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  1. Chantel

    CFO for IR-5

    Thank you again Greenbaum 😍
  2. Chantel

    CFO for IR-5

    Is CFO needed by my Father? His interview this coming week. Thanks VJ'ers
  3. Chantel

    Sputum Test asking appointment letter

    Yesterday was his 2nd day taking the sputum test and they still asked for the letter. His interview was way past it was on May 2. He's done with the initial medical process. Sputum Test are on a 3 day process. Hopefully the NVC email is enough then and not give a BS reason to ask for the original copy.
  4. Chantel

    Sputum Test asking appointment letter

    How about the interview letter? Would that be acceptable?
  5. Chantel

    Sputum Test asking appointment letter

    Thank you for the quick reply Greenbaum
  6. Hi all, so my Father is in Manila right now for a 3 day sputum test collection but then there's a green note stapled on the white paper that says to bring his appointment letter. They didn't bring it with them. My sister only have a copy of the interview appointment letter which NVC emailed it to me. Would that be enough? Is that the correct paper? Otherwise they have to go back to the province and it's 8 hours one way through bus
  7. Chantel

    Medical report

    Thanks Hank_ He was scheduled for Sputum testing and his interview will be rescheduled by St Lukes sounds like. Test will be on May 9-11. How many weeks until Father will get the result? Anyone had a experience lately on how many weeks or months to get the interview schedule assuming he's clear after the 11th of May? I am gathering some information to know what month can I go back and take him back with me because work requires few months to ask for a vacation leave. Thank you everyone.
  8. Chantel

    Medical report

    So my dad is at St Lukes today for his medical, they told him to return at 2pm. What are the documents he has to receive? Would he be receiving the result? or the St Lukes will forward it to the Embassy? any specific documents? TIA
  9. Chantel

    Father's Medical Questions

    Thank you Hank_ I would probably still send them to the medical on the 24th to make sure everything will be done on time. A week before his scheduled interview.
  10. Chantel

    Father's Medical Questions

    Greenbaum, your awesome! Thank you for the detailed answers. Have a great day😊
  11. Chantel

    Father's Medical Questions

    So my father's interview finally was scheduled on the 2nd day of May. I thought it might be a good idea to plan his medical early like middle of April. It's been a while and I can't keep up with what's the rules for medical and visa interviews are like now a days. My questions are as follows: 1. Do I have to register his medical online in the St Luke's Website? 2. He has few medicines for his daily maintenance including insulin when he needs it. Does he need to get a medical certificate from his Doctor for all the medicines he is taking? 3. With his immunization record, he had some vaccinations over the past several years, where to get the record? He goes to different Doctors I remember. 4. What courier to register to send his visa if it's approved? 5. What is the chance of him not getting approve in regards to his health? Kinda worried about this but he has a heart and blood pressure pills he takes everyday aside from his insulin he takes when he needs it (he is 72 yr old) Any input is very much appreciated. Thank you kindly.
  12. Waiting for my Dad's interview here as well, they sent me an email asking some paper work to bring to his interview like Affidavit of Support and 2015 W2 and that was like 8 days ago. Just wondering how long this would take other wise his visa application was submitted last year of June and does this mean his visa application will expire and resubmit application fees again? This visa thing never ends, I thought I was all done when I got my Dual Citizenship