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  1. MayzieMcgrew


    I have them translated by a certified translator, but they attached the ORIGINAL documents to the translation, and I don't want to tear it apart, hehehe. That's why I want to do the translation myself, if it's allowed at this point :).
  2. Hey, everyone! I am going to send my documents this Monday, and was wondering if I can do the translations myself :). I'm bilingual in English and Spanish. If I can do it, does anybody have a model letter that I can submit to certify I'm qualified to translate? Thanks!
  3. Great. About the signature, does it have to fit entirely in the rectangle provided? Also, as far as part 9 goes, I'm supposed to sign and date that page (page #12). Where should I sign and date it?
  4. Hey, all! I'm fixing to mail our form I-130, and I've everything almost ready; BUT the pdf of the forms won't let me fill in certain boxes. Is it OK if I print what I can and fill the rest of it in with a black pen? I didn't read anywhere about this. It may sound like a stupid question, but I'm sor nervous, hehehe. We're mailing everything on Thursday, and I don't want to make any stupid mistakes xD. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your help :).
  6. I didn't know that. Will they explain this to me once their file gets to NVC?
  7. Unfortunately, I don't meet the residence requirements for passing on my citizenship. The requirement is five years of residency, and two of those must be after age fourteen. Whoa!! Long timeline!! I was expecting it to be a bit less.
  8. Did you send in both forms at the same time?
  9. Hello, all. I'm a US citizen living abroad in Argentina with my husband and daughter. We will be moving to the US as soon as their visas' are approved. I was wondering if any of you know how long the Form I-130 can take to be approved! And what sort of things I can do to help things move along! TIA.