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  1. Yes, January 11 received on the old site. and thank you!
  2. We got our approval!!! NOA1 January 17 (submitted date 16) on new website NOA2 July 25 So far updated only on the new website, nothing in the app or old website. No mail yet.
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. I really appreciate the honest feedback. We're going to consult a lawyer this week to get their opinion as well.
  4. Hi. We filed our i-129f in January. This weekend I spent a good amount of time reading all the forums here and I noticed a topic that I had overlooked before, but that is now really concerning. We were planning to have a little (very un-official dinner) reception (his family is flying over from USA) this summer, before I moved to America and we got married there. As I was re-reading our declaration of relationship that I added to the i-129f packet, I noticed that i had written this down in the declaration. I phrased it "We are planning to have an unofficial wedding celebration in Estonia this summer and later we are planning to get married in Massachusetts." I do not know how I made this mistake with an otherwise carefully written application and file. I know now that I should not have done this, reading all the other threads. Something (in my mind) very innocent and small can seem like a big red flag to someone else reading it on a K1 application. My question is: is there any point in waiting for our K1 maybe approval, or should we just withdraw asap and re-apply? or get married in Europe and apply for the CR-1? Any help is very appreciated. I am currently shocked we made this mistake.
  5. Hi! I was a student in USA for two years (on F1 visa), 2014-2016. Do I need to get a police record for that time as well for the K1 interview? Or does the state department do their own background checks already on me? And if I do, is it from the local state (MA)?
  6. Hi all Reading the previous discussions under this topic, I became confused about one thing. Is it necessary for both the Petitioner and Beneficiary to add copies of their passport pages? The Petitioner included their birth certificate (US citizen). But I don't recall reading in the instructions that I needed to add my passport copies as well? (I am the Beneficiary). If anyone could clear this up for me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. Hi all! Just wanted to wish good luck to everyone. Our NOA1 is January 11th. Otherwise I'm not too stressed about the process, because it has to end at some point, right? But we were initially planning to have our wedding in Boston the last week of August. Now that I've read the forums here, I feel like we shouldn't plan anything for August and just be happy if he even get NOA2 in 2018. All my friends and family are asking when to book their flights and schedule their vacation to come to US, it's really hard to explain to them the uncertainty that comes with this.