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  1. Don't sweat it to much. It is very common in the Philippines.
  2. MikeMc

    Can I practice English teaching in America?

    Cebu, but the key is knowing which business to put where and which lands to buy ahead of time before big developments come along and jack the price of the land up.
  3. MikeMc

    Can I practice English teaching in America?

    Take a look here. This lists the requirements for teaching in CA. https://www.teachercertificationdegrees.com/certification/california/ As an alternate suggestion, have your husband send you links of some of the better local public schools in his Area, and look up the English teachers on them and send them a friendly email and start your networking with them. Hopefully a few of them will be friendly enough to tell you what you need, and if they will have an opening soon as well. Best of Luck to you. My fiancé plans to come here and work her butt off with me for the next 5-6 years, then once we have a nice nest ready, we will plan to start moving to the Phils permanently and start some nice little businesses.
  4. MikeMc

    Can I practice English teaching in America?

    You need to be licensed in the US. Which city/state will you be coming to? Many have ESL classes for foreigners. So you can get experience in a few different ways before moving teaching in a public/private school on a more permanent job. You will have access to a stable Internet, why don't you teach online to Foreigners from home?
  5. MikeMc

    Delivery question - I-129F

    I sent to Lewisville, then after realized that the package didn't need a signature and everything was fine.
  6. MikeMc

    K1 Visa passport photos

    Take a look at the photo. Compare it to your passport sized photo. If it looks similar, then print it on a 4x6 and cut the junk part off. My fiance emailed me hers. Thats what i did and it was accepted with no problems. Just remember to write names on back. Remember nothing covering the head or blocking the face.
  7. Same here, just got Email and Text. Let the wait begin!! Looks like at the current rate, Early Feb for NAO2
  8. MikeMc

    Multiple Filing Waiver

    I read that, and I've only filed 1 time before and it was 9 years ago. So when I filed my K-1 This time, I didn't add a waiver. It was only my second time to file for a 129f. so according to the rules, I don't need a waiver. That is correct isn't it?
  9. VISA Approved! that's the name of the group. It's mainly Filipinos (tagalog posts) and Americans, but all are welcome.
  10. If you're taxes prove you make enough to support your fiancé, then the account balance is irrelevant.
  11. Yes sir, they have, at least for the last 9 years. When the Beneficiary goes to the interview, have them take a "wet" copy with them. Preferably the matching one. My fiancé hand write the entire thing that way it doesn't look like a typed with sig thing and as long as they take it to interview it really doesn't matter. Odds are they might not even ask to see it. It's just one of those forms you have to bring, just in case, but they will verbally ask for fiancé's intent.
  12. Yes, once the NOA2 is assigned. You will need to send the 134 to your fiancé to take with her to the interview (multiples if she has kid(s) coming with her), most will just use A and B. Requirements for 1-134: Submit in duplicate evidence of income and resources, as appropriate: A. Statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institutions with deposits, identifying the following details regarding the account: (1) Date account opened; (2) Total amount deposited for the past year; and (3) Present balance. B. Statement(s) from your employer on business stationery showing: (1) Date and nature of employment; (2) Salary paid; and (3) Whether the position is temporary or permanent. C. If self-employed: (1) Copy of last income tax return filed; or (2) Report of commercial rating concern. D. List containing serial numbers and denominations of bonds and name of record owner(s). I think you won't need Pay Stubs til you file the I-864 (for AOJ after marriage). 6 Mos of paystubs is an option, but the Letter from Employer is same. But you will also file the last 3 years of Taxes filed as well, so the stubs aren't so important, unless you can't get a letter. From I-864 Instructions: For example, you may include a recent letter from your employer, showing your employer’s address and telephone number, and indicating your annual salary. You may also provide pay stubs showing your income for the previous six months. If your claimed income includes alimony, child support, dividend or interest income, or income from any other source, you may also include evidence of that income. But again, I'm not the expert. Just showing you what I have uncovered while reviewing the steps. I don't plan to send the Pay stubs unless I missed it on another form as a requirement. And I'm switching jobs in 2 months so my info is going to change anyways, so I'm not messing with the Letter Part until after the switch.
  13. I'm on here and another group on FB, I have seen some Feb 18 Filers are getting NOA2's. Just hold on, hopefully it will be coming soon.
  14. Not the Expert here, but I doubt it's that big of a deal. The financial stuff will come later for the interview with the I-134. They are most interested right now in making sure you are both legally free to marry and proof of meeting for now and that you pass the security side of things, unless you get some ####### Retentive case worker. Have you already gotten an NOA1? If so, maybe you can call and have it corrected?
  15. Yes I already know all about that the homesickness, been through it once already. Staying busy is the key. Those are just examples. Providing attention, doing things with her when you can. Those little things all add up and it takes time to get over the homesickness and move forward in the relationship. Put her in English Classes, most times it's free in your local community. Pay for a cooking class, any activity that she wants to learn while she has the time and if you are there with her it just helps with bonding. Exercise everyday. Walk places, explore. Teach her to drive, then let her drive. She can take you to work, drop you off and have the car to go out to stores and do grocery shopping. Buy and sell on Amazon. Unless your spouse wants to be a rock, there's so many things to do and opportunities here. Volunteer at a places of interest. Home Shelters, Hospitals, schools. Setup Uber/Lyft account so she can go places when she needs to with out having to totally rely on you all the time. Seems like you might need to find some local friends for your spouse. Seriously, unless she comes from Monaco or St Kitts, there will be others from her country here nearby. What about your family? Can they do things with her? Does she have family here in the States? if so, plan a trip to visit. Getting over the homesickness is something your spouse has to do mainly on her own. You can ease the burden, but the majority is on her.