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  1. No problem then as I've left the US and returned home. Thank you!
  2. Many thanks, either of those periods are easily manageable. On another point, could it be a problem for the application if we didn't apply for a fiancé visa and just got married on an ESTA in the US?
  3. Hi, I recently married my US wife after a 2.5 year relationship and we are looking at the options for me to move to the US from the UK. I can't seem to find an answer to some questions, so looking for a little help please Assuming our CR-1 application is successful, is there a timeframe during which I the beneficiary, am compelled to make that move? Of course I want to move asap but there will be things to tie up here such as notice to serve at work etc., which I wouldn't want to do before we were (almost) sure I'm welcome in the US. Thanks