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  1. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    There is something about her that irritates me. Her level of desperation is beyond ridiculous. Only Darcey tops her. And her English boyfriend is a REAL criminal. It's not some bar fight at college. The guy's been in prison for sure. Even one of his buddies called him a "criminal". People don't throw that word around.
  2. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I think two guys are being catfished. The black guy with the Filipina who is "too shy" to video chat. And the hispanic guy with the Colombian who was 3 hours late for the date when he came to visit her in Colombia. She also doesn't seem to want to video chta or meet. As long as these bobos keep sending money, the girls will pretend to be whomever they think that these guys want. I bet if they did a reverse image search, the pics were probably stolen from the web.
  3. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    That guy with the Colombian is in a for a world of hurt. I already feel bad for him, before knowing what happened. The person that he's chatting with is definitely not the person in the photos that he received. The video chat thing is almost unbelievable. Who would fall for that? He is seriously desperate. I think she is a hooker. I have been to central and south America (including Medellin) a lot of times. The whole ("Mi amor I 'make very little money in my job and I can't pay my bills) is a typical hooker move. Regular women don't ask strangers for money like that. He's definitely getting catfished. Hopefully, it's not a man or she-male. Next week's preview: 1. The 52 year old leaving to go home from Nigeria (Btw- she brought him some very cool Trump 2016 swag. Shirts, hats, etc) 2. The guy in Colombia waiting in restaurant to meet his "sexy girl" and heard saying "Oh my god, what the hell?" 3. Darcey begging Jesse to love her after he walks out of dinner. She is unstable at best, and more desperate all the other ones combined 4. The English guy admits to dating hundreds and hundreds of women 5. Karine did something dumb and Paul says she threw it all away (got pregnant?)
  4. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I think you quoted the wrong original message.
  5. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Oh yea. There's no way that gets approved at the consulate. If it does, I will lose the rest of the little faith I still have in our immigration system. This is a CLASSIC case of green card scam. This dude thinks he hit the jackpot, he's probably telling his cafe internet colleagues about how he's retiring and going to live a life of luxury in America. But she had to buy his engagement ring on lay-a-way in a pawn shop. Enough said. The best scene was at her Bon Voyage party, trying to explain the difference between Africa and Nigeria. "I thought you said you going to Africa, not Nigeria. In Africa, there are different states or something... I dunno, all I know is I'm going to Nigeria " That English guy is so desperate for a green card that he offered to pay for this fatherless kid's child care. From the outside, it reeks of desperation. I guess she doesn't see it. But she seems as desperate herself.
  6. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    -I read that that they actually met before the show aired their first meeting. He was in Boston on a trip and he tweeted some pics of them together. It seems that she was 17 at the time. So, their story is afraud. They had met before the show. -Mark and Nikki did file a lawsuit against TLC claiming that the way they edited the show made them look bad. But a judge threw out the lawsuit because the contract they signed gave TLC the right to to edit the show however they wanted.
  7. Eric-Pris

    Sister in law Tourist Visa Question

    CBP doesn't just accuse somebody of working out of the blue.
  8. And the annual fee on the black card is $495? So you're not getting anything for free. LOL
  9. DO NOT SEND any responses to a "notice of intent to deny" before getting the actual notice in the mail. That could foul up your case even more. I would not put my whole case on the word of a less than intelligent government donk.
  10. I would not get all worked up over some donk on the phone telling you that you will be denied. Nothing is real until you get an official notification from USCIS by mail. If you do get a denial, re-do it and this time be more careful to not miss any required docs.
  11. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Apparently, Paola is pregnant again. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/paola-mayfield-instagram-baby-bump-163746
  12. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I would like to get an update on the following: 1. Jungle boy with Brazilian Karine (they showed preview of next season and she is pregnant?) 2. That creepy white guy from Ohio who went to Haiti to chase after some hooker who had a sugar daddy 3. That 18 year old Christian singer from Vermont or New Hampshire (it's really same state) who brought a 27 year old guy from Spain 4. Old creepy Mark with his 19 year old Filipina who he forced to sign a pre-nup
  13. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Nicole and Azan postponed their wedding again. This guy is not a visa scammer, he's just a regular money scammer. His plan is actually pretty clever if you think about it. He found a fat American girl with no self-esteem to support him for 2 years. Then he sabotages his fiancee visa interview because he has no intention of marrying her or going to the US. Instead of the wedding, he has convinced her to give him the rest of her savings ($6,000) to open up a beauty and makeup shop. But when asked to show the shop, he refuses with some bogus reason about how he doesn't want to show it till it's ready. Even Nicole, whose money financed it, has not seen it. Just some vague pictures that seem to have disappeared. Nicole is so stupid, immature, gullible... There's not enough adjectives to describe how dumb she is. And her mother and family is trying to help but she dismisses them like a child would. When she talks to her mother, I only see a kid throwing a tantrum in a store... "I want it, want it, want it" while jumping up and down and yelling. I missed most of the Tell All (and it didn't record) but I saw that Paola is talking about going back to Colombia. I'm think gay Juan has gotten into her head and is the beginning of the end. Then Annie was asked about going back to Thailand, and said she would with or without David. I don't buy it, I don't think she ever will. She's all-in. I guess she went bust already so maybe reality has started to set in for her. She's with a complete loser, who's not not only broke but lazy as well. And Pedro is talking about going back to DR. I guess he got the green card so he doesn't need Chantel anymore.
  14. Eric-Pris

    Help! N400 Denied

    Ask them to show you the birthday card then to prove that they didn't lose it. Good luck OP
  15. You are worried about NOTHING. From what you wrote, there are no red flags that I see. Spend as much time together as possible and have good evidence of a real relationship (pictures, receipts, boarding passes, etc) and you should have no problems.