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  1. I have son from my previous relationship means no married attached .Yes, I have my son birth certificate's with father name and sign but no married involved. .
  2. Thanks for the info. We will contact a atty. in the PI to have them get the court docs needed. Kind Regards
  3. Hi there to everyone, Greetings! My US husband file for my son who is 17 years old for an IR-visa last December . Now I am concern about my son's birth certificate because I indicate his dad as a father and sign the birth certificate (previous relationship) . I have no contact the father of my son 's since he was born , he abandon us and never support financially . Do my son have trouble in coming to the US or for his interview at the US consulate ? Any help very much appreciated. Thank you. Concern Mom, Geri Mc Euen
  4. Hi VJ Members, I am in US with a 10 years GC on a IR1 Visa. During my visa we used Sponsor to bring me in. I am curious if we are eligible to bring my son from thePhilipines who is 16 years old now? Can we used the same sponsor docs if i bring him? On what visa we are using for him to apply? How long the process from the start to end? Thank u so much for any info .
  5. itsnews2

    Fiance Visa Cancel

    Her previous K1 Is 2 years ago. They not sure if cancel or approved . They dont know what to do. They never sent any mail yet.
  6. itsnews2

    Fiance Visa Cancel

    This is about my sister and her F. Also how long does its takes to cancel the previous K1? And how soon my sister can aply for her Fiance visa? After other is cancel? What if they decided to get married in the Philippines and decided to go with a CR1 and apply as a DCF in Manila Embassy could be possible and not afftected Her previous K1 Cancellation? Any help much appreciated.
  7. Need your help mga Sissies! My sister meet her F .Now they wanted to file a Fiance Visa but the F admited that he already apply for Fiancee visa 2 years ago with other Filipina but they never pursue it coz the filipina meet other F again. Now me and my F wanted to file our Fiancee Visa, how donwe know my F previous visa is cancel ? And can we still apply ? Do u think my F is red flag at the USCIS since i am here 2nd applicant? Any help very appreciated especially to VJ Members.Thank you so much in advance.