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  1. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Your autobiography's title will be "How I Licked Chapped Lips," saga of intrepid persistence man.
  2. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    At what volume are yours set at, huh Nola-B. ma'am? [T-B. ducks and runs for cover, look out man]
  3. The "confused" choice is the closest thing to a negative selection, but it tallies as a reputation point regardless. Accordingly, someone who gets 100 "confused" points has the same total as someone who gets 100 "like" or "upvote" points. (The above refers to the options that expand leftward when you hover your cursor over the encircled heart at bottom right of posts.)
  4. TBoneTX

    Post Bugs here!

    It didn't happen last night, but it did every night for the two weeks preceding. This typically occurs from 10:30 pm to 2 am Central time. Shift-command-3 for screen shot (?).
  5. Reputation-pointing all of our posts will usually suffice in lieu of other suggestions.
  6. We should take a poll regarding which one elicits the most (spontaneous) gagging.
  7. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    And you never manage to bonus all of our posts, either, no QA ma'am. Negligent QA ma'am! Negligent, NEGLIGENT QA ma'am! And what are you doing up at nearly Many a.m. Texas time, huh huh huh young lady QA ma'am?
  8. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Couple of Sunday ESs, but heavy-laundry weekend, priorities of Thread Laundress we man. Perhaps will combine ES-ing with necessary grocery run, decide on Sunday man.
  9. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Saturday road-trip report, see man: Infernal alarm went off just before Many (2+2+2) a.m., curse ourself we man. We got on the road at about half-past Many (2+2+2+1) a.m., progression man. Saw awful traffic/construction delays in other direction but experienced none ourselves, outbound we man. Detoured a massively long way (gracias, GPS) to attend a GS, second-guessed ourself man. Found a pair of very nice pillowcases amidst piles of proverbial/actual garbage, buy we man. Arrived at first Louisiana location in the projected Many (2+1) hours, arrive we man. Lunched at Burger King with use of coupon, universally accepted even in foreign states man. Briefly visited two resale shops, nothing remotely of interest man. Visited second resale shop, favorite foreign-state shop man. Donated bag of our stuff that we didn't want to rediscover locally and be tempted to repurchase, donate we man. Children's clothing on sale for half a buck per piece, deal man. Children's books on sale for half-of-half a buck each, deal man. Got Mini-B. Many (2+2+2+1) apparel items and Many (2+2+1) books, steal man. Arrived just after noon at second Louisiana location, all-day MS (moving-sale) advertised man. Guy loading U-Haul truck said, "It's over," some all-day sale man. Accordingly, we were pleased to have detoured to the first GS, Total = $half a buck man. Got wiper-blade at Napa Auto Parts, necessary man. Visited other resale shop, not bad last time man. Found blue & brown dress-slacks, but for $Many ($[2+2]+half a buck), rip-off man. Got them anyway, still better than paying retail man. Visited down-closing KMart, last day is Sept. 2 man. Store surprisingly out-cleaned, with not even half-off discounts for some stuff man. Did thorough search of every aisle and spent $Many ($[2x2x2x2x2x2] x 2), get everything of use man. That amount ($Many) was within a buck of what we'd spent on July visit, coincidence man. Predominant purchase was foodstuffs, get it cheap man. T-B.-mobile trunk was very full, cram it all in man. On store's last day, only remainders will be Clairol boxes and overpriced cat-food, predict we man. At Many (2+1) p.m., decided to head casa-ward, return we man. Stopped just once before crossing into Texas, de-water we man. Continued whole way back without stopping, strenuous man. Much construction, periodic rain, and far too many turtles in the left lane, grrrrRRRRR man. Reached casa after nearly Many (2+2) hours, cramp-bodied we man. Unloaded stuff, showered, read to Mini-B., napped for a dead hour, up-woken by Mrs. T-B. she man. Laundrying now as usual, Saturday night man. Will get to bed at Many a.m. yet again, fold/de-dish man. However, a worthwhile day, satisfied we man.
  10. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    When these came out, someone handed one to Papa T-B. He had heard about them but never touched one before. He solved it in about 2 minutes and wordlessly handed it back to the someone, understated he man.
  11. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Texans Many resiliencies, Nueva Yawkuhs wimps, reality man. The wheat harvest is burning, huh Nola-B. ma'am?! Precipitation amount and rate precised, Eh ma'am!
  12. TBoneTX

    Post Bugs here!

    Admiral, since the recent site update, I've had several instances per logged-in session of pages (of posts) slowing down or freezing and then reloading, with messages of "this page reloaded because it was using significant memory" or similar. On these pages, I've noted ads between and within posts, but I can't speculate on causes. This is happening on Mac OS 10.13.1 with Safari 11.0.1 (the latest), on desktop.
  13. Hoping that you earn your Mixology degree soon, Maven ma'am. Just don't imbibe too many of your experiments.
  14. TBoneTX

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Special Friday GS report, see man: On our drive casa-ward, we came upon a large GS, still open man. The take, see man: -- Elizabeth Arden warshcloth; no-name dish towel = half a buck, steal man Total = $half a buck Presuming arousal at o'dark-Many, we shall go to Louisiana on Sat., road-trip we man.