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  1. You're referring to the USCIS number that everyone calls to inquire about their case? If so it's 1-800-375-5283.
  2. Yeah I understand. What kills us is that we're stick in this limbo. Like we suspect we're gonna get a RFE which will already slow down an already slow process. That being the case, why don't they send out the RFEs as soon as they see that one in needed instead of just letting it sit until they make a decision. If they make a favorable decision then great, all are happy. But if it's a RFE, then it adds even more time ๐Ÿ˜”. And I believe that's it's like someone said here already, I feel like a less experienced agent forwards cases where a document is missing or aren't as straight forward to a more experienced agent. Then they more experienced agent works these more complex cases a little slower to make sure the decision he makes is the correct one. But that's just my two cents.
  3. Yeah idk, I'm at day 213 today (Jan 16th filer). So I'm already passed processing times, filed an official inquiry and nothing. My fiancee and I are thinking we got left behind like a couple of others. But hey, try to keep calm, you still have a couple of days before you're out of processing time. Try to not think about it too much and not get into arguments with your significant other lol. Good luck to us!
  4. Are we doing something wrong? My fiancee called last Thursday and today to talk to a tier 2 officer and basically we hear that our case was received and that we "should" hear something by the end of this month. But they're not able to tell her if we're gonna get a RFE, if we're still undergoing background checks or if our case looks okay. I say this because it seems like when other people call they're able to get information that's somewhat meaningful while we get nothing.
  5. Maybe we all have the same adjudicator ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. PS: I'm beyond insane already lol people have filed two days before us have already received the go ahead to schedule their interview in Rio (Brazil) and we're here, sitting, waiting, wishing.
  6. We got the same email today. I'm starting to think that there's something wrong with USCIS' system. We got an email on Monday (we get them every two weeks) saying they last took action on our case on June 18th and today we got one saying they last took action on July 18th. If that's the case why didn't they tell us that when they emailed us two days ago? Im at day 211 today.
  7. On the 10th they said you were still within processing times and today they said that an RFE was sent out on the 7th? Did your fiance speak to a tier 2 or tier 1 officer?
  8. A few days ago someone said that an officer on the hotline told them that on Wednesday there would be a lot approvals. So since we didn't get updates today from yesterday then we'll probably see Monday's and today's approvals all tomorrow.
  9. So.... no updates on the site today?
  10. Oh, maybe there's hope for us after all lol I said that because we did send only one letter with both our signatures but.... We used "we" and "our" in the letter in all parts. Then I signed it, mail it to her and she signed it. At this point I don't mind an RFE (just hope it's something silly). I just hope they don't ask me for anything or else I'm gonna have to mail it over which will take about a week. And thanks @Lucy&Jason!
  11. That's stupid that the letters need to be separate. Did anyone who was been approved already send only one letter with both signatures?
  12. You had one where both of you signed? That's what I had also ๐Ÿ˜
  13. Wow, that's extremely frustrating. It's like they keep buying more and more time with these inquiries and stuff. Have you received at least a RFE or was the last thing you heard from them that they received your case? I keep receiving those emails too, I'm not too sure they mean anything. Sometimes I think they just send those out to try to calm us down a little. Did the senators office give you some feedback on what USCIS told him or did they give his office the same security clearance info? And about the ombudsman, I have no idea. Im fairly new to this process and haven't reached out to any third party yet. But maybe someone on this thread can help you out or you can create your own thread explaining your situation and I'm sure someone experienced will be able to help you out.
  14. Wait, your NOA1 is from September? Have you filed inquiries, contacted your congress person, or the ombudsman to get a status on your case?
  15. Wow, really? Id like to think that it was a coincidence that you called and then received the RFE update the next day. And I say that because it's so messed up if they just let your RFE sit there for two weeks. For an outsider looking in, two weeks is no time, but for us that's waiting, two weeks is an eternity!! Specially since the RFE delays the process even more ๐Ÿ˜. We're gonna call this week and I'll ask my fiancee if she can do what you did in the hopes of getting some information from them. And tomorrow is the day we received an auto update from them saying they're still processing our case lol Thank you! And good luck yourself! Tell me about it. I had the same impression when I called. Like one agent can give me information on my case, the other can't, one uses the received date, another uses the notice date lol Thank you very much. I'll keep you guys posted!