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  1. packet 3 required for booking medical?

    you are able to call them and get your LND number, and we have everything already needed such as the police certificate etc.. which is why I wanted to know if we could skip the packet
  2. hi guys, I was curious if my fiance needed his "packet 3" to attend his medical in London.. or could we just proceed with our case number? We are trying to do things as quickly as we can now that we've got our NOA2. Trying to cut any extra waiting if possible haha. Any tips or advice?
  3. Hi, we just got our NOA2 today. We have already compiled the affidavits of support, medical files, passport photos, etc needed for his Interview and medical in london. (he is from the UK). My question is, since we already have basically everything together (minus the case number and DS-160, since we just got our noa2 today,) is the packet that is being mailed to his home in the UK necessary for us to book and attend his medical in London? Like I said we already have basically everything needed, we just wanted to know if it was possible to go ahead and get the medical out of the way as soon as we get our case number. I'm not sure which would come first, our case number, or him receiving his packet, so this may be an irrelevent question - I'm just too excited to think clearly haha! thanks for any help!!!
  4. WE GOT APPROVED!!!! sent date: November 22nd (on old site) new site/our NOA1 was November 27th its not approved on the new site but on the old site WE ARE APPROVED!! I’m SO EXCITED FINALLY
  5. Anyone else? That list was helpful but just want to double check.
  6. Hi guys, I just want to double check that I’ve got everything needed for the process after NOA2. my fiancé is from England if that helps. We HAVE: - his passport - passport photos - medical questionnaire filled out (for his medical) - certified copy of his birth certificate - affidavit of support and evidence (from our sponsor and myself) - patient profile/medical summary and immunization records - police certification/ ACRO What we STILL NEED - DS-160 ?? what else am I missing, if anything? Thanks for your time!!
  7. I’ve read a lot of back and forth about this, but - my received date on the old website is the 22nd, NOA1 is nov 27th (says this on the new site too)I thought cases were approved by NOA1 date? anyone able to clarify for me? Getting super excited seeing all the cases being worked on!
  8. Actually I just realized it’s because my phone has no service for some reason. 😂 weird. Anyway, I’ve changed it to emails instead of text notifications, so all good now!
  9. Anyone not able to sign into the new site ? I’ve requested a new “one time code” 3 Times now and nothing has come in the past 20 minutes. Is there a way I can disable the code?
  10. Could someone link the new website please?
  11. Shipping larger items to USA from UK?

    Was it in your carry on baggage? And it fit the size requirement ?
  12. My fiancé would like to ship his computer and possibly his monitors. It’s a large professional set up, nothing cheap. I’m not really sure the best way to go about this. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?
  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that they should begin processing November cases in about 2 weeks? Is this true ?
  14. Thank you so much for replying and helping!!