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  1. I am trying to finish my I-29F packet to send to Texas. I am now working on the proof of relationship. I know I must include phone call logs, chats, video chat pics, and other communication. But I have known my fiance for 9 years. It is a lot of data facebook messenger, facebook pages, whatsapp chats (us, my daugheter, my friends,and my parents), hangout chats, instagram, and pictures and all in Spanish. 1. How do I make this simpler for myself? 2. What is really necessary for me to include? I am up to 32 pages and I am only in year 2016. HELP??? 3. Should I just include the last two years only? I just wanted to prove we know each other 9 years as well. 4.. Do I need to translate everything? Please, what do I do?
  2. So I had my interview last Tuesday. I was missing my family register. The CO gave me my passport back and a white form with a check on the missing document. I immediately got the family register and sent it on the same day along with my passport via Aramex. Now my status on CEAC changed to Administrative Processing. I need to know if anyone had a similar experience before. How long will it take? Is it going to take the same as the regular AP? I was only missing one document which I wasn't even informed of. Also, my fiance is doing a surgery next month and I need to be with him. I have a valid B2 visa. Am I able to retrieve my passport and visit him using it? Or Will the whole procedure be called off? Thank you.
  3. Hey everyone! Any July 2018 filers around? We sent ours on July 5th, waiting for NOA1 Good like and happy waiting!
  4. Hey everyone! I have my interview at the US embassy in Sydney coming up! I know this sounds like I'm clueless but I'd really love some pointers about what documents to bring (I already know this, but I'd love to hear about peoples' experiences), how to prepare/display your documents and any additional info that helped anyone. Thank you so much. I really appreciated this!
  5. I went to my US embassy Manila Interview last Aug 8 and passed the k1 visa interview. Today my status is under Adminstrative Processing. However, I just checked a copy of my DS160 that i provided the consul and my Passport number missed a number on it. Would that affect my visa? Even tho they have my passport in hand? Thanks for whoever can answer my question 😢
  6. Hello Everyone, I have a question about having a joint sponsorship for my K1-visa. Currently my fiancee, California resident, is living with me in The Netherlands. He just finished a 18 month master program and will be moving back to California in September. Because he lived with me in the Netherlands and will not have a job when he moves back, we asked his parents to be the joint sponsors. Lukily they wanted to help us and agreed to become the joint sponsors for my K1 visa. His dad is retired and has a gross income of 100.000$ a year + other assets he owns, his mom is also retired and has a gross income of 40.000$ a year. There are no other people in this household that depend on their incomes. So I have 3 questions about the joint sponsorship: 1. Will their incomes be enough to let my K1 visa be approved? Also since my fiancee will be unemployed because of him living abroad and moving back. 2. Which form do his parents need to fill in? The I-134 or the I-864? 3. Which other documents (besides Tax return) do his parents need to add to my case in order to support their incomes? I really hope somebody can help me finding the answers to my questions because I am stressed out about it! Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi. I'm a May 2018 K1 fiancè visa beneficiary from the Philippines. My fiancè lives in Ripon, California. I have a Bachelors Degree and I am a licensed professional English teacher in Phils without experience. I want to practice my profession in California or at least be in lined with it - Work in the same field (Teacher Aid/ Assistant). I just would like to ask how is the current status of Filipino teachers in America specifically English teachers? How about Teacher Assistant or Teacher Aid? I heard news that English Teaching and Teacher Aid/ Assistant jobs are given to locals only. Correct me if I am wrong. Can you share your thoughts? Please enlighten me 😁 🙏
  8. I just recently filed a petition to bring my fiance to the US from the Philippines. I did not attach a cover letter will my petition get rejected? Also we have only been together for six months before he proposed, will that affect anything?
