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  1. Creating this thread for February 2018 K1 visa filers. Sent out packet on 2/3/2018. Hoping there are also Feb filers.
  2. Hey all I’m starting this thread for any South African couples waiting for their visa to be processed, petition approved, or couples who have already been approved. If you have any stories or advice please do share. I sent my petition in on 02/12/2018 it was delivered 02/15/2018 I received my NOA1 02/20/2018. I’m currently waiting for my NOA2
  3. I’m the beneficiary and from Australia. I can’t put my state (“Victoria”, or “VIC”) in my mailing address/residential address fields of the I-129F using Adobe or the Google Chrome browser. The sample form here on VJ put “NSW” in the province section. Can I do the same with VIC? On that note, should I spell it out Victoria in full, or is VIC okay? We’re really aware of these abbreviations in Australia, but not sure about in the US. Also, when putting a mobile phone number in the “daytime telephone number” field, should you precede it with “MOB:” to make it clear that it isn’t a landline? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi there, I am assembling my I-129F packet and came up with the follow question. When mailing the application to USCIS, how many copies of the I-129F packet do you include? 1 or 2? Thanks in advance!
  5. I’m Australian and my fiancé (US petitioner) and I are working on our K1 packet together. I’ve read through the I-129F multiple times, yet there are so many things confusing me that my head hurts. Any help clarifying these things would be so gratefully appreciated! ① The form “expires” at the end of this month, which is when we are trying to have our packet sent in at the latest. Is this going to be a problem for us? My fiancé thinks we should wait until September for a new form to be released, but I’m wary of changes being made regarding RFEs in the near future and want to get this done as soon as possible. ② We’re filling out the I-129F using Adobe Acrobat Pro on the computer because the USCIS website recommends doing it with Adobe, but it won’t let me put my Australian state in the “state” section of my address. I start typing and it automatically wants to choose US states, even if I type “Australia” in the country field. How can I bypass this? ③ What do you put in fields irrelevant to you? I’ve seen the word “none” being used, and I’ve heard of people leaving the fields blank. Which is the best way to go? ④ In both the petitioner and the beneficiary’s mailing address sections, do their names go in the “In Care of Name” field? What does this mean exactly? I’ve seen sample forms where this field was left blank. In what situation would one need to fill this in then, and with whose name? Someone other than the petitioner or beneficiary (if they have a carer or something)? ⑤ For US states and foreign countries the petitioner has lived in since 18, if they’ve only lived in one state, what should you put in the “Residence 2” field? Is it okay to leave it blank? ⑥ With Adobe, no numbers can be used in the beneficiary’s employment history section, but my recent workplace has a number “2” in its name. Do I stylise it “two”, or would this be problematic? How should I get around this? ⑦ Speaking of employment, I’m currently unemployed and have been since finishing my work at the aforementioned workplace. It was a summer job I took on over Christmas after having completed my studies at university in November 2017. My graduation ceremony took place in May 2018. I have seen people use “student” as their occupation, so do I mention my studies in my employment history within the last 5 years? As I’m currently unemployed, I should mention this first in my employment history, correct? ⑧ My fiancé has a 5-digit zip code that he always uses as his mailing address, but officially, there is a hyphen with an additional 4 digits afterwards (mainly used by services like Amazon when his address is automated). Adobe won’t let me put a hyphen in the zip code field. Do I just use the 5-digit one, or have all 9 numbers together with no hyphen? ⑨ Because so many of these issues seem to deal with Adobe itself, I wonder how many people very carefully handwrite their forms, in block letters for example? If this is not recommended by USCIS, I’m hesitant to do so of course. Just frustrated with Adobe. Sorry for the long winded post. I feel really stressed about the ambiguities and have tried searching all around for the answers to my questions with little luck. Again, any help would be dearly appreciated.
  6. Hello to all of you here in this process of K-1: After waiting endlessly for our Social security number, my wife got hers. It took manual verification and 3 visits to the SSA office to get it. One month just to get it. I am not going to say it is always like this, because some other k-1 had it in as little as 10 days, and others have waited up to 8 WEEKS for it also. The reason for this comment is that I couldn't put my wife on my health insurance at work and i ended up paying dearly at a Urgent care for a visit and meds. Do yourself a favor!!! 1) The following day of POE, get you I-94 online 2) Apply for Social security as soon as you can. Make an appointment at SSA and you will not be waiting for at least 30 minutes, like we did. 3) Do not let the manual verification scare you. It happens. 4) Do not wait for the SAVE website to be correct. We where unlucky and went from not being even on the website, to sent back to agency, to not being on the website, to case being reviewed twice to finally sent back to SSA in Maryland. SSA doesn't even know what the SAVE website is. Somewhere in VJ there is this outdated idea to wait for 14 days and not get manual verification. Non-sence! 5) After SS#, get married, find officiant, get few marriage certificates and file AOS, highly recommended. The line is long to get EAD/AP and wedding ceremonies can wait. Good luck on all of you guys waiting. We are doing Biometrics in 2 days.
