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  1. Prawninator

    Evidence for N400 - Need advice

    It doesn't give me the option to submit without the divorce decree.
  2. Prawninator

    Association to parties and association

    I figured, I was only joking. 😂 If I were a churchgoer for like... a month, do I still have to list that? I don't even think I signed up for membership. For anything. Not even Costco.
  3. Prawninator

    Association to parties and association

    This doesn't include Facebook fan groups right? Because I'm in so many pun groups and pizza-related groups it's insane....
  4. Prawninator

    Evidence for N400 - Need advice

    What's your opinion on the name change?
  5. I'm a 10-year LPR since 2012, conditions have been removed. Due to personal circumstances, my now-ex husband (who brought me here with the K1) and I are now split up. I'm filing my N400 online on personal merit (been LPR for more than 5 years now) and USCIS is requesting my divorce papers to be uploaded. This is where I've hit a snag. I'm unable to find the original or copies of my divorce papers. I recently moved, and things are... no longer where I think they are, to say the least. That being said, I found a record of my divorce on the State of Idaho's Repository and printed it out. It's exactly how it shows on the website, and doesn't look like much, but it has the chronology and names of both parties and whatever that went down during the divorce. The printout has the mycourts.idaho.gov URL on it, too. I did manage to find my marriage certificate, to at least prove my name change, which is also a thing I need advice on. My current name is my married name, which the marriage certificate can prove, but my maiden name is not the name I was born with. Do I have to provide evidence of my deed poll and birth certificate that proves my name change from way back when, or will they have record of that from when my ex and I filed the K1? I also have some letters of support from friends that I'd like to include as evidence of my character and morals. Should I compile them all into a single document for ease of upload, or should I split them up by person/letter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm on my own in this, so it's a little intimidating.