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    Nebraska and Medellin, Colombia
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    getting fiance and daughter to USA. Like blues and country. scuba diving, traveling(obviously), photography, dancing, cars, building and flying airplanes. Diana is a professional photographer.

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    Met on line. Yo no hablo Espanol. Diana no habla English. We all know the drill. Computer translation. Wonderful family. Starting the K1 process.

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  1. My wife and daughter came to USA in Nov 2016. STAYED 3 WEEKS AND WENT BACK TO COLOMBIA. DAUGHTER HAD medical appointments for a condition. THE WIFE returned to USA in June and is still in Usa. The daughter is 14 and has not wanted to return to Usa. Boyfriend...in Colombia. HER CR2 WILL EXPIRE NOV OF 2018. Since the daughter has only been in Usa 3 weeks in Nov 2016, I worry she will not be admitted back to Usa. PROVIDING MY DAUGHTER charges her mind, is there a way to get an extension of time on the Cr2?
  2. i am US citizen married to a Colombian. My wife was given a visa to enter Usa last July. SHE and daughter came to USA IN November. They were here for a month but had to return to Colombia as was under doctors care. My wife original visa to immigrate expired last Dec 14. SHE left the country Dec 22. I NOW have her 10 year green card. BUT she has not lived here for the required 6 months. SHE wants to return and live here now. WILL she have a problem at immigration on return?