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  1. Penguin_ie

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Watching it now (this is kinda my guilty pleasure after the kids are in school....) Jon- no way did he finish uni, he seems quite dim. Darcy- way too high maintenance. Jesse is not a nice guy, he is controlling, but he makes no bones about it, he is very clear what he wants from a mate and a relationship, and she is not it. They could have fun together if she let the "marriage" thing go.... Colombia guy- I think we all knew how that would end. Kinda wondering if this is the end though or if she will suddenly find love for him in her heart, so she can get a greencard (and the show must go on..,) Filipina girl- well, she is honest about what she wants. On camera. Before her visa interview. Dumb, perhaps, but I can respect that. I've actually no problem with relationships like that, as long as both parties know what they are getting into, and do so willingly.
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  4. Penguin_ie

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Paul and Karine - if they were serious about eachother, they'd both have taken intensive language classes by now. New couples- is it me or is the series becoming "more extreme"? It used to be most couples seemed genuine, if a bit clueless. This time around they all seem to be train wrecks selected for drama potential.
  5. Penguin_ie

    Tourist visa for fiances sister

    **** We do not generally delete threads, as OP got his answer but it may be useful to others too, and experienced members who replied would be disappointed to see their "work" in answering gone. But thread locked as question answered. ******
  6. **** MOving from CR-1 spousal visa to What Visa do I need forum ****** Op, your paperwork is on file, it is not going to change. You could absolutely rescind your greencard, go back to your home country, and have your dad apply for you once he is a citizen (and include your wife and kids), if you are legally married). But whatever issue cause you difficulties with ROC will still be an issue, so basically you are just paying more money.
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  11. Penguin_ie

    Benefits (merged)

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  14. Penguin_ie

    Marriage questions

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  15. Penguin_ie

    Marriage questions

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