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Pakistan Review #22960 on December 12, 2017:

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Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Hi everyone, how are you all ..

Anyone could help me out here please? I am U.S citizen and I applied for my wife case through Law almost more than 4 months ago. I have received the recipt after 3 weeks after filing the case. Now my question is that how long does it takes to approved ? When you guys think it will get approved and what will happen after that? How long excalty it takes for this case to be completed ? ( interview , visa) please help...

Los Angeles CA Review #22959 on December 12, 2017:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

If it possible to take LA metro/train, please do so. it's $1.75 / person / trip.... We paid $12 for parking, that's BS. The Union Station is 3 minutes walk from the Federal Building. I was just too nervous and didn't want to be late so we decided to drive in retrospect train would've been such a great idea.

Bring a copy of EVERYTHING you submitted (I-129F Petition Pack, K-1 Visa Application Pack, and your AOS/EAD/AP Application Pack). You never know what the IO / the USCIS are missing from your pile / asking you to show them during your interview.

Eat breakfast/lunch before your interview.... you'll be waiting a long time...

There is a candy bar machine and a water fountain just outside the waiting room.

Dress up. Look nice and proper.

There's no issue with bringing Phone into the building.

SIDE NOTE: Although this whole thing was basically a breeze for both of us and we did EVERYTHING ourselves, This (I-129F, K-1 & AOS) has been a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG process. It's kind of a make or break process. I cannot imagine people going through this without a genuine love for their husband/wife and want to bring her/him to live in the US and start a life together. It took a lot of time, energy and effort and it's not fun or at the least enjoyable. It's rather stressful actually. I am glad I arrived at this point and so many of you have been through it and successfully done so, CONGRATS. I hope my turn is coming soon.

Islamabad, Pakistan Review #22958 on December 12, 2017:

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Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

My wife's interview was scheduled for Dec 12th, 2017 for 8:30 am slot.
She arrived at the embassy at 7:15 and was given a token number. First they collected her all three marriage certificates ( Urdu, NADRA, and English translation), Birth Certificate, two pics ( size 2x2 with white Background) and her medical reports.
Then she was called for fingerprints and gave them the phone numbers. Finally She was called for interview around 9:15 and co asked her couple of questions.
1. How was the marriage arranged?
2. what does your husband do?
3. When did he moved to U.S.A?
4. Why do you want to move to U.S?
5. Show us the wedding pics
After showing them the pics, they gave her the originals docs back and told her the magic words she is approved javascript:emoticon('') and will get her passport in two weeks. She was out by 9:45 am.
According my wife it was fairly simple and the interview lasted only 10 minutes. Definitely take all the evidences you can and be honest.
Thanks to Allah for the patience.


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