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  1. Hello Good Morning, Get a free consult with an immigration attorney. You may still get your permanent GC based on abandonment. You are still currently married, yet it was drugs that led him astray from you and going into rehab. It is not like you got married, came here and automatically lived somewhere else. Again consult a lawyer. I had a fried who married only for a GC so of course the marriage did not work out. He was actually with me in relationship for five years and living with me shortly after getting married. When they wanted to deport him several years later, he got a law school student to represent him(cheaper in price) and he was granted permission to stay unfortunately he had no status in other words he could never travel outside the US. But he is here living happily. You case is unique, people get divorced and can still file for themselves. You need to have some sort of supporting documentation that he was in rehab, and just chain of events during your first two years. Again consult an immigration attorney. Most of them offer a free consultation. Best of Luck!!
  2. Hello, going through the Jamaican embassy this can be the norm. Those dates when it changes usually means the case is being touched in some way. In which way you will never know. You can send an email requesting an status update. Wait till I believe the automated reply will say 7 business day for a response. See how that works up with you. They have a very large workload and for many reasons the case can move a little slow. I went through this, but out reason was waiting on the medical in which was there by the time we had our interview. After being a little pushy found out that our medical was misplaced and the case was just sitting, smh. But again send an email and hope they respond in a timely fashion
  3. Call back to the Embassy, they should have the tracking number. If not they can at least tell you when it was shipped. With that date you can just go over to DHL let them know the date it was sent to them, and if you got a good person they will search it right then and there. Security will ask if he has a tracking number, tell him just to explain what happened. They try not to let you in if you don't have that number. My husband visa was shipped and two days later we were instructed just to go over to DHL explain our situation and plans to leave the country as I was there. They nice lady researched it for him, found his visa package and away we went. it was later that day we received the email that his visa package was there and then another email to confirm that it was picked up smh. Guess they just covering their tracks.
  4. CONGRATS!!!! I am so glad she was able to get all this done. Again, I am glad she found this out before he was able to fly. She will need to time to heal as a child is involved. it is not easy, but in due time things will be okay. Continue to be that friend and support her in her decision as Im sure you are doing. She is great for following through! I Commend her on a job well done.
  5. Actually your friend will qualify for a annulment on grounds of fraud. He admitting to marrying her for a greencard. And yes contact the Embassy right away as they have the ability to revoke his visa so it will not be eligible for entry into the US. Thank goodness she found out before he was to fly.
  6. Therealworld

    Social Security Number

    Well they were supposed to apply. After three weeks of getting no card, we went in an applied only to find out that they never did apply smh. All set now applied and card received in less than 2 weeks. Thank you all for your responses
  7. Therealworld

    Social Security Number

    Thank You!
  8. Therealworld

    Social Security Number

    Hi the new process is that immigration submits the information for you, but in 2 to 3 weeks you must go into the office. So whereas immigration submitted it, maybe it is still approx. 4 weeks. Thank You,
  9. Therealworld

    Social Security Number

    Hello, Thank you for your response. Now immigration applies for your SSN# from the packet you give them at POE. They say give it two-three weeks. Its been 3 weeks for us now we are going to the office today.
  10. Therealworld

    Social Security Number

    How long does it take to receive a social security card if you come over on a spousal visa. Its been 3 weeks since my husbands arrival. Was told that immigration now applies for the SSN#. We were told if nothing received after 3 weeks come into the office. What have other people experienced as for waiting times
  11. Hello hope all is well,


    How long did it take to get the SSN?  Its been 3 weeks and we are still waiting

    1. MrsBurgz


      Got it a week after he arrived. From what I read on here sometimes it doesn't always come automatically. I wasn't going to wait and see if my husband was in the majority of persons not receiving their card automatically. Three days after he arrived we went to the SS office and the officer confirmed that by selecting the option on the Visa application to have the SS card automatically mailed rarely happens. So its best for you to go directly to the SS office and fill out an application.

  12. Yeah congratulations. It only tells about the GC fee on the paper that was attached to his packet. They recently went up on the fee. But all in all you are now together! Yeah!!!!!!
  13. Therealworld


    wow ok best of luck
  14. Therealworld


    wow 2hrs, my husband papers were processed right at the desk and walked through with me. Probably because I was there. Out POE was New york