  7. I submitted a question to a different forum category regarding the multiple filer waiver and was also commenting that I see that things have possibly changed since I filed previously (Twice: 2008 & 2014) and it was suggested that I sent some things with the initial I-129F that altho did not delay anything they were not necessary at that point- In the past I also included with the I-129F form both (Mine, the petitioner and hers, the beneficiary) of our G-325 / Biographical Info forms as well as my I-134 / Affidavit of Support form; Are these required at this point or are they to be submitted later? As I mentioned in my previous blog, both of my cases were approved within approx 7 months with no delays or issues... Thanks again much for your input!
  8. Hi , i have another questions my U.S citizen fiance changed his job and his last job gave him insurance but his new didn't supply that to him . he was jobless for a month looking for a better job and now he's on the government insurance and he found a better job with more money !! so we were wondering if that going to affect our k1 visa ? should he start paying his own insurance ? thank again !!
  9. Ahhhh gotcha, My F2A went to CSC and everything there is 20+ months, upon closer inspection, it turns out they do not do IR-1! Texas Center does it and their times are 6 to 8 months! So quick question: I am pending USC and expect it to be done by oct - nov based on Dallas FO times. Does this mean that USCIS will transfer my case over to TSC or another center when I upgrade it to IR1 I assume it wont have a "new" PD and the June PD I have for her will stick ? That means she could very well have an approved I-130 by end of the year! under the 5-8 months starts again when it reaches new center. Thanks for the clarification, I had skimped over the times for CSC (and bundled all visa type/category into) and never realized in past 2 months that CSC does not do IR1 as it does not show times for it! You just saved me a few dollars and hours or time to prep 129F. My wife is gonna be happy!
  10. HI all! I'm finalizing my from I-129F for a K-1 visa for my fiancee who is in Colombia. I have a couple of quick questions for those in the know: - For the evidence of intent to marry, what to most people submit? The form's instructions state that a written statement signed by each of the parties, stating their intent to marry within 90 days of the beneficiary's arriaival in the States, can count here. My question is, Have people sent this in as a formal affidavit or declaration, or simply a written statement signed by each person? Does that alone suffice in most cases? All of our text message communications are in spanish, so I imagine that submitting that wouldn't be very helpful without some kind of certified translation, which seems time- and cost-prohibitive. Any thoughts? - For evidence of having met in person in the last two years: Is there anything here that is considered quick and easy proof, which would alleviate sending several pages of documents, evidence, etc? We have spent a week together each month since we met in September last year, but I didn't keep baggage claim tickets, actual boarding passes, etc., and our photos are not time stamped... but obviously I have proof that I've traveled to Colombia (where my fiance lives) as well as that we both traveled to Mexico where we spent the new years holidays, and plenty of pictures together at those locations. But what is the best evidence that people have submitted which tends to be accepted without a further need for delay to submit more evidence? I'm probably overthinking all of this because we clearly have a legitimate relationship and have spent lots of time together, but I just want to make sure I submit everything correctly the first time so hopefully she can move her by the end of this year. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated - thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this forum, and I'd like to thank you in advance for helping me with my inquiry. I am specifically looking for some help with the confusing process of applying for a K-3 visa for my Japanese spouse. I had a few questions which I will group by category below: Japanese Addresses On all of the forms for the K-3 visa (I-130, I-130a, I-129f), I have been using "Part 9. Additional Information" of the form, as well as an attachment to write out all Japanese addresses. The reason I'm doing this is because the form doesn't fit well with the Japanese way of writing addresses. In each part of the form that asks for a street number and name (for example, 14a.) I write "see additional information" or "see attachment page x." I then leave the rest of the fields blank in that item number. Is it okay for me to do this, or would you recommend another way? Fields that don't apply to me On the I-130, I-130a, and I-129f forms, I am leaving the fields that don't apply to me blank instead of filling in N/A for everyone. The reason I am doing this is because the example filled out forms on visajourney.com show it this way. Should I keep it like this or would it be better to fill out N/A for each field? Proof of a bonifide marriage My spouse and I have been together for seven years, have lived together for three years, and have been married for two years. As such, I am including pictures of us together throughout our seven year relationship, as well as pictures from our wedding, and a picture with us holding our marriage documents at the local city hall to serve as proof of our bonafide relationship. We will also have our koseki tohon, or family register certificate, and accompanying certified translation to serve as our marriage certificate and my spouse's birth certificate as per the directions from the Tokyo Consulate. Do you believe this is enough evidence for our proof of a bonifide marriage? If not, I'm not quite sure what else to include. We don't really have any other documents with both of our names listed... Copies of Documents and their Translations Is it okay to provide one original certified copy of our marriage certificate (koseki tohon) and certified translation for the I-130, and then provide a copy of these forms for the I-129f? Or do we have to go through the process of paying for another certified copy of both documents again? Also, is it okay to use one koseki tohon to serve as both the marriage certificate and birth certificate, or is there some other elusive document that I must seek out so that I'm not killing two birds with one stone? Fee for the I-129f Is there a fee for the I-129f? I seem to be getting conflicting information about this one. The K-3 visa process flow chart makes it sound like I don't need to provide payment for an I-129f because of the increase in cost for the I-130, but other immigration sources say it is a $535 fee. Thank you very much for your help. Visajourney has proven to be an invaluable source of information for me. Alex
  12. hi! about to submit my I-129F as a petitioner. regarding the biographic information - my california driver's license has always said I have "hazel" eyes, but I actually have green. I have never gotten around to getting it changed, but wondering what I should put on the biographic information for the form. Should my eye color and weight match what I am today or what my drivers license says? Wouldn't think it was a big deal, but heard of some denials based on this section. Thanks!
