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    Josh and I (Cheryl) met on a gaming website and over several months became good friends. We soon realised that it was more than "just friends" and my first visit to see him (in Feb 06) just confirmed that to us :) We consider our "got together" anniversary to be 1st Aug 05, so have just celebrated our second year of "being a couple" :) Josh is 24 and living in Quad Cities, Iowa, and I am 27 and from Berkshire, England :) He's the love of my life and best friend, what more could I ask for :) This was my current forum signature (with all the hiccups) before editing down for size on 30th October 2007... 06/2005 Met Josh online 02/2006 My 1st visit to the US 09/2006 2nd US visit (Josh proposed) 02/2007 3rd US visit (married 02/27/07) 05/2007 Josh's 1st UK visit 09/2007 4th US visit 02/2008 Guestimated visa completion date Timeline 04/10/07 I130 Sent 04/11/07 I130 Priority date on NOA1 (found out in Aug) 04/25/07 I130 Official NOA1 date (found out in Oct) 05/24/07 I130 NOA1# obtained from money order 05/25/07 I129F Sent with copy money order as proof 05/30/07 I129F NOA1 issued 06/13/07 I129F Touched - sent to CSC 06/14/07 I129F NOA1 recv'd - wrong address 06/14/07 I130 NOA1 chased 06/21/07 I129F Address finally corrected (took many calls) 06/24/07 I129F Touched - CSC recv'd 07/02/07 I130 NOA1 chased 08/09/07 I130 NOA1 chased again, told "not needed" 08/20/07 Both touched 08/21/07 Both touched 08/24/07 I130 NOA1 finally recv'd! 135 days from filing! 08/24/07 I129F Address change NOA recv'd 10/23/07 Both touched 10/24/07 Both touched 10/25/07 Touch and APPROVALS - I130 = 183 days, I129F = 149 days 10/29/07 Both NOA2's received 11/13/07 NVC recv'd file - 18 days 11/15/07 Sent to London embassy 11/27/07 Embassy sent packet 3 12/03/07 Medical booked for 01/04/08 12/04/07 DS156 & DS230 part 1 sent to embassy 12/06/07 Checklist sent to embassy 12/10/07 All paperwork recv'd at embassy (confirmed by DOS) 01/02/08 Still no interview date 01/04/08 Medical date and happy birthday to me!

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