiting). But this has been 7+ months and we still have nothing. I submitted the case inquiry already but I have to wait until August 19th now! My question is, is there anything I can do to be more proactive? I've been seeing people call tier 2 agents? Who are these agents and is it effective to call or wait? I don't want to piss off the people that basically have my future in their hands.
  4. German in UK

    O-1 processing time at London embassy

    I'm experiencing a frustratingly long wait for my O visa to be processed. I had my visa petition approved in May and duly attended my visa appointment at the London embassy on 26 May. The consular officer asked what seemed to me strange questions (e.g. 'How can you be famous as an academic?', etc) and seemed grumpy that I hadn't brought my CV, which wasn't in the list of required docs I had been asked to bring. She said she'd look into the whole thing. Nothing happened for over a week and then, on 7 June, I received the additional processing email and a request for additional information, which I submitted on the same day (I had to submit exactly the same info for my J-1 two years earlier, so I still had it on file). Since then, absolutely nothing. This has caused all sorts of problems: I've missed the start date of my new job by three weeks (and counting), had to move out of accommodation in the UK, etc. I have heard that the London embassy in particular has recently gained prominence in US legal circles for causing an abundance of problems with the processing of O visas and that the Dept of State has been informed of this. Has anyone else encountered this at the London embassy?
  5. We filed our I-129f to the California service center and it was received on Dec 26th, 2017. This site said that applications from that date were being processed yesterday. Is this an accurate prediction? How long does it take for them to process once they get to ours in line?
  6. Hello, I submitted I-751 for removing conditions on my green card with all supporting documents in May 2017, received green card extension notice that same month, and completed biometrics the next month. My USCIS online status has been showing "Case Was Received" since then. Given that I still haven't received my new green card, can anyone tell me what sort of processing times they have experienced with the removal of condition? My case is assigned to the Vermont service center. Thanks, --Fijoy
  7. Hi, I have found mixed information on various sites so Creating this forum to discuss the processing times and case movements for Advance Parole and EAD when filing for adjustment of status. Does USCIS still hold that '90 days processing' for EAD/AP ? or has it increased over the last few months? Anyone has received the AP in less than 90 days here? Its been more than 70 days for me today and I have started worrying a little. (Travel issues, and I need a job ) Many people in these forums abandon their profiles when they get their final cards or dont update it regularly so I dont expect those timelines to be very accurate. Please reply if the you adjusted status and filed EAD/AP and how did your processing go? Thanks all and all the best!
  8. Hi everyone, I have a question, does the fact that the spouse has already served in the US army account for the case to be pre-emptive and it will accelerate the waiting time of the i-130
  9. Is anyone here a greencard holder and is filing for spouse and minor child in the year 2017. How far along are they with interviews? My next question is does anyone know how long it is taking to get an approval notice in this category?
  10. Binaa

    Potomac ysc

    salut tout le monde, est le temps de traitement estimé par uscis potomac sc correct? pourquoi il y a une grosse différence entre l'évaluation de vj, j'attend depuis le 5 février et vu uscis j'aurai une réponse entre novembre et décembre mais avec vj entre août et septembre ce qui me donne de l'espoir mais vraiment je vis dans le stress en attente, s'il vous plaît ceux qui ont de l'expérience pourriez-vous me dire combien de temps vais-je 130 traitement prendre
  11. Hi everyone. I am a december 2017 filer. I created a thread for potomac . Has anyone of their papers been routed to potomac service center? Is the processing time shorter than any other service centers? Good luck to all of us here.
  12. Just noted that the processing time at California Service Center for I-751 is Jan 23, 2016 now, it was 2017 last week, and VSC is the same as it was last week
  13. Hello, Just a back story: I applied for my VAWA case on May 2017 and I received a Prima Facie Review of I-360 form right away. (I also received a renewal of the prima facie on Jan 2018 which will expire in July 2018.) I've been flowing the Vemont Service Centers processing times over the old uscis link and they were up to Nov 21, 2016 cases. Now that the website has changed it appears the processing times went back to September 20, 2016. I was relying on the uscis websites timeline but now its conflicting. Does anyone know what dates they are currently working on and how long it would take to reach may 2017?
