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  1. UPDATE: So guys here are my plans now. I hired a CPA to fix my income tax and will file for 1040x to amend. And also I made an appointment to a Immigration Lawyer so they could help me about my case. I still have a long way to my application. Will update you guys how it goes.
  2. I can’t believed I Iistened to that guy, I felt so tupid right now. 😢 Yes, that is my plan right now to file 1040 to amend. Any idea how long the process will take? Do you know anybody had the same issue as mine and got denied?
  3. I should have done alot of research and ask more people about this matter. I thought the IRS guy know better. 😩 Will file to amend. Hope everything will be okay.
  4. I just thought the IRS guy know better. 😫 I read I do need to file 1040x to amend. Thank you for your reply and information. I truly appreciated.
  5. Its not about asking me what my marital status because I always say I am MARRIED and I always know I am MARRIED! My point is when I filed for my tax return, since my husband is not here (no ssn or itin), the IRS guy who did my taxes says just file as Single for now and I can ammend when he comes here.
  6. Hello, I am US Citizen. I applied I-130 for my husband. PD is April 2018 Texas Service Center. I was reading and preparing for the next step of the application while waiting for the next notice. For the AOS for my tax return I have been filing as Single and not Married. The reason I filed as Single is that my husband is not here in US and never been. I read that it is a RED FLAG and it could denied my application. 😫 Anybody has a same situation as mine?? Could someone enlighten me?? 😞
  7. Another April 2018 filer here. I-130 mailed April 17, 2018 NOA1 April 23, 2018. Still waiting for NOA2, has anyone receive their NOA2?
  8. Yes I am US Citizen. Thank you for this information!
  9. I am new here. I just filed I-130 for my husband and my son April 17, 2018, I got the NOA1 April 23, 2018 and it went to Texas Service Center. My questiosn is how long do I have wait for the NOA2? And while waiting for it what should I prepare or do?