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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some assistance/guidance. I'm asking on someone else' behalf. Background: He lives in the city of Philadelphia (zip code: 19120), and passed his interview/exam back in early-mid November 2017. He had filed for a name change along with his initial application, so the interviewer told him that he'd have to wait "a couple months" for a separate court date, rather than being part of the usual group oath ceremony. It's now mid-April, so it's been 5-6 months, and he still hasn't gotten a court date or any updates at all. He's tried calling USCIS and the courthouse, but no one could provide any information or updates, other than that he just has to wait. For anyone who's also applied with a name change and had to wait for a court date, does this timeframe seem normal, or abnormally long? It'd be great if anyone from Philly especially could provide their experiences. Does anyone have any suggestions for what else he could do? Whom specifically he should try contacting? He said he'll try scheduling an in person meeting with USCIS next. Thanks in advance. We were hoping that it would be smooth sailing after patiently waiting for his exam date to arrive...but now we're waiting just as long, if not longer, only to make this whole process official.