  14. Hi everyone, I received my EAD at the beginning of the year. I filed for a I-131, Travel document a while ago an. Yesterday, my case was updated and according to the uscis Hotline approved. According to the service employee, the physical approval letter was sent out yesterday as well. My problem is my flight to London leaves tomorrow and I'm afraid that I won't get the physical letter on time. Do you think I can leave without the physical letter and have my wife forward it to me? Thank you!
  15. My i-129f was approved April 2nd. The NVC received the case a couple weeks after. I called the NVC to see if we had a case number, we did. It was established on April 19th. Today, they have still not sent our information to the consulate in Rio. My fiance is getting all worked up over this because other Brazilian women have done the same thing that I have done and their file got sent immediately after (or close to the date). I can't really do anything at this point because on the approved i-797 form it specifically says to wait 30 days before contacting them...it's been 12 days. If they already have a case number ready, why will they not send the file? Is anyone else having similar problems? Any words help at this point.
  16. Hello everyone! I am a newbie. My sis went through the K1 process and I am yet to receive NOA 1 after over 2 months of filing via an Immigration Lawyer. Believe the secretary and/or lawyer has duped us. Forgive the length of my story. PD-9th August, 2017 Lawyer - Dated our PD - 15th, August, 2017 Location: I am within the US 8/08/2017 I94-02/07/2018 USCIS - Should be Vermont Service Center NOA1-Never received to date. Its now over 2 months (Highly unusual) Bankers check: Outstanding Good day, my husband (US Petitioner) and I submitted our I130/I485/ Work Authorization/SonsI130 (via consular) and several other forms for myself and my oldest son (11yrs old, from previous unmarried relationship) from the Caribbean on August, 9th, 2017 via an immigration lawyer in NY. We never lived together. We dated for 7 years long distance traveling to see one another via Caribbean islands as I had no travel visa and got married in Trinidad 3rd August, 2016. We had a son together in Trinidad 26th September, 2016. I am in US on a B1/B2 visa (3rd travel in for 2017) with baby who got US Passport and CRBA since January 2017. My eldest son unfortunately has no visa so he is in the Caribbean. Upon filling out forms and filing taxes inclusive of our youngest son and I (with us of ITIN #), we gave them (The Immigration Lawyer) two bankers cheques for the Homeland Security same day we completed the forms which the lawyer did not date that day but my husband signed. During the end of month of August, 2017 I notice that no NOA 1 was forthcoming. So I called the lawyers office to inquire and was told by the secretary it takes a while as the new administration has made changes which contradicts the processing times outlined. I also kept telling my husband I am concerned about the handling thus far as from research her responses do not align with the experiences of others. I have become annoyed with the process since I kept getting on to the secretary who kept saying yes its filed but would not email the copies of the filed papers. On insisting to go into the office directly to them she forwarded 2 form on 27th September, 2017- My husband G325 form and only my I130 form. She (secretary) also said that she meant to call me because the USCIS called their office and requested my I94 and Visa which was already submitted. I was shocked she said she was called and not emailed an outline of missing documents On it I have discovered there is info that is incorrect such as that my husband lived at my home in Trinidad for a period 2015 to 2016. He has never resided with me. This years is the longest periods we have ever spent together which I am thankful for. My husband works at 2 hospitals and she has only one correct and the other as an old one. He only started the main one this year so the taxes filed inclusive of this is next year. We called the bank today to inquire if the bankers check was cashed and they stated both were "outstanding". That has to mean its not cashed which means it was never submitted. There is no way that an NOA of receipt would take so long and that the secretary is dishonest. Since if she was contacted it means it was received and should have been waiting on our NOA 2 at the moment. Am I getting it wrong? Its all not adding up. I called the lawyer immediately and asked to speak to him directly about an emergency meeting tomorrow. I am not discussing anything with his secretary who is responsible for the paper work prep and mailing. Please help me clarify if I missed anything.
  17. I have a theory on processing times. Younger couples go through quicker. They have less history that has to be checked. A couple at 20 that has no divorces, police records, no children, should be processed pretty quick. On the other hand an older couple at age 40 with divorce, children, police records (not me), now has to prove they are divorced, their past activities examined by USCIS. Longer processing time. Anyone have info on whether younger people get processed quicker?
