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  1. You need a copy of the divorce decree in order to immigrate with your soon-to-be wife to Canada. It could just be a matter of requesting a copy (there will be a small fee) from the court. First, see if you can look up civil records online (in the county your ex-wife lives/lived in at the time of the divorce). That will give you a case number and there should be online instructions for official copies. If that doesn't work, you may need to hire a lawyer in the US, but try to find it yourself first. Note: The US Embassy does not care what your ex-wife did or did not do.
  2. OP, I looked at your post history; you married a professional immigrant. There's no telling how long his new job will last, so he's holding onto you to keep the opportunity to go to the US open. Pull the affidavit of support and file for a divorce, and do it NOW. (p.s. It's not his mother working the second wife angle, it's him either letting you know what to expect or he's already got one.)