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  1. We plan on using Form G-1450 which will authorize them to charge a card for the fees. Does anyone know if I have to separate the filing fee and biometric fee? Or can I just fill the form for the total $1,225?
  2. Hello, I started my current position in July 2017 (prior to that I was living outside of America), thus, my 2017 tax return only shows $16,000 AGI. For 2015 and 2016 I was living outside of the country, and simply filed a foreign income exemption, effectively showing an AGI of $0. I have included 6 months of pay stubs, plus a letter from my employer stating my current salary and position (I've received a promotion and several raises since starting last year). Will the tax history cause an issue? Do I need to include an explanation?
  3. Hi, have 2 quick questions 16.Travel Document # - This isn't needed as my wife used a passport. Correct? 19. Nonimmigrant Visa Number - where do I find this? Is this the "control number" on her visa?
  4. So I still don't fully understand. As of now she is allowed to get a license and ID card, but the names have to match. SS Office won't let us change the name. We will keep her maiden name on SS and her state ID card. We will file EAD / AOS paperwork using her married name. At a later date we will then change her SS info & state ID info to reflect the married name.
  5. Our local office said we only need the I94 /NOA2, Marriage Cert / SS Card / proof of address
  6. So what about other documents? Should we just continue using her maiden name until the process is done, and then worry about changing it?
  7. It's not 90 days yet, we still have 2 weeks or so.
  8. After arrival (but before we married) my wife obtained a SSN & card with her maiden name. We married last week, and today attempted to change the name on her SS card. Our local SS Office stated they can't change the name until it's been changed with DHS. Any experience with this? Does this mean we need to also obtain her ID and license with her maiden name? Wait until AOS is completed to change her name to her married name? If that's the case, what do use for filling out the AOS / AP documents we will be sending in? Her married name or maiden name.
  9. But for the record - we married last week. Today we sent our paperwork off. I was able to take a project outside of work that covered the fee, so all is well. Thanks for all the real answers, and no thanks to all the personal judgements made.
  10. Thank you. That is all I was asking.
  11. Don't follow your logic. My fiancee and I are young (mid 20s), and just beginning our life. My savings were spent on the K1 process. I'm not 60 with SS and a retirement fund. Now she is here and I am providing for 2 people. My savings were exhausted and we are more or less paycheck-to-paycheck. It will take a few months to save for the fee. However, we need to travel soon (for my work, this trip is free for us both so it's not important to our situation other than needing the travel document). I didn't say someone else is paying the fee. I said my job is sending me (and her) to Thailand. Absolutely nothing to do with the AOS or K1. Why are you on about it? So my question is : is it possible to get a waiver? Someone told me it is not, but I can pay with a card. All my questions are answered so why are you still commenting and being judgemental?
  12. Traveling to Thailand later this year for my job, so they are paying. It has no bearing on the AOS fee and why we can't afford it right now. Not that it is the business of anybody here.
  13. Yes this is our worry. Also we have to travel back to Thailand at the end of this year, and I believe she won't be allowed to do that until the EAD is received. We can't wait much longer to start. How do you pay with credit? I thought they only accepted check or money order?
  14. I'm not here to argue about my finances. I'm here to ask about the fee waiver. I see that it isn't possible. Thanks for the answers.