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  1. If it's been more than 75 days since you applied for the EAD, call CS and submit a service request. My EAD took less than 60 days but I know that's just one experience.
  2. You can certainly request an expedite by calling customer service or making an info pass but you'll need to prove severe financial loss, which would be more than normal everyday financial problems. EAD's are normally issued within 60 days.
  3. I agree but it could also mean that they suspect immigration fraud and need to investigate further. It's not always just normal paperwork and unfortunately they wont tell you which bucket you fall into. I'm not saying this is the case here though.
  4. Maybe your attorney was thinking that you would try to adjust her status from a tourist visa to a green card (I-485)? That would make sense with the "immigrant intent on non-immigrant visa" otherwise, the info he gave you is incorrect. Like everyone else said, you can send the petition anytime but if you do it before she arrives in the US, the CBP will see that she has filed for an immigrant visa and they have the discretion to allow or deny her entry. To be safe, you can wait until she is already here or after she leaves to send in the petition. As long as she goes home before her tourist visa expires, I don't see an issue.
  5. Unfortunately, the embassy doesn't provide updates until you either are approved or they decide to send your case back to USCIS. Since you submitted all the documents they required, I'm sure it's just a matter of reviewing your case. Sometimes the officer that first reviews your case needs a supervisor to review it to help make the final decision. Be patient, you should get an answer soon.
  6. AllSmiles

    Change of Job

    Changing jobs in the middle of the process isn't an issue as long as you can still meet the income requirement.
  7. There's very little chance of him getting a tourist visa: 1. he already shows intent to immigrate to the US by applying for the K1 visa 2. he doesn't have strong enough ties to Russia (no job) But the good news is that him applying for a tourist visa or being denied one will not affect the K1 visa eligibility.
  8. I agree Yemen is a tough embassy and it will be difficult to prove a bona fide marriage without showing communication before the marriage. I'm not familiar with arranged marriages so if you were not allowed to communicate beforehand, maybe include an explanation of this? What about phone call records or Skype calls? You'll definitely be required to attend an interview just like every else and I recommend you and your wife really prepare for the interview and know each other very well. I have feeling that you may be put in AP because she is applying from Yemen.