Port of Entry Member Review #15977

CDN-USA Border Entry Date: 2105-06-12


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

This review is for the Canadian-USA Border into New York State at Champlain St. Bernard de Lacolle.

My fiance and I picked up his visa in Montreal and drove to the border, arriving at 8pm on a Friday night. There was a significant backup in traffic due to the escaped convicts in the area. At 9:20pm our car reached the "toll plaza"and the CBP officer was very kind and friendly. We immediately handed over our passports and I held up the sealed envelope (from the passenger seat) so that he could see it. He noticed it immediately, before we could even say that we were here on a K1, and had us park the car and go into secondary interrogation. We waited about 45 minutes while our information was reviewed then we were called up to the counter and asked a few basic questions. (Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Have you ever been denied entry into the US in the past?) This was this particular CBP officer's first time doing a K1 so he made sure to go over everything in his procedure binder. He was very nice. He told us that everything was good and printed out a slip and stapled it into my fiance's passport showing how long the visa was good for and then sent us on our way. Entire thing inside took about an hour after we finally made it through the long traffic delay.