  13. Okay guys what do you think about this covert letter? It is too much information about how do we meet? MORE THE BETTER ?
  14. Bladeness

    Canadian Medical Exams

    Hello! (I'm still new at this, so I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong place..) I was wondering if any CANADIAN k-1 beneficiaries could share their list of options on where they could go for their MEDICAL EXAM from the embassy (Preferably fairly pretty recent). Wondering if they can reply with a picture of the list or type up all the options they give to Canadians. I'm a January filer and waiting for our NOA2. We have only met once in our 4 year relationship (don't worry, we met in the two year span of filing), so we would like to make another visit before his interview. If there is a place close to me (but not him) where my fiance can get his medical exam, then visit/stay with me for a bit across the border rather than getting a hotel, we will do it that way to make it easier and cheaper for us, plus more prove for the interview!
  15. Hola todos, bienvenidos al foro para quienes iniciaron su proceso para visa K1 en abril-18 o para quienes están por iniciarlo de cualquier parte de latinoamerica, este es un foro de apoyo en esta espera.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm a bit stuck with a question I have and was wondering if any of you could help me out. My fiancé and I are currently going through the K-1 process. We sent in our I-129F petition while we were both studying and living together abroad in Denmark. Anticipating that after we graduated we would move back to the Netherlands, I put in my fiancé's physical address as our address in Denmark and his mailing address as his home address in the Netherlands. Similarly, I put my physical address as our address in Denmark and my mailing address as my address in the US. We received our NOA1 back in April and have now graduated and just moved back to the Netherlands and am wondering how to update (1) my fiancé's physical address to correspond with the mailing address, (2) my (USC) physical address to the address in the Netherlands and keep my mailing address in the US? Additionally, (3) I will be moving to the US already in August to ensure that I will have an appropriate income to provide for my fiancé. When I do this, how can I update my physical address to correspond to my original mailing address in the US? Sorry if this is confusing. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance (:
  17. Hi everybody! We are just starting the process for the fiance visa(K1) and I would love some tips of you all if it is possible! also I have a question, we are filling out the form I-129 F and they ask for a Social Security number(if any), I was in USA for a year and I got one when I was there but not sure if I need to write it on the form or not , somebody help me please
  18. Hi everyone, I was hoping for some help from others who filed the I-129F. I am from the U.K with a U.S petitioner. I filed it on the 29th of December 2017 and got my receipt on the 5th of January 2018 and was wondering how long i have till i can expect a reply from USCIS. Has anyone had theirs approved from Dec/Jan yet? Also whats the next step stages for when this part clears? Thanks in advance
  19. I am the beneficiary and my fiance is the petitioner 1) The form requires the mailing address, would it be ok if we put an external address, say, my friend's store's address? Mine didn't work out so well when my fiance tried to send me a gift... I couldn't receive the gift sadly. (regarding why my friend's store, because she applied for google my business couple of months ago and they sent a mail to the address and it worked) 2) (continuation for question 1) The section "Mailing Address for your Beneficiary" has 3 boxes: Apt., Ste. and Flr., however, the address that we used for google didn't include any of them, but the building name (the entire building belongs to them) and there is no section for "building name", what do we do? 3) (same as question 2) The form requires last places I've lived in for the past 5 years, however, there's no place to put the building number or name, what do we do? 4) The form requires to tick "Yes" or "No" to whether I've married before or not, do I need to prove that I haven't been married if we put "No"? 5) (same as question 4)The form requires to tick "Yes" or "No" to whether my fiance has married before or not and whether he has been convicted of anything, do we need to prove anything if we put "No"? Thank you.
