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  1. wowswift

    Emergency Survival Kits

    Mormon. They're supposed to store food in case of emergencies. https://ldsblogs.com/9618/mormon-faq-why-do-mormons-store-food
  2. wowswift

    Emergency Survival Kits

    It's a Mormon thing.
  3. wowswift

    Moving $ from CAN to USA for down payment

    My inlaws gave us money for our first home. Bank wire is best since your lender is going to want to see where the money came from. Never do do a check or cashiers check. Inlaws gave us some cash recently as a gift cuz FIL sold his business and retired, and even though it was in US funds, the bank likes to milk it and can hold on to your money for 6 weeks. They basically try to make us much money as they can on it till they give it to you. Think we only had to wait 2 weeks but it was still annoying.