Consulate / USCIS Member Review #21167

London, United Kingdom Review on January 11, 2017:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Jon's interview was Friday January 6th at 12:00 PM. We arrived that day from Norwich via the Greater Anglia train, which thankfully was running on time with no delays. (They were having issues almost daily on the train we had to take so that's why I made note of it.) We arrived at Liverpool St Station at just before 10:00 AM and grabbed a taxi to our hotel which was centrally located near Holborn Station on the Central line.

We checked in so that we could drop our bags in the room and head to the embassy. We had a short walk from our hotel to the Holborn station. We got off at the Bond Street exit and the embassy is a very short walk from there. It took us about 10 minutes to leisurely stroll there after checking with google maps to see exactly where we needed to go.

We arrived at the embassy around 11:15 AM and were greeted by a nice young English girl to check us in. There was no line at all when we got there and we only saw the two entrances (one for US Citizen Services on the left and one for Immigration on the right) and the woman at the little check in podium between the two. She checked her list and confirmed that Jon was on the list, but I was not (even though we emailed twice to add me to the list via the contact form). The girl ( I wish I could see her name) was very polite and called into the Immigration Reception to ask if I could be let in. After a couple attempts of them not answering she finally got someone who said I could enter and be there with Jon.

At this point Jon was already inside and had handed in his documents to the first window, so I did not personally get to see that part. Jon confirmed that they took all his original documents, including my I-134 that I filled out with all my evidence. The weird thing is that they didn't take his DS -160 from him even though the screen tells you to hand it to them...

We were waiting in the waiting room for about an hour before Jon's number got called on the screen to go to window 15! I stayed behind because I wasn't sure if I could go to the window, even though I know reading reviews that other SO's were able to attend. (I mainly wanted to avoid getting asked any questions to be honest lol) He was asked the following questions:

How did we meet?
What game did we meet playing?
When did we first meet in person?
How many times have we visited each other?
Have you met her family?
Where is she from?
Has she always lived in FL?

We figured the "Where is she from?" question was meant to throw Jon a curve ball. Technically what Jon said is correct since I currently live in FL, however most people in the US when you ask where they are from they tell you where they were born. This is not something Jon is familiar with, so we assumed that was the reason for the follow up question of "Has she always lived in FL?" Jon said at this point the man that interviewed him gave him a huge smile and went on to say you are Approved!!!

At one point during the interview it came up that I was waiting in the waiting area and the guy doing Jon's interview said I could have come up to the interview and Jon just kind of smiled at the guy because he knew that I was nervous about being asked questions so he was glad the guy didn't say to come and get me lol.

All in all the interview was smooth and the wait wasn't too long. There was apparently people who had been waiting for 3 hours that had applied for visitor visas of some kind (overheard them trying to politely express their displeasure with the wait).

The only reason I gave a 4 as opposed to a 5 due to the fact that my name should have already been on the list from the contact form and all that extra work from the lovely young lady outside should not have been necessary!!!