Port of Entry Member Review #15114

Atlanta Entry Date: 2012-2-4


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

We arrived in ATL Saturday afternoon, my mother, my husband, and I. We all waited in the citizens/residents line. We all walked up to the officer at once, explained our situation (husband's first time in US!). He was very friendly, told my mom to go ahead and wait for us at the baggage claim. Then a man led us to one of the last turnstiles, next to where the flight crews go. The line was labeled 'immigrant visa packets', 'k packets', and two others I forget. We were the only ones in line.

A man walked up and asked who the lucky one is (both of us!)

Then we started the processing. The girl didn't speak Spanish, so I interpreted for him. Took the envelope, one hand digital fingerprints, photo, one finger ink print for green card, and signature. He signed a paper notifying him to renew his greencard in two years. She asked if we had questions, I asked her about the SSN card, she said we could go in on Monday morning to request it. The greencard would take 1-4 months to arrive.

All in all, verry easy. And the people were friendly, also seemed like it would have been easy for them to have called over an interpreter.

Total time from plane to baggage claim, less than one hour.