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  1. The UK Border Patrol can not see your American records and they will not ask about traffic violations.
  2. Wuozopo

    Interview - Photocopy Documents

    There is a list of documents under that paragraph. Not on the list-NVC letter, DS-160. Basically if you want an original document back like your birth certificate, divorce decree, military record, employer letter, they say to bring a photocopy. You should bring the confirmation of appointment, paying, submission of DS-160, and courier arrangements, but those are things you can easily print off again, so no need to bring two of each. Think in terms of of original personal documents. In practice they have not actually wanted the photocopies for a couple of years now.
  3. The beneficiary gets a letter from London saying they have received your case. It has a link to your K1 instructions and your LND number. Or if you have the thing from NVC with your new LND number, that works too. The clinic just wants written verification of your new London case number.
  4. I don't think you need a co-sponsor. I think you have failed to document something so their generic reply is you don't qualify. Get a transcript from the IRS. That's a RETURN transcript, not account transcript. Then you are positive that you have done the correct tax submission.
  5. Did you prove the current income? The tax return would only show total 2017 earnings. If he earns more currently then you need an employer letter stating his current salary. Six months of pay slips is also stated in the form instructions as an optional proof to submit to support current income. Whatever you put on the part asking current income needs documentation. it is also possible you didn't provide the required complete tax return. If they don't receive that exactly correct, they send an RFE saying you don't qualify. It may be only that you left off parts so they refuse to look further at your other income proofs. It's a bit cryptic sometimes. They must have: All pages of the 2017 tax return plus a W2 or 1099 wage statement OR A 2017 tax return transcript from the IRS
  6. Here's some timelines. Visas are delivered 7-10 days after interview if your medical is there on your interview date. Longer if not there. Leave two weeks between medical and Interview if you want to make sure the medical arrives at the embassy. http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=276262 http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=290740 http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=233747 http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=275778
  7. Yes your relative completes an I -134. London typically accepts the one I-134 from the one with income. It doesn't have to be the fiancé. They will not need a tax return from you, but you will need one when you do the I-864 for adjustment of status. As explained above, you likely don't owe, but you do file if you had income while at Uni exceeding the filing threshold for a single person. Your relative can prove income for the I-134 with their 2017 tax return, a tax transcript being easier than photocopy of the full return+W2. They will not need three years. Or they can get an employer letter stating their job and salary. This is London K1 specific information.
  8. Nothing at all from the American except the Affidavit of Support (I-134) and one proof of income for a London interview.
  9. Wuozopo

    Medical Records at Embassy For Interview

    There's nothing you can do to get it there, so no point in worrying now. You'll find out tomorrow. If it's there, you get the visa in about a week. If not there, you'll just wait a little bit longer. To answer the question, there is no online verification of yes or no concerning medical arrival.
  10. Unless you're sat in Cornwall where I am and the closest Tesco is 2hr 53min by car. 😂
  11. The Dept of State has a photo tool to size and crop, then print yourself. You just need a photo taken against a white background. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/requirements/photos.html Take a photo with the whole torso then let the tool crop the head part. If you try to take a head shot, it will be too big to size down with the tool.
  12. Wuozopo

    I134 - proof of income

    Nothing to worry about. You have plenty for proof of income. And it's not too old at all. Mine was four months old and the I-134 was not even mentioned at the interview. They aren't too demanding in London.
  13. Wuozopo

    DCF in London after K1 earlier? (split and merge)

    Processing times for the USCIS London are posted on theIr web page.