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  1. Hey everyone just want to ask anyone who just have there spouse interview at the Embassy hoping anyone can share any guide how and where to pay the visa and what we need to show to pay just waiting for anyone who can share there little time to reply my post thanks have a good day
  2. Hello everyone I am already on the waiting time for petitioning my son in Phils his over 20 yrs old and for now I'm planning to process my US Citizenship my questions is does this affect the waiting time for my son just confuse what is best thing to do and worry if I process to be a US citizen it might make my son waiting time added more years so if anyone have the same problems as mine and the sorted it out I hope you guys can give me a little idea if there's any options to do so the waiting time for my son will stay the same even if I file a citizenship thanks se
  3. Ah ok Lain thanks for the reply idk why my friend mentioned about she received another noticed which I don't exactly understand why I'm don't received any in a year already...so what I'm gonna do next sorry for asking more I'm just new to this process just want someone who can give there time to give me some guide if the can and I would be very thankful with that with all my heart...Have a wonderful Monday all
  4. So how will it takes to receive the priority date I have my friend who fille one year ahead of me within that year she receive a priority date in less than a year why it take a year already I don't receive any yet?
  5. Hello everyone, I have some questions from everyone who went through the processing I have as F2B I petition my son over 21 yrs old from my home country of Phils I sent my petition last year March 2016 less than a month I received my receipt notice and how long I'm gonna receive the Priority Date just worry why I don't receive any yet hope anyone here can give my mind at ease who can share there timeline for how long there waiting....I would appreciate someone can share there timeline those who file last year thanks