  18. My apologies if a thread like this already exists, but does anyone know if changing your address with USCIS effects the processing time of the K-1 visa? I'm moving out of my current place, but will still be able to receive mail there. I petitioned Feb 6, 2018, NOA1 Feb 8, 2018, so USCIS probably has my case buried under a mountain of others and hasn't looked at it yet, so I imagine it doesn't effect anything. The paralegal at the law office I hired (currently regretting that decision) told me it has no effect, but I don't have a huge amount of faith in her opinion: when she filled out our petition using the information I provided, she listed my fiancé's country of birth as "Managua" instead of "Nicaragua" and she made a few other mistakes on the petition as well (luckily I caught the others).
  19. Hi All, just a quick question. We have submitted our financial and civil docs and did call to get SD but find out they haven't scan our financial docs yet and ask us to call again tomorrow. I am just worried that they got everything or they misplaced it as all our docs was in same envelope. Also i wanted to know what is the average time for NVC to review docs after SD to get CC. Thanks
  20. Hi everyone, My fiance and I have submitted our I-129F application and received our NOA1 early February, yay! I'm wondering if anyone can tell me why the processing times from NOA1-NOA2 have ramped up so heavily over the last 6 months? I mean it has literally doubled since May 2017. Is this something that happens every year around peak application times or is it just exceptionally long lately? We got an immigration lawyer who told us 5-7 months for the whole thing to be approved. I'd already looked at this page in great detail and felt very skeptical about his estimation. Genuinely curious about why it's been taking so long lately. Cheers!
  21. I was wondering if I could get some testimony as to the accuracy of Visa Journey's NOA1 to NOA2 processing times for the I-129F? For the CSC, where my application was forwarded to, the current processing date has been floating around March 31st, 2017 for about a week now for some reason. I've seen it advance as far as April 2nd, then move right back to March 31st today. The processing time for the CSC, as reported by Visa Journey, had been steadily moving by a day with the passing of each day until recently. Additionally, USCIS reports that they are currently processing I-129F's from January of 2017 (on the web and over the phone), which I cannot understand as there seem to be people that have submitted their applications after that date (as late as March) and have already received NOA2 (from the reports I have seen on this site). Another question I had was how many days/months worth of I-129F applications does USCIS typically cover in a given month? The answer to that question may explain why there are so many discrepancies between Visa Journey's processing date and USCIS's processing date. Since USCIS updates where they currently are each month, I was thinking someone may have potentially determined this statistic. Here's a little background on my case. My I-129F was received by USCIS on April 28th, 2017, so it has been nearly 3 months, but I still haven't heard back from USCIS regarding NOA2. I realize this is to be expected on some level, but I am confused as to how this site calculates the estimated time in comparison to what USCIS is reporting and what is going on with the Visa Journey's processing date as of late. Maybe the algorithm Visa Journey uses to assess what date each service center is currently processing is gaining more data from users inputting data to support a particular date, but I am not sure. I was really hoping to potentially get NOA2 by early September at the latest, before I go to visit my fiancee in her country, so I could hand deliver the paperwork that is needed for her interview and avoid having to mail it there. However, I'm beginning to question whether that is a realistic possibility at this point. Thank you in advance for the advice. I am very thankful to have such an amazing community of people to consult regarding questions I have related to the visa process.
  22. I'm an American citizen who filed an I-129F for a K-1 fiance visa for my Dutch fiance on January 30, 2017. Today on May 8, 2017 I received an update from USCIS asking me for additional information. The update did not provide any information about which documents they need. I apparently have to wait for the letter to come in the mail. When I called the 800 number I was told it will take an additional 60 days to process the new documents once they receive them. Does anyone have experience with this? How long has it taken for other couples? Which kinds of documents could they be requesting? When I submitted my original application I was meticulous about including everything they asked for, and neither of us has a criminal background that would prevent this process from moving forward. I was born in America, fell in love with a guy who lives in the Netherlands and I want to marry him. It's that simple, but I feel I'm being treated as a criminal by the country I was raised to love. I'm following all the rules and my fiance and I have both made so many sacrifices to be together. I'm at a loss for words at how difficult my government is making it for me to get married. I'm reaching out in case anyone has any information that could help.
  23. If i met my finace in person before engagment but i was not there for actual engagment am i eligable for K1 visa? And what is average processing time for K1 visa from filling to Interview date? thanks
  24. the processing times for application of 1-130 haven't been updated since November 2017, does that mean they are still on march 2017 applications for Nevada? 1-130 for unmarried child under 21 with U.S citizen mother https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do
  25. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for Nebraska Service Center Filers