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  1. I had a speeding ticket and put "no" on the form. I didn't know it was classed as a citation until after I mailed my application. l told the IO about it at my interview, he asked if it was over $500 and I told him it was $200.50. He said it doesn't matter, I had the paperwork with me but he didn't ask to look at it. Every ones experience is different so yes, go prepared with all your information. I had a bag full of papers, tax returns, marriage and divorce certificates, court papers from my speeding fine, etc....and didn't need any of them, but I'm glad I took them as you never know what they will ask for.
  2. You are supposed to mention a citation even if it is a speeding ticket. You just don't need to submit documentation if it's under $500 and doesn't involve an arrest, they cannot deny you for a speeding ticket under $500. I didn't mention my speeding ticket on the form but I did tell the IO about it at the interview, he was ok with it and brushed it off as my fine was $200. I printed the court documents to prove I had paid the fine but he never asked for them.
  3. Just make sure you tell the immigration officer the whole truth and have your paperwork handy. The IO will write any changes on the form and you will sign the form after he/she has gone through it all. I don't know if they consider the original charge maybe you could contact an immigration attorney to ask for advice on that.
  4. I put 'no' on my form to that question. I had a speeding fine from 2013 for $200.50 that I never realized was a citation until after I sent my application in. Right before the IO went through the form at the interview I told him about it. He asked If the fine was over $500 and I said "no". He told me it didn't matter. I had the court paperwork with me but he never asked for it. Just be honest about it and take the citation paperwork with you.
  5. I filed after 5 years. All I included in my application was the N400 form, a check, a copy of front and back of green card and 2 passport photos (which you may or may not need). At the interview I had a bag full of papers but all he wanted to see was my drivers license and passports (I had 2 as I renewed it 2 years ago) and name and address of my new employer (I changed jobs in January). I was never asked for any tax papers or marriage certificates or proof of address or anything like that.
  6. mustang-sally

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    I sent 2 passport pictures with my application because I am paranoid too I did notice they were in a small bag clipped to the front of the N400 application form in my interview. Maybe they need photo proof of who you are as your driving license and passport are not enough The photo from the biometric was on the naturalization certificate, I didn't see that photo at the interview at all.
  7. My field office was St Paul, Minnesota, the office with the slowest date!! The date on my NOA was 12/02/2016 and my interview and same day oath ceremony was 03/16/2017, just 15 weeks from start to finish.
  8. mustang-sally

    Tax transcript and return

    I applied under the 5 year rule. I took 3 years of tax returns with me - 2013, 2014 and 2015 (my accountant still has 2016). At the interview all I was asked for was my driving license, green card and passport. I had a bag full of evidence and wasn't asked for any.
  9. I walked in one day after my appointment at a different ASC in a different state (long story lol). I had no problem and was in and out in 20 minutes.
  10. I had my interview last Thursday (March 16th). I was not asked for any photographs but I did include them in my original application. All your questions were exactly the same as mine, including the reading, writing and civics. I thought they were chosen at random, looks like they have sets of questions. Congratulations on passing
  11. mustang-sally

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Here is my detailed account of my interview.....sorry it's so long!! I hope it helps and shows how straightforward and easy it was. I got there at 8:30am and my appointment was at 9:00am. After going through security I went to the waiting room and handed my appointment letter to the receptionist who told me to take a seat. My name was called just after 9. The officer talked about the weather and asked about my trip while we walked to the interview room. In the room he asked me to remain standing and raise my right hand and promise to tell the whole truth during the interview, he then had me sit. He asked for my green card, drivers license and passports ( I had 2 passports, old and new as I renewed mine about 2 years ago). He took copies of the green card and drivers license and just flicked through the passports. He had a thick file in front of him with all my information. He said he was going to go through my application first. At this point I mentioned a speeding ticket I received over 3 years ago that I didn't put on my application. He asked if the fine was over $500 and I told him no, it was about $200 and I paid it within 2 weeks, he said it didn't matter. He went through every single section of the application and made notes as he went along. I told him that I had quit my job in January and started a new one the same month, he wrote that down and my new employers information. He then told me where he had made notes on the form and then had me sign the application in 2 places. He had me read " Which state has the most people" and write "California has the most people" and he told me it has been a long time since he had interviewed a British person and thought it was silly that I had to do the English part as I could probably teach him the language lol. He asked me 6 questions 1. There are four amendments to the Constitution about who can vote. Describe one of them? 2. What is one of the reasons the colonists came to America? 3. If the president can no longer serve, who becomes president? 4. Who is in charge of the executive branch? 5. What is one right or freedom from the first amendment? 6. During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the United States? He then told me he was recommending me for approval and gave me form N652, which has his name and the interview results. I keep this form for my records. He asked if I could come back that afternoon at about 2:00pm for the oath ceremony, which I said yes. We chatted for a few minutes about dogs (I'm a dog groomer), he asked my advice as his Labrador barks too much lol. I was in there a total of about 20-25 minutes. He showed me back to the waiting room and I waited about 30 minutes for my oath letter then I was free to go and come back later.
  12. mustang-sally

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Hi @vegasbound i quit my job in January and started another job in the same month. The officer asked about my current employment and just noted it on the application form when i told him. That was it, no further questions.
  13. mustang-sally

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    While I was waiting for my oath letter after my interview, one of the immigration officers came into the waiting area. He started talking to the receptionist in a loud voice about how the person being interviewed in his office had altered the interview date on their letter and now he was going to have to deny their whole application. He was very rude to the receptionist and made everyone in the room feel uncomfortable. I couldn't believe that someone would jeopardize their future by doing something like that.
  14. You sign up here https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/disclaimer.do
  15. mustang-sally

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    I live in West Wisconsin. One Thursday a month St.Paul holds interviews and a same day civil oath ceremony for applicants who live in West Wisconsin. Today there were just 23 of us in the oath ceremony. The whole day went so smooth. I was called in at 9am. I took the oath, the officer went through my application, asking me questions. I mentioned a speeding ticket from 3 years ago that I didn't put on the form, he asked if my fine was over $500, I said "no", so he just said not to worry about it. I had to read "Which State has the most people". Then had to write "California has the most people". 6 questions and that was it, we chatted about dogs, he said having me read and write English was funny. He asked about my drive up to Minneapolis. I had to wait about 30 minutes after the interview for my oath letter. We went shopping and came back at 2pm for the ceremony.