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  1. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    The parts I remember, lol. it was a high old time. It was wet, it was muddy beyond belief. The out of this world music. Best time ever.
  2. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Sorry, no long trek. I was in Ontario back then, a little hamlet north of Toronto. I had no idea you are that close to Bethel. I'm not surprised you haven't heard of Eldred, there wasn't much there then, and I don't know that's changed much now.
  3. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    I had relatives living on a family farm not far from Eldred, and several cousins around my age, but all a bit older. No distance at all, you could probably drive it in less than half an hour today. We hitched a ride for maybe half of it, but walked the rest of the way, only a couple of hours, lugging our tent and stuff, from memory a day or two before. There must have been thousands of people already camping out by the time we got there. It was only sort of roughly fenced, and there were no gates then, so we just walked on in. I still have my ticket, good for three days, somewhere here in a box. In the way way back, a pair of brothers and their families left Ireland for Canada. One stayed, my great-great-whatever, and the other carried on South. I've also got relies in and around Slidell MS. We used to visit one group or the other when I was a kid, in summer.
  4. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Wow. Anniversary of Woodstock. I cannot believe it was 49 years ago. Himself went to Parris Island. Although I cannot say for certain, I believe I had a better time.
  5. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    It really does get your attention. Sheesh, gave us quite a fright.
  6. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Accidentally cleared the night table beside my bed at 0102. Bless their hearts, the State Police finally got around to issuing an Amber alert they were talking about on the evening news. I did not realize the weather radio and phone apps could even deliver an amber alert, never mind the weird siren.
  7. So, again, you are free to assume anything you choose. And the OP in this instance is a K1.
  8. Your link goes to the office of a lawyer. happy to take your money. Upper right, search box. Have a hunt. You will not likely find anyone who has been on VJ longer than 5 minutes suggest a writ for AP.
  9. Mandamus is effective. If AP is not completed, the decision demanded in the thirty-day time frame will be a denial.
  10. It is against the TOS to tell people not to post. People are trying to help you. Read the links.
  11. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    That bodes well Raining at last. 2.5 inches over the last 24 hours, and looking like more today. Plenty to keep me busy indoors. I am tired of living in a construction site.
  12. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Yep, that's it. Fort Smith, the Big Smoke. I'm sorry, P-math makes my eyes water.
  13. cdneh

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Timing is everything The weather guy has promised rain all week. We have had thunder, and lightning, but no rain. It's very muggy out there, I've just come in from dealing with the last of the bark from the tree that fell this spring, and I'm weary. I went into Fort Smith Thursday to get the car the 50,000-mile service, and have the clip replaced that they managed to break while doing the driver's side pillar airbag recall. We are off to Nashville on the 20th for Himself to have his annual checkup with the transplant team. We were getting close to the service being due, and I didn't want to drive all the way home with that stupid SERVICE light lit up.
  14. cdneh

    Post Bugs here!

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