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  1. I had read a thread by an ex-USCIS employee who said that a lot of people work from home and take several boxes of cases home with them, and return them a few days later, all processed. So sometimes there are days with low approval numbers because work-at-home employees haven't checked in their processed cases yet.
  2. I saw this news story about a new USCIS policy memorandum today, what do you guys think? https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2018/07/11/new-uscis-policy-will-carry-harsh-consequences-for-applicants/#6352367f4615 The actual memo can be read here: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Laws/Memoranda/2018/2018-06-28-PM-602-0050.1-Guidance-for-Referral-of-Cases-and-Issuance-of-NTA.pdf I am concerned about how this new policy will affect K1 spouses filing for AOS. As their I-94 will have expired and their petition for AOS would be the only thing providing them legal status, if they were denied, would they automatically be given an NTA and put into deportation proceedings? The news story makes it sound like simply leaving the U.S. after being denied and then filing for CR1 will no longer be practical/possible. This is an excerpt from the memo: V. Aliens Not Lawfully Present in the United States or Subject to Other Grounds of Removability USCIS will issue an NTA where, upon issuance of an unfavorable decision on an application, petition, or benefit request, the alien is not lawfully present in the United States. I know things get exaggerated to make headlines, but reviewing the memo itself seems to support what the article says. Thoughts?
  3. Hello everybody, I got my paper NOA1 in the mail today. It shows a Received Date of January 29th, and a Notice Date of February 2nd. Does that make it a January filing, or a February filing, and does it make any difference anyway? Thanks!