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  1. I called the Volgons\H\H\H\H\H\H\H USCIS is morning and the wait was about 3 1/2 hours. They couldn't tell me much other than cases like mine (7+ months with no status updates) are likely held up due to background checks. She said there is no way to check the progress of the background check and that it could be 1-3 months and to wait to see what the inquiry I filed yesterday reveals. Who knows. I've called 3 times and each time get a different answer. Sure is frustrating. My fiancee has a B1/B2 visa and I'm going to fly her here to visit while we wait. It's been too long and we've been holding off on trips to save money in anticipation of the NOA2 letter being imminent. Is there any reason not to use her tourist visa? Will it delay things further?
  2. Good grief this is agrovating. I can only imagine what you guys are going through. I'm at day 213 and put in an inquiry today.
  3. I peeked into the December thread and there are a few that are still waiting there too. So sad and so frustrating. I hope our approval are soon, perhaps they are sitting on a desk of a staffer that went on vacation and not at the bottom of a forgotten box.
  4. 210 days now since my receipt date so I called and was told that only 5 months have passed despite me asking Alexa "How many months since January 12th?" And Alexa answering loud enough for the CSR to hear "7 months since January 12th" She insisted that only 5 months have passed and that I need to wait two more before calling again. Grrrrrrrrr
  5. Officially in the 200 club today Woot! Seems there are more of us every day.
  6. This is what I thought too but my attorney wanted me to check box 5a anyway and describe the circumstance. She said it was better to provide too much information than not enough. Hope she was right.
  7. Mine is the same 12th/18th and I too received an SMS at 4:45 AM. Websites are still the same. I'm kind of expecting an RFE because I'm a multiple filer. (Filed before in 2005 and divorced in 2014) instructions were contradictory in some steps. Didn't specify if name change documents were needed (my ex changed her last name when we married and her first name when she received her citizenship) I she told me that she discarded her old documents so I really hope this isn't an RFE.
  8. Hi fellow January filers! Just found this waiting room. Jan 12 filer here and we're getting excited! So glad this site is here.
  9. I'm working on a K-1 for my fiancee in Panama and found that they don't use addresses there. It just isn't a thing there apparently. Should I use my address here in the US as her mailing address? For physical address, the best I can find is a description of her house location but not an actual physical address. Will the GPS coordinates on Google Maps work for her physical address? Mail is sent to a central post office and she would need to go there periodically and inquire if anything has arrived. It seems hit or miss and things get lost and take months sometimes. I don't mind using my address, I can hand deliver it to her. Just not sure if it will cause problems with approval. Any other Panamanians here that can shed some light on this? Or someone that had a similar situation?
  10. Thank you for the info. Work won't be an issue for a while as she plans to continue studying. Travel won't be necessary for a few months but are advanced parole's still a thing? I'm mostly curious if anyone as successfully used their B1/B2 while a K1 was in progress and if it caused any problems. CR1 sounds nice but we can't file it until we are married. Her family would want us to wait until next fall anyway. So for us the K1 seems the best route.
  11. Ok we are doing the K1 and getting everthing ready to submit the petition. How difficult will it be for her to visit me in the US on her B1/B2 visa while we are waiting? Is it a matter of convincing the immigration officer that the purpose of this trip is visiting and that a K1 is in progress for immigrating later? Has anyone else tried this or is it a bad idea?
  12. I met an amazing gal from Panama while she was visiting a friend on a tourist visa. We now want to get married. She's been here a few times over the last 3 years but immigration gave her a difficult time while entering the US this last trip and shortened her stay from 60 days to 30 days. She's already back home and I'm heading to Panama next week to visit her. We haven't filed anything yet. We want to marry in Panama so her family can attend. I'm asuming that K3 is the way to go but we're worried that this process may prevent her from using her tourist visa. We plan to live in the states. What would you recommend that we do?