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  1. It wasn't that long ago that a California Democrat was convicted of arms trafficking.
  2. Or the white farmers could form an organized militia and defend themselves. Most of them are decently armed.
  3. I explained grades above. Yes admission tests would be a way to do it as well.
  4. ...................I am asking how do you weigh that performance between them? Student A goes to a difficult high school that has an average GPA of 2.0 (4.0 scale). Student A is an excellent student and gets a GPA of 3.5 Student B goes to a less difficult highschool that has an average GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale). Student B is a slightly above average and gets a 3.65. If you have to make a decision who gets accepted and obviously you have no way to know one school is more difficult than the other how do you weigh their GPAs? This is where standardized tests play a part. In theory Student A will get a slightly better score than Student B despite the lower GPA.
  5. My question was: What other means would properly weigh the academic performance of two students from two different schools? (not being mean...its just that you basically copied and pasted "academic performance" out of my sentence without address the question.)
  6. What other means would properly weigh the academic performance of two students from two different schools?
  7. You are right as far as the USA. 3D printing really is less efficient than many other options in the US. For instance for 100 bucks you can buy a mold kit to make your own polymer ar15 lower and then fill it with a legal parts kit. A better option than saying making a liberator for 1000s is to spend 250.00 for a cap and ball revolver and have it shipped to your door without background check (you get 5-6 shots at least). However, for countries like the UK or Japan its a serious problem and will undermine their entire gun control matrix.
  8. University Admissions and also scholarships
  9. Without a standardized test, how would you compare two students with radically different school backgrounds? Many Schools don't even operate on a standard 4.0 system anymore.
  10. Crazy Idea....maybe just get rid of time limits for ACT and SAT all together. Thats a truly level playing field.
  11. I live in one of these counties. Can you guess which?
  12. SF did this years ago. Most of the older hotels in the Tenderloin have been low income bedsits for years. All cities are liberal elitist cities right? Are there any cities that vote conservative?
  13. Three steps to stabilize birth rates. 1. Either nationalize healthcare or make expenses related to birth and children under 18 fully deductible. 2. Mandate paternity leave - 6 months. 3. Mandate minimum vacation at 3 weeks and minimum sick at 10 days.
  14. Trade wars are generally negative for both countries, but I have to say it’s very interesting that the media looks at the late 20s and early 30s but never looks at the 1980s. In the 1980s the US started a trade war with Japan and arguably won the war. Afterwards, the Japanese economy crashed and has never really fully recovered since.