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Moscow, Russia Review #21738 on April 29, 2017:

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Review Topic: K1 Visa

Sergei had a good experience at this consulate. The process took about two hours from beginning to end. He said the girl who interviewed him was very nice. The interview itself was about 15-20 minutes. She asked him a few questions about his background, how we met, our trips together and when we decided to become engaged. After that, she told him he was approved and he just needed to wait for his visa.

France Review #21736 on April 29, 2017:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Interview went very well. Just like everyone I was very nervous and stressed out but staff was actually really nice. When you arrive, security makes you wait across the road until it's the exact time. No need to be pushy, they'll call you when they are ready. Then you go through security, leave your phone and any electronics you may have as well as ''dangerous'' items. I always have a small pencil case in my purse with all the essentials including a mini pair of scissors and stapler and obviously they took it too, just in case. Now of course I didn't need that with me - I just forgot to leave it in my hotel room but staff was nice, they smiled and say at least you travel well prepared.
Once inside you get a ticket number and you wait. First person you see will ask you for a proof of payment and will review all the important paperwork with you. I believe they also took my fingerprints. Then once you're all clear you sit down and wait to be called for the interview. I didn't have to wait for a long time, maybe 5-8 minutes, but it felt like an hour to me, I was beyond stressed! So I went to where I was called and I ended up in front of a young, very friendly and energetic young woman. Very nice, she just asked me to confirm my fiance's name first, then tell her where we met and how, confirm his age and address and well as his profession. Also asked if I ever flew over there to meet him or if he did fly over here to meet my family and that was it, I heard the Congratulations Melissa, you passed the interview brilliantly and I am delighted to tell you can marry your fiancé. And my heart dropped. I asked and confirmed that I could just leave now. I stopped in the bathroom and just danced for a minute like this javascript:emoticon('') and then I left. God I hope I was not the only one who wanted to scream and run everywhere as I was walking out! I kept randomly smiling asI was walking in the streets. Anyways all I had to do left was waiting for my visa. They say it usually arrives within 7-8 working days, mine arrived in 15 days but who cares, WE GOT IT!!!

Montreal, Canada Review #21735 on April 29, 2017:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

We had our k-1 visa interview on April 26th. We had a 9:45 appointment, but we arrived at 9:00 because we wanted to give ourselves extra time to find the embassy. (It was very easy to find.) When we arrived, we checked in with the guard, who told us to come back at 9:30. We went to Starbucks and had some raspberry white mochas.

When we returned to the embassy, the greeter gave us our number and a laminated checklist and sent us through security. Our documents, which were in two clear plastic expanding file cases, passed easily through the x-ray machine. I handed in my phone and received a ticket to pick it up after the interview.

After going through security, we went downstairs to an elevator and took it to the 19th floor. If I could do it over again, I would stop in the room with the elevator to look at the laminated checklist and put our documents in the requested order. We thought we would have time to do this upstairs. As soon as we stepped off the elevator, however, an employee instructed us to go to Window 1.

The woman at Window 1 was friendly and professional. She looked at my passport, then told me to sit down in the waiting area. I was not expecting this because most of the reviews said that the petitioner could remain at the window. From the waiting area, I watched my fiancé frantically searching through the file cases for each item on the checklist. He knew where his paperwork was, but he wasn't sure where I had put the paperwork I had brought (like the I-134 and supporting documentation), so it took him a long time to find my tax returns. He was very nervous, but the woman at the window was patient and even helped him search for the documents he needed. After about 20 minutes, he returned to the waiting area, relieved that they had found all of the paperwork on the checklist. This would have gone a lot more smoothly if we had taken the time to assemble the documents on the checklist before getting on the elevator.

After about five minutes, they called him for his interview. I went to the room with him because I wanted the officer to know that I had come to the consulate with my fiancé. She said hello, asked if I was the petitioner, and instructed me to return to the waiting area. She asked my fiancé the following:
- What is your fiancée's full name?
- What does your fiancée do for a living? Where does she work?
- Have you met your fiancée's family? Where do her parents live? Where does her sister live? Where does her grandma live?
- Do you plan to live in Minnesota with your fiancée? They then had a brief conversation about the cultural similarities between Minnesota and Canada.
- Has your fiancée been married before?
- Have you been married before? Where was your previous marriage dissolved?

She then told him that his visa was approved! Our status changed to "issued" the next day, and we received the visa two days after the interview.


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