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  1. i-130 form help

    THANK YOU arken and payxibka!
  2. i-130 form help

    Thank you. The Toronto embassy is closer to me, I live 10 minutes away. The Toronto embassy doesn't conduct the interviews though. Only Montreal does it no matter where in Canada you reside. Do I still put Toronto?
  3. i-130 form help

    Thank you for the "last name" information! Now that that part is answered I have another question. First in part 4 Question 61: "The beneficiary is in the United States and will apply for adjustment of status to that of lawful permanent resident at the USCIS office in: We leave it blank because I'm residing in Canada correct? I visit the USA but I'm not there for more than a few days at a time. What do we write for question 62: "The beneficiary will not apply for adjustment of status in the United States, but he or she will apply for an immigrant visa abroad at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in: City or Town, Province, Country We are applying for CR-1 as we are already married. I am residing in Canada and visit the USA frequently. I have a camper at a seasonal site in the USA and spend most weekends there from April to October. Its where my wife stays when she is working in the summer. As a Canadian I don't need a visitor visa. Do I put the Montreal Consulate in this spot? I have no US status to adjust. I need clarification. Thank you all so much for your help!! We couldn't have done any of this without all your support and information. You are making 2 people very happy and much more relaxed!!
  4. i-130 form help

    Okay thank you. Much appreciated.
  5. i-130 form help

    Thank you. We will change her name with the SSA and use her married name. I appreciate the information.
  6. My American wife and I (I'm Canadian) have started to fill out the I-130, I-130A, and G-1145 forms. This is both our first marriages. I live in Ontario, she lives in Arkansas. We spend lots of time together and visit each other frequently. We got married on April 7 in Arkansas in front of our families. The I-130A was very straightforward and is all filed out ready to go. The confusion comes with the I-130. My wife and I are married and we have our original and certified copies of our marriage license. What last name does she use on the form I-30? Her maiden name or my last name? She has not changed it with the Social Security Administration yet. She does plan on doing this before we send in the forms. She will not be changing her passport or drivers license until November after the forms will have been sent in. Same goes for the G-1145, what last name should be used? We are thinking that MY last name should be used on all forms since her name will be changed with SSA by the time we send them off. This brings me to our second dilemma. Some of our evidence. We have 3 joint bank accounts. 2 in the USA and 1 in Canada. 1 US account uses her new married name because all they needed was the marriage license to change it. The other 2 are in her maiden name because they need pieces of ID which we don't have. My insurance forms (health insurance through my Canadian job) and beneficiary forms (leaving her the beneficiary of my retirement plans and life insurance) are all in her maiden name but are in the process of being changed over to her married name. I will submit copies of both. Does it matter that the names are partially in her maiden name and partially in her married name? On the I-130 part 2 we should use her maiden name? For employment history she works seasonally in NY even though she lives in AR. She doesn't live in NY but stays there through the warm season to work at a campground to be close to me in Canada. How do we convey this information on the form I-130? In part 4, names of beneficiary's spouses...she is the current and only spouse. 21a, do we use her maiden name or my last name after we change hers to mine with the SSA? Information about Beneficiary's family...we have no children so its just her for spouse correct? Part 4 question 59. We have never LIVED together but she has spent lots of time with myself and my parents in Canada and I have spent lots of time with her and her family in the USA. For that question we put NEVER LIVED TOGETHER. I'm so sorry for all the questions but we want to be 100% sure of everything before we send anything in. Thank you all for all the help you've provided for us!!
  7. obtaining long birth certificate (split topic)

    Thank you. I think it’s office of the registrar here in Ontario. I’ll email them on Monday. Thank you. I’ll email the office of the registrar on Monday.
  8. obtaining long birth certificate (split topic)

    YEAH! Its NOT correct. My mothers maiden name has a missing letter. How do I correct that?
  9. WOW! We got married in Arkansas on Saturday. We brought the signed marriage license back to the county clerks office Monday morning and got the original plus 4 copies back immediately!
  10. obtaining long birth certificate (split topic)

    Thank you! I ordered a first copy with parents info since I’ve never had one before. I ordered it last week. I’m away in Arkansas getting married right now hopefully I’ll have it when I get back.
  11. obtaining long birth certificate (split topic)

    YES!! thank you! I'm doing it now. I had no idea that existed!
  12. How does one get a long birth certificate? I'm Canadian, from Ontario and have a blue piece of paper credit card sized...that's all I've ever had or seen. If there is something different its news to me!
  13. Well that’s great yo know!!! I’ll be darn sure to draw out all the money I’ve paid into EI over the years. Even some of the years I only work six months I made too much money and would have had to reimburse if I collected. Thank you so much for letting me know that!! I also have some locked in RRSP investment accounts with RBC in Canada. I will very likely keep my RBC Canada and USA accounts. Have a great night!
  14. Thank you. Photos I have. Lots of them. Here is an example. First is when we got engaged. Second is at Monster Jam.
  15. No lease and no passport stamps. We have only travelled throughout the USA and parts of Ontario.