  20. Hello I had to use the Part 8 of the form to add 3 more addresses to complete the beneficiary's 5 years address history. At the beginning of Part 8, Items 1.a. to a.c. is asking for first middle and last name, which one shall I put, beneficiary or petitioner?
  21. First post here... hope this is in the right place. My fiance (UK) and I (US) are getting the I-129f form and packet together to submit to start the K-1 visa process. I've noticed that the expiration date for the current i-129f is 08/31/2018. Is that an expiration date of when you can submit? At what stage of processing does it "expire" and would be rejected? How long does it usually take for a new form to be posted if we miss the deadline? From your experience, are there many changes, or just a price increase and some comma shuffling? Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences! I've been lurking the last month or so, and so much information has been very helpful in this process.
  22. 4th May 2018 received this email: 1st EMAIL: The National Visa Center (NVC) received your fiance(e)'s approved I-129F petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). NVC will forward the petition to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in ABU DHABI, UAE. The U.S. Embassy will contact your fiance(e) when they are ready to schedule a visa interview. Still there is no contact/email/call. 2nd EMAIL: The U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in ABU DHABI, UAE approved your request for expedited processing of your immigrant visa application. The National Visa Center sent your immigrant visa application to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in ABU DHABI, UAE for their action. The Embassy/Consulate General will contact you soon to schedule a visa interview. What to do next?
  23. kex80148

    Omegle an IMB?

    Hello, My fiancé and I are currently going through the process of putting together the I-129F petition. We met on Omegle.com and since it is not considered an IMB to our knowledge, we wanted to make that as clear as possible to prevent an RFE. Since we could not find any Terms of Service, we just wanted to include the Privacy Policy and the Wikipedia article in addition to our explanation in the letter as follows: << I first met my fiancé online, on ‘omegle.com', which is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register. (Please Note: omegle.com is not considered an International Marriage Broker. It is used free of charge and without the need to register. The service of Omegle randomly pairs users regardless of their location, origin, gender, or country of citizenship in one-on-one anonymous chat sessions. Omegle does not match U.S. citizens/residents with aliens as their principal business.) On this site, we chatted via webcam/audio and realized we shared many common interests and hobbies. On ‘omegle.com', We exchanged phone numbers in order to communicate via iMessage and FaceTime, which we still do today. >> Should that be enough of an explanation with the attached documents to prevent getting an RFE? Thank you so much in advance! Best, Kristen & Martin
  24. We sent off our petition yesterday and my boyfriend missed the part where we were supposed to copy both sides of his birth certificate and all of his passport in colour. We just photocopied the writing side of the birth certificate and the part of his passport with his picture in black and white. We won't even get this RFE for months but I could kick myself since it's not even been 24 hours since we posted it and it was the one thing I didn't check because he seemed so sure about what was needed. I did check the USCIS website and I can't find where it specifically states this rule. Should we expect an RFE in some months time or is the front and back and in colour just a preference? If someone could point me in the right direction as to where USCIS specifies this I'd appreciate it and I guess we can get it all sorted to send it off the minute we get the RFE. Thanks in advance for reading this and any replies, it's greatly appreciated. I'm just panicking now at the delay this could potentially cause.
  25. I’m sorry, I’m sure this question has been posted before, but I’m just hoping to get some clarification on a couple of things: I’m Australian. My fiancé bought my tickets to visit him a few weeks from now. He proposed while he was here in Melbourne in April, but we had been talking about doing the K1 for a while. Our main reason for me going to see him is so we can compile and send off the petition together. I’m the organised type who quadruple checks anything before giving it the “OK”, and I also don’t want him to bear the stress of doing it all on his own. I know there is a section in the I-129F reserved for a beneficiary being in the country while it is filled out, but does this mean we can mail it while I’m here, or should he do that after I’ve left the country? As a follow-up question, I was last in the US a year ago during my break while I was studying at university. I graduated a month ago and have been having a hard time finding a job. I also live with my dad, meaning I don’t really have any strong ties to Australia at the moment. I have absolutely zero intentions of overstaying my welcome in the US, but I know I will need to explain things to a border patrol officer at customs. Should I tell them everything about us being recently engaged and wanting to make the petition together? I will be staying 75 days because we want to give ourselves plenty of time to get the petition organised, have an engagement party with his family, and we won’t be having any more visits until the visa is (hopefully) approved because we want to save money for AOS down the road. I’m really worried about being denied entry. Any input would be greatly appreciated!