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Manila, Philippines Review #21204 on January 20, 2017:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

My Interview experience was good.. The filipino officer just ask if i brought a copy of our son's CRBA and i do then she said wait for the american officer to call me. After 10 minutes i was called on the american consul's window and take an oath and he just asked our date of marriage and what is my husband's job and I answered him with confidence and said he works for the United States Airforce, he smiled to me then congratulate and welcome me to the united states of America

Nigeria Review #21203 on January 19, 2017:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Thanks to visajourney members that really post for is my story at the embassy. My appointment was on January 12th initial i never knew my appointment date has been change until i got to the Embassy and i was told an email was sent to my fiance to come on 18th January.
Alot of pple were being denied even IR-1/CR-1, i guess maybe sumtin might be wrong with their application. Lagos is very simple and fast when come to IMMIGRANT if your application is well prepared and be your self to be scared much inorder to be able to ask questions ask correctly
question 1. what is ur name ..i answered... question
2. how did u meet her. i answered .......question
3. who is filling for u...i answered my fiance... question
4. what her name ... question
5. when last did u see her...i answered ....question
6 .....when did she come to Nigeria....
i answered my fiance has never come to Nigeria we went for vacation in Dubai and she asked for how long i said i was there for 2 week n she spent 8 days.....she well every thing is seems perfect an
handed me a white paper to collect my visa in 10 working days

Newark NJ Review #21202 on January 19, 2017:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Besides the long wait - we waited for two hours before being called - interview was quick and officer was very polite.


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