  9. Hey There! Me & My fiance attended our interview today. We got approved and the officer said we'd get our visa in hand in about a week. I decided to check our case status on CEAC and it said "Application Received: Your case is open and ready for your interview, fingerprints, and required documents. If you have already had your interview, please check your status after two business days. If no interview was required, please check back in two business days for the status of your application". Is that normal? Thank you
  10. rapidkyle


    Our founder, Ben Ives, used the GI bill to earn his computer science degree after his time in the U.S. Air Force. When he decided to marry his wife Jocelyn from the Philippines, he was shocked to discover that there was no online service that simplified the fiance visa process.After filing manually, the couple realized the complex and tedious process had vast room for improvement. So in 2006, Ben set out to write the first software for RapidVisa. After six months of 15 hour workdays, RapidVisa launched, and has been growing ever since. Today, RapidVisa has multiple offices and over 50 employees. RapidVisa has successfully helped well over 35,000 families from 183 countries reunite in the U.S. In 2016 and 2017, RapidVisa made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America. Our headquarters is in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. RapidVisa’s specialties include: K1 Fiancé Visa; CR1/IR1 Spousal Visa; Adjustment of Status Through Marriage; Removal of Conditions from Conditional Green Cards; IR2 Child Visa; IR5 Parent Visa; U.S. Naturalization; B1/B2 Tourist/Visitor Visa. We are multilingual! In addition to English, we speak Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Tagalog, Waray, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a, Kapampangan and Ilokano!
  11. My fiancé was denied his visa today at the interview.. We are both so heartbroken.. When will I get a formal response with a reason? Should I spend money on appeal? How long will that process take? or just do a marriage visa? I can’t even think right now, just didn’t know where else to go for help/Support
  12. Hello Frnds, My fiance is 12 years older than me, she's 43 and i'm 31 and I have an interview scheduled this month at mumbai consulate. The best thing is that we are co-workers and before getting into relationship and engaged we were friend's for an year. I have been to US 4 times where last 2 times stayed at her places for almost 3 weeks each time. Now i'm little scared what if the age gap would be an question. I have all proofs from chat to skype to pictures taken together on several outings. Also skype snapshot of us talking with my friends. I'm not sure what else to include, though i know everything about my fiance from the time she was born till date. If anyone can help me whether I should be worried about this age gap thing? Thanks for your help!
  13. Hello guys! So my case is ready at the Ciudad Juárez consulate but the next available date for interview is october 19 and my NOA2 is good until October 12. Do you guys know if it renews itself automatically or do I have to go through a specific process? Thank you? 🙏🏼
  14. Hello, First, I want to thank everyone here. It's through this site, I found the information and guidance to begin the K1 Visa process for my fiancée who resides in Russia. I have a question... we already submitted the i-129F application back in April. Then, as now, there seems to be a backlog for Visa processing at the US Embassy in Moscow. So, when we submitted the petition we put the next nearest embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia in the "Consular Processing Information" section of the petition. We had heard that the surrounding embassy's would be able to process the application and interview faster when it got to that point. But, I read here that all petitions for Russian Nationals get processed in the Moscow embassy? Can someone confirm? We still have a long while to wait, but we want to plan and anticipate if the interview and such will happen in Russia or Georgia. Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks, Jason
  15. Hi there we are preparing our I-134 package while waiting for our case to be received by NVC. Under beneficiaries information the A-number is the number above the beneficiaries name on the NOA2 form correct? When looking at Section 10 Dependent Info on the I-134 form should I be entering the beneficiaries information in that section? And that they are wholly dependent on me for support? And relationship would be fiancee? Or is this section referring to people who have sponsored others in the past? Is a Tax transcript necessary or would 3 years worth of W2's suffice? Some websites have indicated tax transcripts can a few weeks to generate and receive. Lastly, will I have to get a letter from the bank indicating how long I've had an account with them for, total of deposits in the last year, etc? Thanks in advance for the responses!
  16. Besides calling the NVC and waiting forever for a rep is there a way if our case left the NVC? I know our case was received on July 6 and I was given a case number. I haven't received a letter with instructions though by reading the forums I know what I need to gather and I have everything ready except the medical examination because I don't know where my fiancee is supposed to go. I did access the NVC and there is a link to what is needed before the interview. There is also an option to select an agent...not sure what that is and I'm supposed to do that or just wait for the letter. Its been almost 3 weeks since the case arrived at NVC but no letter with further instructions. Can anyone tell me if the option "select an agent" listed on the NVC site is something that applies to us? Your help is appreciated.
