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  1. Hi ZMalik, Had our interview yesterday and it went very smooth and easy - his visa was approved and they said we should get the passport back in 1 to 2 weeks. Yeah! I will write up a full review shortly but it was exactly as others described, and they only asked about why we had a K1 previously, and whether or not our son is US Citizen (I think so they could determine if my income was sufficient or we needed the joint sponsor). They asked about our plans for relocating, I explained son and I had relocated in May, I started work and was just back for the interview. He was happy with all that. For relationship proof, our son and I were both present. I took one joint bill and our son's birth certificate (which shows both our names) as proof of relationship but they didn't want any of it... I offered the birth certificate twice they said they don't need it. We have been married 7 years though and got married on an approved K1 fiance visa in the US, so we weren't expecting that to be an issue. You might as well take some bills if you have them - doesn't hurt! Hope that helps, and good luck!
  2. Sooooo frustrated! I finally got a reply to the online email form for London Consulate and they sent me his LND case number by email! They said they sent us a letter on 9 May so we just lost 10 weeks for NO REASON! We received the letter approving our DCF I-130 pertition in the mail dated 5 May, and then never got the second letter! So annoying!! argh Finally got interview for next week 26 July, but we could have gotten it in May if they hadn't lost (didn't send?!) the letter!
  3. Thanks for sharing the info! Our London DCF spousal visa case seems to be taking much longer than others? Maybe it is because my husband is not British? We filed in February, got NOA2 informing us that our petition (i-130) was approved on 9 May 2017 (after one request for evidence because I had left a box blank instead of writing NOT APPLICABLE). We still have not received the LND number / packet 3 I emailed the embassy last week (end of the 8th week)... Don't know what else to do but wait! Megan
  4. Hello! It sounds like we are having the same problem! We recieved NOA2 informing us that our petition (i-130) was approved dated 9 May 2017, and that we would receive further instructions (Packet 3 arrived with LND number) in 6-8 weeks. We have heard NOTHING and the 8th week just ended. Feeling discouraged and worried, since our son and I have already moved and my poor husband is now camped out in an empty apartment which he will have to leave for a cheap hotel at the end of the month! Any suggestions very welcome! Thanks, Megan (We are DCF spousal visa London Embassy, US citizen and Algerian Citizen, both on Tier 2 visas in UK).
  5. kenneme

    How to have possessions shipped to US?

    Try this site for lots of info and links: http://moverdb.com/
  6. kenneme

    How to have possessions shipped to US?

    We are moving our whole house (both living in Europe last 12 years and have 3 year old child), minus some furniture and all electronics, to California. I filled in a short form on a comparison website and got about 8 quotes via email (many also called) from different companies (I think it was this one?https://www.deliveryquotecompare.com/removals/international-removals/). They estimate your volume of goods to give you a quote. We live in a 65 m2 two bedroom flat, and they estimated 150-200 cubic ft move. It is by sea, and can take up to 9 weeks - we don't mind and will take essentials with us by air. We are paying ourselves so trying to negotiate down but most estimates were in the range of £1000. Part-load shipping is the cheapest: they put your stuff into a shipping container along with other shipments so it is much cheaper. We used Sterling Removals before and were pretty happy with the service throughout. Hope that helps! Megan
  7. Hi there! We are waiting for NOA2 (filed 9 February 2017). Just curious when you say 'case completed' do you mean NOA2, and how were you informed of that (email or post?) and also how were you informed for the interview date? Thank you! Megan
  8. Thank you! No we have not gotten it yet. I am expecting it in the mail (is there any reason to hunt around on the website or calling, as others have described). They posted today they are processing applications with our date - yay! - so crossing my fingers (and toes!!). Megan
  9. Thank you aless02 that's very encouraging! We were trying to reduce stress (for visa, move and starting new job) by separting our move and the visa process, but maybe I should be more optimistic and hope for an interview sooner! Best, Megan
  10. Hi, We did the same thing in 2009 and never had any trouble. My husband applied for and got the fiance visa, husband came to the USA and we married but then a change in circumstances meant we did not apply for adjustment of status (and we both moved overseas together). He just left the US within the 90 day visa window and there was no problem. He then applied for (and got) tourist visas to enter the US while we were living over seas for the next couple of years - they crossed out his K1, but it was still in his passport. A SMALL WARNING: when he entered the US again (on valid tourist visa) he did sometimes have some trouble, and had to explain and be sure to show them the toursit visa first - otherwise they would flip right to the K1 and then be confused about why he didn't do AOS! He was never refused entry or anything, just more questioning than I think they would have done normally - and someone at the consulate told us that was why. Also, if you are in the US and she is living overseas they might be concerned that she is an 'immigration risk' and question her when she applies for a tourist visa or when entering the US, so she should be prepared to show her intent to leave again after visiting you. Hope that helps! Megan
  11. Dear all, thank you for any advice for our case, especially any other nationals / UK visa holders (not UK citizens) that have done DCF in London! We are currently awaiting NOA2 for spouse via DCF in London. I have just accepted a job back home in California (yeah!), and have given notice to my current employer. I now need to negotiate my last day of employment in the UK. We are hoping I can start the new job in the USA by mid-May. However, once I stop work in the UK I understand my (and my husband and son's) visas will be 'curtailed' by the UK government, giving us approximately 60 days to "settle our affairs' and leave the country". As my husband is an Algerian national he cannot stay/enter the UK without that, so he would need to do his interview at the US Embassy before his 60 days run out. So two questions on timing and his UK visa status: 1. Whether it is possible for him to travel to the US and then re-enter the UK between the time I stop work and the visa interview (Tier 2 curtailed) before the visa expires/ends? Or would it be better for him to just stay in the UK and wait? Ideally we would travel to the US on his US tourist visa as soon as I stop working in mid-May and then he would go back to the UK for the interview and re-enter the US on the spousal visa. 2. Is it realistic to expect an interview date within the time-frame allowed by the UK authorities for curtailing our Tier 2 visas in the UK (which would be 60 days or so from when my UK employer notifies them of our departure from the country, approximately 20 May). Obviously the problem is that the longer I stay working in the UK the better for giving my husband enough time to get the interview at the US embassy in London, but then I would put at jeopardy my new job in the US! Worst case scenario, could he apply for a tourist visa to the UK to return for his visa interview at the US embassy? Or transfer his case? What would you advise? Thank you very much for any advise or experiences. -kenneme Me: US citizen, residing in UK on Tier 2 (employment based) visa Husband (of 7 years): Algeria citizen, also residing in UK on Tier 2 spousal visa (based on my employment). Status: Applying for spousal visa through DCF at London consulate. Submitted I-130. February 9, 2017 (NOA1)
  12. I had the same problem. I ended up having my mom (in the US) go to the post office and get the international money order for the correct amount, and then she just mailed it to us regular post - which seemed crazy but is what was recommended by the post office. It arrived 4 days later, and was cashed at the Embassy in London with our I-130 petition.