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  1. So he was deported and came back illegally?
  2. There is currently a long wait for sibling visas to immigrate. For most countries it is currently around 14 years, mexico 20 years, Philippines 23 years. She cannot apply for a green card until her priority date is current. If she is not in status she is not eligible to apply for a green card.
  3. Last time I flew I got sent to secondary and I am US citizen by birth.
  4. So what box is she checking for her eligibility to work on the I-9 form? By the way living here for 12 years is considered immigrating whether she did it legally or not. She has live in the US longer than she has lived anywhere else.
  5. You will need to contact several insurance companies and obtain quotes for medical insurance for your father, in writing. Then you will need to prove you have sufficient income above the poverty level to pay the premiums and any deductible the insurance has. A written statement that you will pay for all medical expenses your father incurs beyond what the insurance covers.
  6. For you to get citizenship in the US you will have to have a green card for at least three years while living in the US for that time. If that is your intent you need to start moving on the green card process as you are looking at at least 4-5 years from now to obtain US citizenship. Obtaining a tourist visa from the Philippines if difficult at best and with a USC spouse living in the US it will be almost impossible. You have lots of reasons to remain in the US but none to return to the Philippines.
  7. What does her CENOMAR say her marital status is?
  8. Chances are 0.000001. Dealing narcotics if they would even consider a waiver would mean you would have to show extreme hardship to yourself for the waiver to be approved. Why would an adult need his father here?
  9. She doesn't need VAWA since she has her conditional green card. She can file to remove conditions with a divorce waiver.
  10. To my knowledge pregnancy is not a life changing event. Marriage is but she is way too late for that.
  11. The children had passports to come to the US. What passport did the child come on? You can use those passports to leave unless it is a US passport in which case he can place a kidnapping notice with the Department of State. Contact your embassy for assistance returning home.
  12. belinda63

    Left USA voluntarily - travel ban?

    AOS was never approved
  13. The sooner he leaves the US the sooner the 10 years will be finished. Other than that there is no way to speed things up.
  14. Since he does not have a legal status the 1-601a should be filed as it is a waiver. He will then have to leave the US to interview in Mexico. When he leaves the US he will trigger his ban which is probably a 9c. That means he is not eligible for a waiver until he is outside the US for 10 years.
  15. The logistics and time required for him to obtain a work sponsorship would not be any faster than waiting for the EAD from AOS. Is the employer willing to hire an attorney and pay the fees to sponsor him?