  17. Hey all! I know that every case is different but I thought I would ask this anyway. Today my fiance received an email saying that our scheduled appointment was cancelled for our K1 interview at the US Embassy in Rio de Janeiro. The email said to go to the website that he scheduled it on for more information and rescheduling. We looked at the website and the appointment has disappeared in general. Anyone have any idea why that might have happened? We have clean backgrounds so I doubt it's anything to do with security. We also don't know if it's fee related or not - every time we try to pay fees online we are not able to. We got an invoice number from the NVC forever ago but we have never been able to pay it through the CEAC pay fees option. On the CEAC website it shows our case as last updated today. We already have his airfare and hotel booked for his flight to the Embassy in Rio so we are just trying to figure out what we can do. We emailed the Embassy but unfortunately it is Friday so all we can do is wait. It's all very vague. It's pretty rough figuring out what to do with literally no information about why it was cancelled as our interview is supposed to be on August 14th. Thank you for any guidance.
  18. For any of you who already received your NOA2/RFE, at what time of day did you receive an update about your case status? We should have heard by now, because the processing time is taking longer than indicated online. We are also sick of ckeching it 10 times a day.
  19. Hi , i have another questions my U.S citizen fiance changed his job and his last job gave him insurance but his new didn't supply that to him . he was jobless for a month looking for a better job and now he's on the government insurance and he found a better job with more money !! so we were wondering if that going to affect our k1 visa ? should he start paying his own insurance ? thank again !!
  20. Hi! I came here in the US through K1 visa, we had civil marriage here. We are planning on having a church wedding in Cebu City. Has anyone did it? Can you give me an advice of what are the things we need to prepare? And any advice which church is not so strict? Will it be considered as RENEWAL OF VOWS? I do not really know where to start. Thanks.
  21. Hi, i just want to confirm.. for packet 3, i only need to send the page 3 of the instructions that the embassy sent to me, DS-160 confirmation page and the payment receipt right? So total 3 items only. I dont have to include page 1 & 2 of the instructions am i right? thank you all!
  22. I would like to hear past experiences of those who applied for the k1/k3 visa for their fiance who lives in the Gaza strip. The main question that I'm wondering is how will someone living in Gaza attend the required interview at the U.S Embassy in Jerusalem? Would it be possible to attend the interview in Egypt? Possibly the embassy in Cairo, Egypt etc? Also since its required to visit your future fiance, we will meet in Egypt so he will travel from Gaza to Egypt to meet me there. Once we initially see each other what steps should we take after that? I'd appreciate any past experience etc. Thanks!
  23. Hey guys!! im from the UK and moved here last month on a K1 visa. I got married last week in Pennsylvania and we’re just preparing to send AOS. Does anyone have advice on how I can change my last name to my husband’s name? We are residing in PA. we heard hitchswitch.com is good but apparently you can only use it when you’re an American citizen.
  24. Hello fellows, First of all, I am very sorry if this question has been answered before. I tried to look for the thread but I still can't find the answer to my question. Let me share our situation: My fiance and I sent our package to Texas PO box on June 15th. We got our NOA1 a week later (hurrayyy) and we are waiting for our NOA2. He will file an expedite request under the following criterion: Department of Defense or national interest situation (These particular expedite requests must come from an official U.S. government entity and state that delay will be detrimental to the government.); He says he is getting a letter signed by his CO and fax it to USCIS. When we sent our 129F package, we did not know about the the letter of intent from the beneficiary. I live and Japan and it will take a week for my letter to get to Florida. I was thinking of sending the letter ahead of time so when the RFE comes, the letter is ready. I can only find the PO box for California service center. I am a bit hesitant to use it since it's not the actual address. Does it matter? while writing this post, I realized I could ask my fiance to check the address on the envelop of our NOA1. If the California SC address isn't written there, would it be okay to use the PO box for my letter of intent to marry? Should I send my letter now to my fiance or should we just wait for the RFE? Your help is highly appreciated. Cheers, G
  25. I'm wondering when everyone scheduled the interview with the U.S. Embassy? Did you wait until receiving the medical records or did you schedule the interview once you received the packet from the U.S. Embassy? This might vary by Embassy. I appreciate any input!