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  1. We only provided emails containing their reactions to our engagement announcement
  2. Hi welcome! If your fiance is on active duty and may be called away, then depending on the support structure you will have in place in the state he is moving to, having a K1 may really limit your ability to do things. In addition to not being able to work, in some states, you may not be able to get a license right away either, and it may not be possible to use your Australian license. For example, I live in California, and the rule here is that if you become a "resident" of the state ("resident" is not clearly defined), you have two weeks to get a California license. I believe people have been stopped by the police and tried to explain that they were not a legal resident for immigration purposes, I don't think that worked. You should also look into health insurance, as a K-1 person, I'm not sure if your fiance is able to add you to his insurance plan prior to you getting married, and whether you can purchase short-term travel health insurance to cover you until you are married in the 90 day window. I'm not sure what your plans are for work, while you definitely not work until your status is adjusted, even looking for work may be tough. Employers will typically ask if you are legally able to work in the US, if the answer is "not yet", it's difficult to get to the next round, unless you have highly sought after skills, employers would not hold a position open and wait. Best of luck!
  3. jjbandero

    How to show previous Work Experience?

    It's common for employers to perform a background check, depending on the qualifications you are claiming and the position you are applying for, they may also run an educational background check to confirm e.g. that you actually went to the university you stated etc. For work experience, most likely they will just ask questions at the interview to gauge whether you know what you're talking about and possibly talk to your references.
  4. If you do end up getting rings and intend to wear them, I highly recommend the "comfort fit" style. The bands are designed to be slightly domed/rounded on the inside of the ring so it rests comfortably against your finger, when sized correctly, you will barely notice the ring is on
  5. Could you not go to the person/entity that paid your husband for his work to find out how much was paid?
  6. Just a thought, how smart is this online form? Do you have to insert a number or will it accept letters as well? If so, could you just put "na" and let it take you to the page where you state "not a US citizen"?
  7. Really sensible advice here, you don't want to just move without checking if you can, it could get you into legal trouble. If you are able to move, then you can make a list of factors that are important to you and your kids such as, good disability social services, employment prospects, safety, availability of public transportation, cost of living etc. to help you narrow places down. What kind of work are you qualified to do?