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Detroit MI Review #21447 on February 25, 2017:

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Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Easy, relaxed and the interviewing officer was very nice

Montreal, Canada Review #21445 on February 25, 2017:

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Review Topic: K1 Visa

It was really anti climatic to all the work you put into it haha. We spent the night at the Travelodge about 8 minutes away and right next to the 737 bus to and from the YUL airport! We got there at 9:00 A.M. for our 9:30 A.M appointment. There were no lines or anyone outside. The lady sent us away said come back at 9:15. Once we came back they checked my fiancé in and we went through security. We were number 15 but when we got to the top floor they were announcing number 13 already! They give you a check list of what she will need at the window. Everything on the P3 packet basically. She was called to the window after about ten minutes she came back and waited for the interview. She got rockstar number 7! Her interview lasted about 10 minutes and that was it she was approved. I feel like Feb is a better month to go there was nobody there at all if lasted 40 minutes total. If you have all the paperwork and can answer simple questions you'll be fine.

Islamabad, Pakistan Review #21444 on February 25, 2017:

Mr & Mrs Umer

Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

We reached at 7 Am at shuttle point as our interview time was 8 Am. Being civilian you can not enter Diplomatic Enclave with your own vehicle. Only option was buying tickets (Pkr. 300/head) from inside shuttle building. But before you go in, you must get rid from all sorts of nu-necessary baggage and even document bags (leather). There is a small hut and they collect your bags etc and give you a receipt for collection on your way back. Then you pass through security checks and you can buy bus tickets upon showing ID's (CNIC or Passport). Before you buy tickets you must handover your mobile phones on a full left corner and get a receipt and keep it safe. Before jumping on bus they do full search for security reasons and then bus journey starts (Almost 20 minutes as US Embassy is on far end in Diplomatic Enclave. Remember one thing keep your bus ticket safe as you must have it on your way back because its a return ticket. After getting off they check your visa interview letter and do search female bags and didnt let my wife carry cosmetics even. After that there is almost 50 meters walk to get in main Embassy building. You see many security guards and then by the door you see your fellow countrymen( who are extremely rude and pretend like bosses) who will check your interview letter and will issue you a token number. Here you observe that timings on your interview letter don't matter much there as you are given a random token number upon arrival and now you will follow the token sequence onward. My wife (Petitioner) was with me and we were called three times. First for Bio-metric, then for documents collection (Medical+Marriage certificate with translation+Birth Certificate) and then after almost 90 minutes for interview purpose. A white gentleman conducted our interview and we both went by the window.
We greeted him and he replied with a smile and asked if I need an interpreter which I refused with thanks. Then he asked my wife about her arrival and her return flight (which was 27th Feb) He smiled and said so you are here to collect him and she smiled and said yes, Then he told my wife gently to wait and then he asked me several questions.
How we met?
In which city marriage happened and date of marriage?
How many people were on our wedding and If I have photographs? (I was going to take out my marriage photograph albums but he said, its fine but surely he was able to see that I came with full preparation, like albums, pile of documents etc)
Asked me to show my Character Certificate of UK and how much time I have spent there and for what purpose?
How many countries I have visited and If I have visited USA before?
Where is States my wife lives and what she does for living?
Then he said you are approved and you should expect your passport within 2 weeks through American Express Courier Service Center. I Said Thanks with a big smile and said, have a good day and he said 'you too' BaBye
This whole process took less than 5 minutes and I got my passport back within 5 days with Visa.


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