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    How to marry in texas

    When we got married in Houston in 1988 all they asked for was an ID. I had a DL and she had a passport. 72 hour waiting period though which is still in effect,

    Mother-in-law financially challenged for visa.

    As an observation my SIL comes here once every year and a half or so from Brazil and stays for a month. Has she ever had trouble getting a visa in the 30 years her sister has lived here. No. Has she ever overstayed. No. She is a self employed psycholgist. They see her comings and goings and there is no problem. Her husband comes less frequently. He has never had a problem. The one time he came he was the press secretary for a Brazilian Cabinet Minister. The US Immigration guy was impressed. He didnt use his official passport as it was a personal trip.
  3. Although it was 30 years ago someone suggested we do some sort of marriage in Brazil before she left for US on K1. Although I am not an attorney I knew this was not a good idea. Sure enough when they did the AOS interviews they asked this exact question. Like I told them I can read the forms(remember no internet then). We got married at JP court and then registered marriage at Brazilian Consulate to get passport in new name. We followed the rules to a T and no issues. Like I said we can have a big party next time there but no preliminary marriages.

    Will expecting a baby increase chances of acceptance?

    Not sure what you mean by "green card process". You either get married and go for a CR1 or you file for a K1. He doesnt get a green card because his American girlfriend is pregnant. My nephews wife's sister got PG in Botswana with a local while living there temporarily(nephews wife is a US diplomat). The local thought that was a path to a GC. Not so.
  5. True. My wife was teaching Portuguese to a Canadian couple in Houston who were being transferred to Brazil. she had a car she had bought in Detroit. She wanted to take it back to Canada to store until they got back. The regulations were so complicated her husband just sold it to me.

    Tourist visa denied because our age gap

    When we had permanent residence interview 29 years ago after my wife got here on a K1, the interviewer asked me a couple of dumb questions. She saw the letter from my employer. She said never heard of that company. I said hey pick up the newspaper they are listed on the NYSE and are the biggest landowner in the state of Louisiana. She did that and said okay. Then she asked me if I had health insurance. We had a really cadillac plan which I showed her. She remarked well thats a lot better than mine. Those were the only questions she asked.

    Opinion about chances to get visa

    True the trips to USA have been financed mostly by the paternal grandparents. He stayed at our house while going to school(lots of red tape). The agency in CT said hey you are not obligated to pay for this or that. Guess how far that went with my wife. Hey hes the grandnephew. Of course we paid. The only thing I made him pay for was a cell phone which was for safety reasons.

    Opinion about chances to get visa

    Hey I wouldnt support them. My wifes grandnephew who has been here several times. Several on a tourist visa plus he spent 5 months at our house on a J-3 as a HS foreign exchange student. Lately he has been fishing for another invitation to come here. Meaning we buy him a ticket. His tourist visa is still valid. Hey when you finish college it might be okay then. But not until then. No one offered to pay for me to pay for a big trip when I was in school. Sorry

    Opinion about chances to get visa

    Actually he has kids there. He has no ties here. And he is collecting disability there and cant work anymore. But their chances are slim to none as noted.

    Opinion about chances to get visa

    Thanks for the thoughts. I guess he owns the place in the favela(they do have land titles). Of course people who lived there would gladly walk away from it if they had a chance to be here. We were just discussing it.My wife knows it would be a real long shot. Her sister and her husband have been here multiple times without issue. But they go home every time.
  11. Although it was nearly 30 years ago my wife came here on Viasa on a one way ticket. I am the one who bought it. No one said anything or asked her about it in Houston. The only reason she went on Viasa is she didnt want to mess with Miami. This was before CO started flying non stop to Rio. Also keep in mind the cost of the ticket can be considered moving expense and possibly deductible for tax purposes
  12. My wife who has been in the US for 28 years and a US citizen for 23 knows a guy she grew up with in Rio. He was the son of their live in maid but left when he was around 15. He was like another brother. Anyway they lost track of each other until a few years ago when my sister in laws ex husband ran into him at a bar he was working at. He subsequently saw my SIL on TV and managed to locate her brother who lives up in southern Minas state. So they all linked back up and they talk on skype all the time. While down there a couple of years ago we went to their house which is in a favela(slum) outside of Petropolis. Not one of the massive ones around Rio a pretty small place. Decent people but of course have no money. If he and his new wife(first one died) were somehow able to get passports I wonder what their chances of getting visas to come here. Obviously the whole thing would be on our dime. Anyone got an opinion. I know there is no sponsoring. They have to obtain it on their own merits.