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  1. LOL but Socialism is working fine and dandy in Western Europe and has been for decades.
  2. JimandChristy

    The Daily Trump wins again thread

    ...and his approval numbers still suck.
  3. JimandChristy

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    538 average 41.7% Real clear politics average 43.1% You guys cherry pick ONE poll absolutely hilarious. Mango Mussolini is the worst President in modern history. His approval numbers have been in the ditch probably since February 2017 He really is a terrible President, his ceiling in that time has been no better than 45% and he has had thriving economic numbers as well. Really bad approval rating considering.
  4. Amen, Trump is disgusting, his Presidency will be a stain on US History.
  5. Benghazi spent millions and no one was charged, I'm sure you were fine with the GOP doing that investigation for over two years. In this Russia Investigation we've already has many indictments and several guilty pleas. To call it a witch hunt is hilarious.
  6. Senate unanimously votes 98-0 to put the smackdown on the Administration "wonderful offer" from Putin.
  7. Well obviously you missed the message the front cover was portraying.
  8. @Fritschner House Democrats all on their feet on the floor right now chanting "U-S-A" as they back a motion funding defense of American elections from Russian hacking. Republicans sitting, looking sour. Appropriations Chairman objects to the motion Every House Republican just voted against the motion, which would have restored Election Assistance Commission funding for grants to states for infrastructure upgrades to defend against cyberattacks. I see the House GOP are just as bad as their President.
  9. I'm going to defend Fox News for a second, they have some decent journalists such as Wallace, Shepard, Baier and Hume but once you get past 8pm the crazies come out in Carlson, Ingraham and Hannity. It turns into the Trump Propaganda Channel at that time. Wallace for example showed more balls in front of Vladimir Putin than Mango Mussolini will ever do by handing the indictments of 12 Russian Military Officers to Putin.
  10. Cheatin' Obama (Barack Obama) Mr. Magoo (Jeff Sessions) Little Adam Schiff Crazy Jim (Jim Acosta) Dicky Durbin Sneaky Dianne (Dianne Feinstein) Sloppy Steve (Steve Bannon) 1 for 38 Kasich (John Kasich) Crazy Bernie (Bernie Sanders) Crooked Hillary (Hillary Clinton) Cryin' Chuck / Fake Tears Chuck Schumer Low Energy Jeb Bush Little Marco (Marco Rubio) Little George Stephanopoulos Lyin' Ted (Ted Cruz) Pocahontas / Goofy Elizabeth Warren Rocket Man (Kim Jong Un) Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd Wacky (Frederica Wilson) Liberal Puppet Jones (Doug Jones) I used to call him Fat Orange Nixon but over time it no longer applied because he is now WORSE than Nixon ever was, I'd like to apologize to Nixon and his family for putting him on the same level as Trump. Mango Mussolini is apt.