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    I'm Canadian, my wife is American. We met online in January of 2015 through mutual friends. She didn't like me at first. LOL! In August I was heading to Memphis TN. She lives 3 hours away so we decided to meet in person. August 1 2015 I was at her front door. She came back to Memphis with me. We started dating August 4 2015. In January 2016 she came to Canada for a few months to visit. That's how it started! We've been together pretty much non stop since then! We got engaged in Arkansas on April 22 2017. We got married in Arkansas on April 7 2018. Now the I-130 paperwork starts!

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  1. Okay thank you!! We’re nkt gonna worry about it then. We’ll check once a month until NOA 2.
  2. We received the following from the USCIS on May 18. Here is is June 29 and we still haven't received the official receipt notice (Form I-797) in the mail. Any suggestions on what to do? Thank you!
  3. Mike445

    ir1 proof of funds: Why open a U.S. dollar bank account?

    Do you have a Royal Bank US dollar account from within Canada or do you have an RBC USA bank account that is linked to your Canadian account? I've been using an RBC USA account linked to my Canadian account for years. After marrying my USC wife the account is now joint. Its physically a US account with a US VISA debit card and US checks and the billing address is where we'll be living in Arkansas. I can transfer freely between the Canadian and US accounts. It's so convenient!
  4. The paperwork and supporting evidence was sent on Friday via United States Post Office. It was received on Monday. Today we received notification of acceptance and our case is being transferred to Nebraska. Isn’t that abnormally fast?? I’m NOT complaining!!
  5. Yep. I did it. My wife and I got married in Arkansas on April 7. We file my I-130 paperwork this weekend! We're both in Canada right now and we go across the border every single weekend.
  6. I know! 😫 I’m dreading the waiting! Luckily I’ll be back-and-forth across the border every weekend visiting. 😃
  7. Mike445

    Vaccines Needed?

    I did the same as you. My doctor gave me the shots last week. For the 18-64 age group you need tetanus diphtheria, measles mumps rubella, and varicella if you haven't had chicken pox. I had chicken pox so that wasn't needed. Good luck!
  8. My USC wife and I (Canadian citizen) are getting ready to finalise and send in our I-130, I-130A, and G-1145 forms. We have been married just over 3 weeks now!! We have been dating since August 2015, engaged since April 2017. So far we have filled out the forms and have compiled the following documents and evidence: -A color copy of the marriage license -Copies of both our birth certificates, passports, and drivers licenses. -Statements from our joint bank accounts -Forms from work and insurance showing her as my beneficiary. -Forms from my work health insurance showing her on my account in her maiden and married name as well as a list of dental appointments and dates she had through the insurance. -Forms from my retirement fund showing her as my beneficiary. -Facebook screenshots with pictures of us with dates and locations (about 10). -Weddinig pictures showing us and some showing us and her entire family and my parents. Others show us and the preacher and him signing the marriage license (about 5). -Wedding invitation and Invitation for our Canadian reception 2 weeks later. -Mail addressed to both of us at my house in Canada (will be sending photocopies of the envelopes) Is that enough evidence? I wasn't going to do any affidavits because I figure the pictures of the wedding say it all. (There is a wedding picture of us with our parents on my profile page). Should I still do affidavits from our parents saying they knew about our relationship from day 1? We will be getting the passport photos this weekend when we go across camping. We are just waiting for our checks to arrive from our joint account in AR so we can send the filing fee. If I'm missing anything or should include anything else let me know. Thank you all for your help!! I really appreciate it!
  9. Mike445

    i-130 form help

    THANK YOU arken and payxibka!
  10. Mike445

    i-130 form help

    Thank you. The Toronto embassy is closer to me, I live 10 minutes away. The Toronto embassy doesn't conduct the interviews though. Only Montreal does it no matter where in Canada you reside. Do I still put Toronto?
  11. Mike445

    i-130 form help

    Thank you for the "last name" information! Now that that part is answered I have another question. First in part 4 Question 61: "The beneficiary is in the United States and will apply for adjustment of status to that of lawful permanent resident at the USCIS office in: We leave it blank because I'm residing in Canada correct? I visit the USA but I'm not there for more than a few days at a time. What do we write for question 62: "The beneficiary will not apply for adjustment of status in the United States, but he or she will apply for an immigrant visa abroad at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in: City or Town, Province, Country We are applying for CR-1 as we are already married. I am residing in Canada and visit the USA frequently. I have a camper at a seasonal site in the USA and spend most weekends there from April to October. Its where my wife stays when she is working in the summer. As a Canadian I don't need a visitor visa. Do I put the Montreal Consulate in this spot? I have no US status to adjust. I need clarification. Thank you all so much for your help!! We couldn't have done any of this without all your support and information. You are making 2 people very happy and much more relaxed!!
  12. Mike445

    i-130 form help

    Okay thank you. Much appreciated.
  13. Mike445

    i-130 form help

    Thank you. We will change her name with the SSA and use her married name. I appreciate the information.