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  1. canadian_wife

    Crossing the border w/spouse + a UHaul while CR1 is processing

    Will the CBP officer know this? Or is it plausible that he will just take her word for it? I don't know, it just seems like a risk to me. Good luck
  2. canadian_wife

    Crossing the border w/spouse + a UHaul while CR1 is processing

    You might want to post this in the Canada forum. I am not 100% sure but I do not think a beneficiary's items can move before the beneficiary. Post in the Canada forum for specific answers. Good luck
  3. Well, you know you can't say no. That would be lying. An especially risky move since you've already admitted to using drugs 4 years ago. Tell the truth, it is the only option. Good luck
  4. canadian_wife

    Refused and confused

    The next steps if your husband's case is refused really hinge on the totality of your situation. You say he's in the US? That he left El Salvador only once to go to the US? Can you please explain your situation in as much detail as possible so we can all help you out? Good luck
  5. canadian_wife

    K-1 Visa and sponsors

    I hate to ask a personal question, but I guess immigration often asks personal questions. Are both you and your fiance able to work? debbiedoo makes a good point, being disable does not mean one cannot work at all. Good luck
  6. canadian_wife

    Need help ASAP!

    Congrats on your marriage! Sadly, no. You may not take your parents with you when your USC husband files for you. He will file the spousal visa and when you become a US citizen you may petition for your own parents. Good luck
  7. In short, yes they can. The only ones that are guaranteed entrance in to the U.S. are US citizens. I was taken in to secondary inspection even though I had my 10 year green card. Now the important thing is that you WERE admitted correct? Next time you travel with your extension letter you may or may not have problems. Good luck
  8. canadian_wife

    F1 visa interview (after denial )

    Good luck on your upcoming interview. Why was the initial F1 denied? Can you, if asked, provide ties to your home country? You just left a year ago after years on a J visa.
  9. canadian_wife

    K1 visa

    So you only sent photos to prove that you met in person? How did you prove that you met prior to filing as pictures can really be taken at any time, they are considered secondary evidence. What country are we dealing with? For example, may border, couples Canada/USA, are treated slightly differently because they will often not have evidence of meeting such as boarding passes or hotel receipts. Good luck
  10. Congratulations on your marriage. You must now withdraw the 129F and file for the spousal visa. Good luck
  11. Oh dear! Have you actually gotten a deportation notice? But yes, it is time to call a competent lawyer. Good luck
  12. canadian_wife

    Spousal petition denied

    When is your wife's due date? Good luck
  13. canadian_wife

    n400 name change

    At the naturalization interview mention the requested name change. Good luck
  14. canadian_wife

    K-1, K-3, or Cr-1?

    Yes, the "GUIDES" are a great place for FAQs http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php?title=Acronym_Summary Good luck
  15. So many people here want to help you. Please tell the whole story with dates and you will get the information you desire MUCH quicker. Good luck