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  1. To be clear your husband files for a step child.
  2. Ohh anything else that may be material, arrests whatever.
  3. So he entered illegally in 2000 Went back to Mexico in 2006, how? Reentered in 2006, how.?
  4. You have received a lot of good information, to be clear being 9C means nothing will happen for 10 years, after that options may be available but depends on his history how practical those may be. I would plan on the one moving, looks like he may be in Mexico so Border living may be an option.
  5. Presumably the child is Peruvian, the Passport would be evidence.
  6. Are going through DCF? Do you have your Immigrant Visa's?
  7. Timelines can depend on nationality. But so far ahead who knows, file now and see what happens.
  8. In these sort of situations I tend to think first how I would address this if someone I know had asked me. I would be thinking and suggesting that there are things to be sorted before immigration is considered, we can all be unlucky but this seems something somewhat beyond. As the OP has income and no commitments I would head out of dodge and spend some time over there.
  9. Worth keeping a note of next time someone complains about not getting a tourist visa.
  10. So after 3 years what is the issue now?