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    My K1 was approved! Conditioned Residency pending filling I-751 10/12/2013: Update, I am a United States new citizen, the ceremony was yesterday 10/11/2013. I am now a naturalized US citizen by choice as an adult with 46 years of living. It has been a long Journey, a hard Journey: Ulysses, were you aware of the choice you made when you decided to leave Greece? And faithful Penelope awaiting for prudent Odysseus who completed the Journey after many years of hardships and above all, hope and will and perseverance. In North American, we are all immigrants to this land, if you do not have an accent, you immigrant ancestor had it from his home land country. Even Native Americans are not native and their roots are immingrants from Mongolia or Asia. I can tell you we are all immigrants to this American, New World Continent. We are VisaJourney immigrants who have a greencard in our hands, a finace visa, or hold a naturalization certificate, WE ARE THE NEW BLOOD AMERICANS, if you were born in this country, you are American by birth but someone in your ancestry took the VISA JOURNEY and hopefully became naturalized or maybe, never was, just had children in this great country who became Americans by birth on American land. New Immigration adds a new star to our new flag, My America, My Homeland, The land of my Children: America, YOU ARE GREAT, YOUR IMMIGRATION INFLUX MAKES YOU CONTINUE TO BE GREAT NO DOUBT! I LOVE YOU MY NEW LAND, MY NEW COUNTRY, I LIVE AND DEVELOP AND GROW WITH YOU, I GIVE MY LIFE FOR MY NEW HOMELAND. I AM A NEW IMMIGRANT NOW I AM YOU, I AM AMERICAN, WELCOME TO MY FELLOW AMERICANS AND NEW AMERICANS, YOU MADE YOUR VISA JOURNEY, YOU MADE IT HERE, YOU ARE WORTH OF BEING US, YOU ARE AMERICAN, HONOR YOUR NAME AND GIVE BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY. Sinpisto, I am an immigrant from San Salvador. El Salvador, Now I am an American Immigrant. I AM A NEW AMERICAN CITIZEN (at the time, today 10/12/2013, I became American yesterday) WITH CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES TO FOLLOW THE LAWS OF MY NEW HOMELAND. THE FEELING I HAVE ON MY CHEST AND ABDOMINAL AREA CAN ONLY HAVE DESCRIPTION: THIS IS A POSITIVE EMOTION THAT I CAN ONLY CALL PURE JOY! I LIVE FOR YOU, I GIVE MY LIFE FOR YOU, MY CHILDREN SHOULD HONOR YOU AND GIVE THEIR BEST FOR YOU EVEN THEIR LIVES IF NEEDED FOR THE BENEFIT OF AMERICA AND FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS AMERICANS. IT IS NOT A PERFECT COUNTRY BUT IT IS OUR COUNTRY OR HOMELAND AND WE CONTINUE TO SEEK PERFECTION IN OUR HUMAN INPERFECTION. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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